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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 - MIUI firmware
Firmware survey
Which firmware use?
Official [ 463 ] ** [44,05%]
MiUI CAF [ 13 ] ** [1,24%]
MIUI NSA [ 149 ] ** [14,18%]
Miui-SV [ 44 ] ** [4,19%]
from kosmos2011 [ 12 ] ** [1,14%]
Masik в„ў [ 132 ] ** [12,56%]
MiRoom [ 149 ] ** [14,18%]
RevolutionOS [ 9 ] ** [0,86%]
Xiaomi.eu [ 72 ] ** [6,85%]
MiNovo [ 8 ] ** [0,76%]
Total votes: 1051

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 - MIUI firmware
Attached ImageHMN5P, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro / Note 5 China,whyred
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In connection with the innovation Xiaomi, namely the introduction of the system "Anti Roll Back" (Antiotkat), cases of flashing bricks have become frequent.

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Installing firmware, Upgrade
Installing TWRP, getting Root

Sensor Recovery, EFS


Modems, Images, System Files
Uninstall / Disable Xiaomi / Google Services / Applications
Google FRP Workarounds
Poll results
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Removing Gapps without Root-a (3)

1) Download and extract the archive on your PC
https: //drive.google.c...delV1nILS66Au34oq/view
2) on a device enable developer mode (tapnut 7 times miui version). In developer mode enable debugging on usb. Connect the device to your PC. Run the program
Attached Image

Click on Debloater
Attached Image

On the device, click on the resolution of the connection to the PC
Attached Image

In the window that appears on the PC, select the programs you want to remove.
Attached Image

after overloading phone

List removes the program may vary depending on the installed firmware. Tested on a device Redmi Note 5 just now

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MiRum | SF | Google | 8.9.20 | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP

http: //portal.mi-room....nij-miui-mirum-8-9-20/

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Masik в„ў X 1.2
Updated: September 24, 2018 (15:45)

Greetings, friends: thank_you:


The list of changes is within the firmware, see "Firmware Update".

For any question you can always contact me at QMS. Successful use.

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Paketik & Chaya в„ў @ 24.09.18, 21:49*
Who is the last beta 10, throw off the media folder of the system

MIUI | 8.9.20 | 10 | 8.1 | MiFlash / fastboot
From here: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - MIUI firmware (Post Camerado # 71285376)
whyred_global_images_8.9.20_20180920.0000.00_8.1_global - unpacked system.img (In .7z format)
Separately Media folder: Attached filemedia.7z (39.52 MB)

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I share my experience as I have altered my Chinese 4/64. Maybe someone will come in handy.
Previously, I had an old Redmi not 2 with which it was possible to do everything you want and nothing to fear. But when ordered not 5 Chinese version was a bit dumb. A couple of weeks watching forum and studied the instructions, which subsequently brought its good fruit in the form of painless firmware on MiuiPro. Everything was much simpler than it seemed)
The seller promised to unlock the normal and off. globalku stable, but the firmware came with an odd index, which was not in the official list - (OEIMIFA)index listAnd had a little worried))
In general here sequence of my actions:
1. Check the unlock bootloader - turned out to be unlockedInstruction
2. Check the number ARB - expectedly turned ARB 3Instruction
3. Turn on "debugging on usb"Instruction
4. Make the right move to ARB 4 setting extreme globalku weekly through Miflesh.Instruction
IMPORTANT! - before flashing put at the bottom of the program window Miflesh point on clean_all, so as not to get a brick or block the downloader!
5. Install TWRP on thisinstructions
6. Threw extreme weeklyMiuiProon SD card of the phone.
7. Sew on thisinstructionssince claim 9 (above all that (p.1-8) is no longer necessary after my previous actions!)

When "Date format" and has issued a firmware error "can not mount the data"- it is nothing to worry again, I must reboot into TWRP and repeat the treatment, then it is possible to flash without the error After flashing cleared dalvik-cache and reboot the system...

All the fuss took about one hour. : Yes2: Therefore, a careful study of caps and offline - the key to healthy nerves and work phone! All successful firmware!
And a huge thanks to everyone who wrote instructions and correctly answers the questions in this thread! : Thank_you:

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cogura @ 24.09.18, 21:44*
Dyakon2012, answer, maybe not on the merits voprosa.Dlya what firmware to install a 2-month-old (arb3), when the cap is enough fresh and proven firmware? Note Miuipro, Masik, MiUI MS, Mi-Room.Poslednyaya from Miuipro, as for me, perfect.

Your information is not right. MultiPro posted new firmware yesterday.

Multi Pro | 10.0.1 GS | 10 | 8.1| TWRP

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RevTechs | 8.9.29 Revolution OS | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP

Rep: (40)
For those who do not like the sound of the phone who wants to get rid of the ads, and just loves experiments laidPATCH in the subject Modification and decorations based on Aroma, which sets or audio Harman Beats Pro library (optional), in Mashiko patch hosts file and change butanimatsiyu.
Put out TVRP rekaveri on firmware MIUI 10. deodeks on the official GS did not set who want to experiment and put on stock, accomplish your goal in a personal, turned or not. You can selectively install any patch or skip the installation of all items.

If, after applying the patch to the sound, you will not notice the effect, try to delete the file (make sure to backup) MusicFX.apk the path system / priv-app / MusicFX, reboot. And of course, all you do on your own.

Masik firmware users, the patch will be useless, except butanimatsii. Perhaps more will be added to any options in the future ..

Fasting may offtopic, but please leave moderators yet in sight, as people lazy, rarely look in the next branch.

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mbram @ 29.09.18, 16:23*
Such a ride on MiuiPro
Put therevolution , The same IDLI, all differences were found, except in fullfoto added another picture of the author, and the rest are the same. It feels like someone who has something to put it mildly spied .
1) data format
2) Wipe all but his flash and no more than a screenshot
Attached Image

3) After the firmware without leaving rekaveri, remove the encryption or set Magisk, then the only ship in the system.
Yes, and if there miakkaunt I advise before flashing out of it, in the revolution is worth checking, well, I have at least after the firmware has requested to authenticate ID, that nifiga did not work, had to bykap jump on and off miakkaunt, then all normally run.

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Small opinions about popular firmware. Retreat - I moved here from the forum zuk z2, where newcomers helped answer questions, solve problems, for which he received + in reputation, but here all the questions, even to this topic, minus and ignored, do not understand, but oh well.
The theme - wrote the phone with a mini 9 shadows first switched on renewed global 10. Impressions are good, all smoothly, quickly, the battery is held 9:00 screen, but tired of advertising which does not fully disable applications (well, as it can be, with Ruth and certain skill but it does not matter), and the most enraged zadvoennye notification votsapp and cart. Decided to flash the assembly of localization. Unlock boot loader is easy and not forced, not waiting for 720 hours spent exactly 5 minutes. I put trvp and away we go. Masik x 1.2 - a beautiful theme, icons, animations, a lot of additional settings, notifications are not zadvaivayutsya advertising cut, but daw put away the brightness adjustment of the curtain, it disappears, but after some time, honey agaric appears, though crow about otklbyuchenii in place. Swipe up will not include search, although daw in adjustments necessary, had to struggle to understand the logic of how to return the search to swipe. Voice Assistant button in the left menu you can safely hide - so it is not active and make it not possible to me. And I saw a slightly larger battery consumption (although conclusions dalat early, we had to wait at least a couple of cycles). Demolished. Miui.pro put - I do not know, may seem, but the battery, I uhotit slowly cool. Everything works, including Voice Assistant button, notifications, many tinctures +/- how Mashiko, weather M8, cutting out ads so that even in the YouTube it is almost there! A gesture, on miui.pro, very smooth, without mikrofrizov. I remain on it.

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A small review ofMinovo 8.9.20

Firmware as close as possible to drain the Chinese (in contrast to the same mirum where binaries, libs, and many other files do not correspond to the drain).
Cleaned from the Chinese junk, a minimum of modifications. Energy consumption is normal. In idle mode takes ~ 1% for 6-7 hours, to 10 consider gangbusters.
System root
Attached Image
Attached Image

It is stable, departures applications and reboot there. Nedoperevoda have not yet noticed.
In general I recommend you look for those looking for a good base for self-upgrading firmware, or add just the right mods. There are already ready deodeks practically pure and is as close to the drain.

Minusovat lovers please do not strain, as 4pda I read here and simply do not see your anger.
Attached Image

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SF | Google | 8.9.20 V2 MiRum | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP

http: //portal.mi-room....-miui-mirum-8-9-20-v2/

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Nemo2009 @ 03.10.2018, 02:00*
I do not want to put a rut, it is a pity that there is no patch.
If the phone is unlocked, installed or fetch tvrp and do not want to put Ruth, you can pull and throw the same solution I've found for editing via the patch manually. Go to tvrp:

Example instructions on how to pull the system files without Root TWRP rights
Changes build.prop for Camera 2api
1. Mounting
2. Put the checkbox onsystem and leave the central button or back to the main menu tvrp
3. Additionally
4. File manager ( Conductor 100500 tvrp in different translations :-D)
5. Go tosystem and find a file e.g. build.prop (This straightening Camera 2api) and click on it.
(I've found similarly possible to pull out and foldersvendor ).
6. Choosecopy file
7. throws you back to the root directory, we findsdcard , Click and select the folder for example download , choose
8. In the window bottom right corner thereDaddy with daw , Click, and choose svaypaem slider below vpravo.Takim way a file is copied to this folder download .
9. In this position, from a computer body and go to find the folderdownload and pull out a file for the edits. In your case to activate Camera 2api open a file build.prop archiver and prescribe further line
persist.camera.HAL3.enabled = 1
Remember, build.prop file can be different for different firmware, it is necessary to edit your !!!
Changes of Market Certification
Similarly, do another I've found pleymarketa certification along the way:
data / data / com.android.vending / shared_prefs /
Edit the file ->HERE
If the market is still not certified, go to Settings, All applications, PlayMarket - Clear data, reboot.
TVRP in pictures carefully traffic!
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
If you get the idea, you can do to fix I've found the way back and throw into place while in tvrp. Important!!! If thrown handles, back we go to the foldersystem and I've found build.prop clicking on it with the permission expose tvrp chmod 755 Otherwise butlup.
And after all the above reboot the system.
Or here's a skillful pen, blank discs to install patches to tvrp rights themselves correctly set:
Blank disc patches:
Blank disc, the template for different patches can download and slip under the Management Board I've found your folders, subfolders, missing folders create yourself:
Attached filepatch_All.zip(131.16 KB)

Remember the rule, after all patch installations tvrp Clear cache / delvik proposed in tvrp
Always wanted to write such an instruction, hands can not reach. Thanks for the tips SW.urcik, octagon99, Nemo2009
Good luck to all!

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* Neuromantic,
Neuromantic @ 04.10.18, 22:50*
and patch Bout is necessary to install magiska do, or after?

can before you can post, you can do not to do - when installing Magisk bottles automatically patch itself Magisk. I experimented with all three variants - the system works the same way, any problems how to set up does not matter.

Rep: (6518)

SF | 2.9.0
PitchBlack v2.9.0 Official
Based on TWRP 3.2.3

Update Log:
- Initial NON-ARB (Support update and downgrade miui rom ARB 4>3 ARB, ARB 3>ARB 4. Without delete firmware, baseband and etc update the follow firmware)
- AutoReboot Fixed
- Update DM Verity Logic
- Update fstab flags
- Update magisk
- Update unroot magisk
- Update noverity 6.0
- Etc

Rep: (5302)
[TOOL] [WHYRED] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers | Unlock | TWRP | Factory Image | Stock Recovery)

Originalpost on xda - here
Fastin branch whyredon XDA -here
Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

Install Drivers
Unlock bootloader
Lock Bootloader (use carefully)
Flash TWRP Recovery
Flash Stock Recovery
Flash Stock Factory Image
Install APKs
Uninstall APKs
Take a Screenshot
Flash Partitions
Erase All Data (This function can decrypt the phone)
reboot Phone
Update the Tool to latest version
Update Adb and Fastboot to latest version
Set Adb and Fastboot priviliges in system wide
Install Zip directly from PC (Required TWRP on phone) (These functions work perfectly on my pc but i have perfect adb drivers on my pc and perfect TWRP on my phone)
Flash Fastboot ROM
Delete downloaded files
ADB File Manager

Attached fileTOOL_ALL_IN_ONE_1.0.9.8.zip(3.2 MB)

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Raskirpichil your mobas! pohimichit firmware Chinese and sew through the EDL without authorization, can anyone without edl will not try.
Download the archive in general, try. Chinese firmware, with her anlochite and reflash on what you want.

archive herehttps://yadi.sk/d/FeaMghUSTO6duA

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RevTechs | 8.10.7 Revolution OS | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP
New - Korean, Brazilian and Thai languages ​​added
Opt - Mi Note 2, Mi Max 2 Y Mi 4C updated to the base 8.9.13
Opt - Updated MI 8 SE to base 8.9.20
Fix - Language corrections in GENERAL
Fix - Fixed the GPS to 70% in Mi 8 (do not work at 100% but no dead everytime)
Opt - Updater App of System optimized
Opt - iOS Emoji 11
New - Youtube Vanced
Opt - Updated Calendar APP
Opt - System, performance and battery optimization

New - New camera for Mi Note 2, Mi Max 2, Redmi Note 4 / X, Mi and Mi 5S 5
New - New camera for Redmi Note 5 with quality improvements and new modes

Fix - Already shows SOURCES and MUSIC and themes of MIUI v10 (due to server problems it does not go NEW or SEARCH)
New - Added predefined themes: Limitless (ORIGINAL), iOS, PocoPhone, PIE, PIE Dark

Rep: (58)
* SamuraY322 ,
Link to for recovery

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