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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 - MIUI firmware
Firmware survey
Which firmware use?
Official [ 475 ] ** [44,19%]
MiUI CAF [ 13 ] ** [1,21%]
MIUI NSA [ 150 ] ** [13,95%]
Miui-SV [ 44 ] ** [4,09%]
from kosmos2011 [ 12 ] ** [1,12%]
Masik в„ў [ 135 ] ** [12,56%]
MiRoom [ 153 ] ** [14,23%]
RevolutionOS [ 10 ] ** [0,93%]
Xiaomi.eu [ 74 ] ** [6,88%]
MiNovo [ 9 ] ** [0,84%]
Total votes: 1075

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 - MIUI firmware
Attached ImageHMN5P, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro / Note 5 China,whyred
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after upgrading to miui rebooted and gave a message:
your device is overheated. mobile Internet access point, wi-fi, GPS and the camera will be turned off.
but the phone is not overheated.
mobile internet, flashlight, flash, GPS does not work.
Fill full flash and reset does not solve the problem to the factory settings. rolled to her everything is fine. arrived, the exact same garbage nothing works, Overtemperature message ..
Put the firmware on maski, too, climbs a message.
Generally only works on
Phone the global version of 3/32
Who knows what kind of trouble is this?

Rep: (416)
And it's all about Mashiko
1.Segodnya, 3:43
Put on top of Masik в„ў v3.7 v4.1 right, top, wipes are made only cashe / davlik cashe and then, after the installation, refresh (shaking the entire firmware as a whole, rather than a stub of less than 100mb of this topic).
Bugs previously voiced not identified, checked as far as possible everything on here have complained the phone version - Chine 4/64, probably me ... incredibly lucky

2.Segodnya, 03:59
The guys where to look cheyndzhlogi Masika?

3. Today, 4:34
TantumCapitis, //savagemessiahzine.com/ Forum / i ... d = 162014 & topics = 892,339, so you can all the changes from one version to see, thanks to the SW. Fatym Elita

4.Segodnya, 5:38
Tell me, what is the fundamental difference between Mashiko Mashiko 8 and 9 anroide? It should move? I want to see what I get, except shumodava chamber

5.Segodnya, 7:01
Changes Masik в„ў v.3.6. The first version of a 9-ke:
To feel / know the rest, you need to put the firmware itself, from all sorts of people bugs climbs, and I, special, somehow has managed without them ..
Oh yeah, I forgot the most important thing, which is why I updated to v. 3.7 to 4.1:

6.Segodnya, 11:39
Colleagues who use Masik 4 and 4.1 and should preferably 4g network type, not swept that where 4g to be excellent and the reception, it is worth 3g? And if you put your hands, preferably 3g, and 4g once the switch is normal.

7.Segodnya, 11:45
Where a lot of reading about ARB but really do not understand, there's a couple of questions.
1. It is said that you can not fall back! Ie if I 09/04/18 I can not put 9.4.12? Or if you set masik 4.1 and 4.0 can not then?
2. And this "kickback" is the three points or the same can not be twrp.
I arb4

8.Segodnya, 12:49
Where can I download Masik x 3.3?

9.Segodnya, 14:53
Masik 4.1 broken a headset, a standard EQ does not work, the adjustment does not give results at all so?

10.Segodnya, 14:53
Put the last Masik 4.1, stood well out of the cloud set program, but some did not work, I simply demolished and set again, and it worked, the sound in the "ears" as always on top, everything works smoothly, I liked it, and set Next Launcher - great flight!

11.Segodnya, 14:53
so there it is written android 8.1
A Masik 4.1 9 android
Or there is no difference?

12.Segodnya, 15:04
Masik 4.1
https: //drive.google.c...Koq0dvu1-JY0krXSN/view
For those who can not download.

13.Segodnya, 15:31
People stand -Masik в„ў X 4.0 - can be set to update on Masik в„ў X 4.1 (ran a couple of pages back) or put the full version (written just over)?
The output of 4.1 Refresh - ask about this, but did not see an answer, well, or missed ...

14.Segodnya, 15:33
Chet Masik this update lets a day that has changed from 4.0 to 4.1?

15.Segodnya, 15:35
_07, I dashed off a patch 4.1 to 4.0, it's okay.

16.Segodnya, 15:42
Masik 4.1 broken a headset, a standard EQ does not work, the adjustment does not give results at all so?
I have no such, it works, but why you need it, and so there should bun for sound, it suffices, but in general it all depends on the player, I should DUB Music Player, the sound is excellent!

17.Segodnya, 15:44
On Mashiko 4.1 when screen lock is cut online radio and YouTube in background
Put drain topic.
Locking takes place at the level of third-party themes (lokskrina) due izmennenyh SystemUI values ​​and parameters, framework - res, I could be wrong, but I have not helped any resolution, only drain topic. IMHO.

18.Segodnya, 15:52
Gyord, well, let's actually in a separate branch Masika derive, well, it is impossible to read the forum ...

19.Segodnya, 15:52
The people, now stands at 8 Masik android. If tvrp rolled forward to the nines, there firmvar to 9 and the latest version Masika bricks do not get? Just do not have a computer at hand
Ps, respectively, with a wipe and format through yes, of course

20.Segodnya, 15:56
set Refresh - Masik 4.1 - do not open the application in any way - once seemed settings (written - Masik 4.1) - sew the full version?
UPD - 2 reboot solved the problem

21.Segodnya, 15:57
I too for! I put somehow Masika: first all is well, then the system is slowly but surely dying. Better to put something stable. Masik for those who want to update every day and picked the phone.

22.Segodnya, 16:58
The people, now stands at 8 Masik android. If tvrp rolled forward to the nines, there firmvar to 9 and the latest version Masika bricks do not get? Just do not have a computer at hand
Ps, respectively, with a wipe and format through yes, of course
What's the hurry? Wait until the computer is. Better safe than sorry a hundred times.
Yesterday at 9 bucket and Masik passed, I read a hundred times and still have neponyatki.

00.do 24 hours is all that will be doubled.

Rep: (770)
Sinbadx @ 21.04.19, 13:34*
Global Global stable developer can be 3 points to upgrade?

already I wrote about the PotatoWith regard to the transition to a weekly Pie 9 via update ststemy -... (3tochki)especially since there are instructions in the header 3p.Firmware / update through 3 points for locked bootloader

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Rep: (3641)
markel2771 @ 21.04.19, 15:12*
who will be able to share about 09/04/18 from miui
yesterday leaked.

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Rep: (0)
Accidentally when sewn Miflash-it forgot to put a tick in the preservation and putclean all and lock What now?
Aparata loaded now stock rekaveri and everything :(

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Rep: (770)
* osbourne12 , The only way the two posts above yours

Rep: (3641)
vzisman @ 21.04.19, 15:22*
What now?
Again unlock the meter from the same Akka will not.

Rep: (3)
* MadBastard , The theme of the place 3.9.28 IDLI -Suitable

Rep: (0)
Reboot displays on runoff rekaveri. At the bottom of the red writingThis MIUI version can`t be installed on this devise
And unlock via MiUnlock's screen

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (151)
* vzisman Brick, e.
To start. It is necessary to dismantle the phone and put it into EML mode, closing the two pins. The cap is infa.
Then download the firmware for Chinese fastbut / miflesh.
Replace the files on it as it is written here:Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - MIUI firmware (Post Dima_Apatity # 76921300)
Disconnect the battery and ask.
Then you will make through rekaveri Factory reset.
If all goes well, you will have the Chinese firmware with English and Chinese on board.
You then need to re-unlock the phone. Waiting period from 2 weeks to 2 months.
As razblokiruesh, reflash on globalku.
Below are links to the Chinese firmware

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Rep: (5)
hi all I have once more the costs arb3 I can install the latest firmware through the official global mi flash and I figured I change arb3 on arb4? bootloader is unlocked and then installed from rekaveri andrid 9 and flash masik 4.1 ??

Rep: (281)
* fogrizzz ,
If everything is so easy, it means you need a detailed step by step manual with all links, otherwise how many questions from newcomers and bugs descriptions

Rep: (522)
sahdag55 @ 21.04.19, 15:38*
hi all I have once more the costs arb3 I can install the latest firmware through the official global mi flash and I figured I change arb3 on arb4? bootloader is unlocked and then installed from rekaveri
you can

Rep: (53)
I sew pristine phone. I understand that TWRP, and firmware (if sew through fastboot) throws in the same disc (balvanki photo below).
Attached Image

Q: cast and tvrp files and firmware files to the same disc? Or need to do two different blanks, one with tvrp, another firmware?

Rep: (3)
What is now better to put Twrp? And then I put 3 by Mr. Root and something he does not see the drives

Rep: (324)
* evgeniy76200 It depends on your firmware. If Oreo - place for Oreo fw, if the pie - then for Pie fw

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Rep: (6538)
Dalivals @ 21.04.2019, 17:51*
throw and tvrp files and firmware files to the same disc

They each other do not interfere.

Rep: (244)
* kankyrar Wearing hat instruction to improve the carts away and must dance.
On carts 3 okirpichitsya 90 percent.

Rep: (1866)
Revolution OS 9.5.1, Custom MIUI 10

New - Base updated to 9.4.18
New - attenuation function DC low aggregate brightness (MI9)
Optimize - Updated Google Security Patch (2019 # 3) to enhance system security
Optimize - Optimization stereo effects speaker
New - New boot animation for the MIX range (out under Revolution OS word MIX)
Optimize - Updated Youtube vanced (now replaces normal Youtube), Google Keyboard and WebView Google
Fix - Removed ECO calls Pocophone F1
Fix - Optimized experience to set a password when using a transparent wallpaper
Optimize - Optimized display of the display list Accessibility (MiMIX2S)
Optimize - Optimized display grouping homepage
Optimize - Optimize the display of the display list accessibility
Optimize - Optimize the display of the group of home page
Fix - the problem of disabling eye protection mode and adjust the effect of eye protection screen is not dimmed.
Fix - Fix in several languages, the page shows confusion New - Added
Airtime screen, go to Settings ->Time Experience screen use
New - Added protection probe WIFI
Security center
Fix - Fixed backup during the virus scan process will restart analysis.
Optimize - Optimize window application application wizard on network below the horizontal screen
Fix - Repair copy risk during the virus scan will restart the analysis
New - On 18: 6 (full screen of the camera
Optimize - Optimize the beauty and filtering interaction experience
Optimize - Optimize picture mode, portrait and short video for a unified beauty and filter input
Optimize - optimize positional order short video and slow motion
Lock screen
New - loading screen for all devices - Optimize quick copy of the "Require password eleven every 72 hours," Fix - Fixed the ability to modify and Set the password lock screen When using a transparent wallpaper Fix - after it has - been off setting item "Display off Finger fingerprint" fingerprint still it displayed in some Cases. Fix - to unlock and enter the screen horizontally, the display will
Fix - Problems that a double slash is generated when entering notifications
Fix - Solve the problem that the configuration page of the deleted fingerprint is abnormal
Fix - Solve the problem that the fingerprint authentication is abnormal under the screen after reboot and the screen is off
Fix - Fix the bar drop - down notifications from the lock screen, the load ball does not disappear
Fix - Fixed the problem that the notification bar on the lock screen is abnormal to unlock in the state screen
Optimize - Optimize GPS status bar display icon
Optimize - optimize the user interface and experience of renaming fingerprints. Fix - corrects the game to answer the speaker, the call duration displays the wrong question
flash for a moment
Fix - Solve the problem that the interface of the third lock screen can not display the battery charge
Fix - Solve the problem that the password lock screen is displayed horizontally in some cases.
Fix - troubleshoot the lock screen images when the space is not
fixed Fix - solves the problem that the interface lock screen is not updated on time
Fix - corrects bar drop notifications screen locking the load does not disappear
Fix - no minor notifications are solved, but it shows a problem with entry "no important notices"
Fix - solve the problem that the display style 24 - hour video does not show the image background
Fix - Fix the bottom of the lock screen by applying to third theme shows to messy problem
Optimize - optimize the loading speed of wallpaper to change the mobile phone
Optimize - optimize the experience of unlocking fingerprint: when you unlock your phone by double - clicking the notification message, you can use the fingerprint instead of password to unlock it.
Fix - Solve the problem that the animation is not smooth after the face unlock properly.
Fix - fix the configuration page screen information, problem bending the number of preview image Double
fix Fix - fix update time battery status bar is not appropriate
mode Landscape
Fix - Blinks to rotate the screen (My My 9 8 Pro).
New - Improvements in full screen mode on devices with water drop as to Notch (My 9 redmi Note7)
New - the ability to freely select a white or black background in the clock setting was added
Optimize - color background clock after this update is white
Optimize - Optimize pages of Life Morning Post related
network Wizard
Fix - solve the problem that the operation saved as invalid after setting the quota in the package
Optimize - Optimize removal album slow
Optimize - Optimize the slow loading pages album
Optimize - Optimize album thumbnail slow loading problem
Face ID
Fix - In some cases, the message FaceID not go away.
Optimize - Optimize the sources of the application without restarting
New - normal to add a window function small calculator Added
Application Lock
Fix - Fixed some error models display the entry box password lock application
game Tools
Optimize - Completely updated, support for block device lock, SIM cards, apps, among others.
Optimize - function desktop shortcut for acceleration of the game was added.
Optimize - optimize how acceleration mode of the game.
Fix - correction network quick trip to accelerate the click input is not sensitive
Optimize - the new version of the game accelerates homepage and style of the interface is completely new.
Optimize - the toolbox of the game is completely updated, it is compatible with screen lock information, network card switch with one click and other functions
Other optimizations and adjustments
Fix - the problem of user interface the height of the button at the bottom of the interface of the start guide is not uniform
Fix - fix the problem That the Color and size of the operation buttons are inconsistent during startup


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