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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 - MIUI firmware
Firmware survey
Which firmware use?
Official [ 463 ] ** [44,05%]
MiUI CAF [ 13 ] ** [1,24%]
MIUI NSA [ 149 ] ** [14,18%]
Miui-SV [ 44 ] ** [4,19%]
from kosmos2011 [ 12 ] ** [1,14%]
Masik в„ў [ 132 ] ** [12,56%]
MiRoom [ 149 ] ** [14,18%]
RevolutionOS [ 9 ] ** [0,86%]
Xiaomi.eu [ 72 ] ** [6,85%]
MiNovo [ 8 ] ** [0,76%]
Total votes: 1051

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 - MIUI firmware
Attached ImageHMN5P, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro / Note 5 China,whyred
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Important information!
In connection with the innovation Xiaomi, namely the introduction of the system "Anti Roll Back" (Antiotkat), cases of flashing bricks have become frequent.

Drivers and Utilities
Installing firmware, Upgrade
Installing TWRP, getting Root

Sensor Recovery, EFS


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Masik в„ў U 2.5
Updated: August 17, 2018 (11:30)

Greetings, friends: thank_you:


- Updated database to version 8.8.15 China Developer Closed Beta
- Magisk Manager Updated to version 16.7 (optional choice Aroma Installer)
- Updated Google Play services and service change Google services allow access
- Updated design of the onscreen buttons
- Updated system to the latest version
- Updated translation applications
- Fixed some previously unnoticed nuances

This firmware can be installed on any version of MIUI any status ARB.

For any question you can always contact me at QMS. Successful use.

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Post updated

MiUIMS 8.8.16

Major changes
An update is available to MS 10 MIUI version 8.8.16!
Note: on the basis of updated Android 6 and 7 will be no more !!

- AI-preloading for Mi5
- Record button in the screen curtain
- assembly for Redmi Note 5 (whyred) *
- Select the type of network only 3G and 4G (some devices)
- in the chamber added Google Leans (some devices)
- flash for the front camera (some devices)
- mark Rooms (application data Yellow pages need to be cleaned)
- Removed the brake system when installing firmware from Magisk (2nd reboot is not required)

вЏі [Optimization]
- Updated translations to 08/08/16
- Updated application Mi Drop

- fixes known bugs

[Possible mistakes]
- there may be problems with the app camera
- You can not add data to a person Mi5 Plus - need to install from scratch

вљ пёЏ [Important]
The list of changes may vary depending on
from the version of Android, device or interface language.
Install firmware only through TWRP.
Also, it does not recommend installing the firmware
and followed different uluchshalki (Xposed, modules to it, etc.).
First, boot into the system,
check availability, and then put your "stuff".
The team does not bear any responsibility,
for the revival of "trupakov" or any dance with tambourines.

Of the latter is recommended for Android 8. TWRP.
Sew possible as a full wipe and over current; with magisk, and without it (remove the META-INF \ com \ miui \ magisk).

* Before flashing specify Anti Roll Back the status and study relevant topics in the forums.

Changes to whyred
  • Updated security patch Android
  • Added post 60 to 1080p / s
  • Fixed the "Radio"
  • Other minor improvements

Attached Image

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* elHam thank you very much for giving direction where "digging"!
Everything worked out!

For those who do, too, is Windows XP will continue the sequence of actions:
4. Installed Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) Porting Kit, took away:

Nothing seemed to have changed.
5. I found the following message on the forum:

Fulfilled that is written there, again, nothing has changed.
Windows Media Player 11 took away:

6. Next, the forum is:

I follow all the steps, and the smartphone has appeared on Windows:
Attached Image

: rolleyes:

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SF | AFH | dedyk | 8.8.16 xiaomi.eu | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP


Rep: (223)
I ask in a cap from a reputable twrp@brigudav
Twrp everything works like clockwork. All the advantages to him.

Attached files

Attached filetwrp-3.2.3-0-whyred-test1.img(30.96 MB)

Rep: (6518)
MIUI | Global | 9 | 8.1 | System / TWRP
MIUI | Global | 9 | 8.1 | MiFlash / fastboot


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I want to share how I picked up a brick. One kind person gave me your approved account. Sews according to the instructions. Connect your phone, launched fleshtul, introduced account popped up "account is not tied to this computer" but the firmware has gone on in the background. Without removing the window activation waited firmware and voila my kirpichek alive. The battery is fully sat down while waiting for id. I am connected to the charge appeared on screen battery. I waited half an hour and included. Blinking light on the brick because akkumulyatorora. Thanks to a good man!

Rep: (6518)
MiRum | SF | AFH | 8.8.16 | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP

http: //portal.mi-room....nij-miui-mirum-8-8-16/

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You can congratulate me (although I did not like very much like) won ARB4 chance after installing TWRP MiRum (pancake daughter distracted, and I forgot to remove FW) I realized this when flash the phone, look at the computer there is no archive without FW ... I postorit a large brick factory .... and with the words "god", rebooted in Tel rekaveri When he came to it, I do not, many enjoyed, then rebooted in fastbut to check your ARB I have it now 4 .... . then I very much upset, but when I rebooted fastbuta in, I breathed a sigh of relief. Firmware run (main phone) ...

Total: I'm on the phone Redmi NOte 5 Global (unlock + TWRP) all day had all sorts of different firmware (version 10), with excision FW but as described above forgotten, and most importantly, I did not catch the bricks, although their very well put honest)) ))
Rekaveri I do not know of anyone but the version 3.2.3 (the last one, just remember when the first version of the touch did not work to lock the screen and then on again) raised the ARB-3 through 4 rekaveri.

2 Total BE VERY VERY CAREFUL !!! EXTREMELY (Such as I have you may not be)

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What are you so afraid of this ARB 4, beg and beg, most importantly do not fall on the firmware with ARB 3

Rep: (186)
* new_969,
Something like this

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (429)
* sanek8,
sanek8 @ 20.08.18, 21:55*
What are you so afraid of this ARB 4, beg and beg, most importantly do not fall on the firmware with ARB 3

so you do not understand anything: the bricks and catch with an increase in the ARB. For example, if the Chinese increase the phone through TWRP. man was lucky, his global version of the phone - it can rise through the TWRP.

Rep: (3)
* ikon_misjoy , Mode for developers enable OEM unlock and perezagruzites.Ne necessary to pump firmware completely as there are some sovetovali.U got out of it is a miracle after you buy and upgrade over the air to 9519.Segodnya flew in 9630 and about a miracle no longer climbs nichego.Tak Vietnam China Mongolia, and not much difference, only it is necessary to switch from one slider and voila use the device receiving obnovleniya.Udachi: ok:

Rep: (353)
shurkesha @ 20.08.18, 20:59*
For example, if the Chinese increase the phone through TWRP

so it is clear the horse, I mean globalki

Rep: (168)
RomiReZ01 @ 20.08.18, 20:36*
what is the minimum frequency of the cores?

big - 1100

Rep: (52)
* sanek8,
sanek8 @ 20.08.18, 23:55*
What are you so afraid of this ARB 4
On ARB-4 a good stability firmware modes not present (((

A general fear has been no increase in the ARB however, and the fact that A rekaveri accidentally freewheeling it all .... I think all the body (especially when it is not working, Every little thing counts, and a new phone until I can not let you) and + As I heard in SO they do not restore + more years there, and was a guarantee of a month that has expired .... In short a very intense fear and experience

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* syntezzzz,
Look for authorized account or go to SC

Rep: (1716)
snoopdogg1985 @ 20.08.18, 21:11*
Good stability mod firmware is not present

There, mi-room

Rep: (0)
Alik Pacinov @ 20.08.18, 22:00*
In the mode for developers enable OEM unlock and perezagruzites.Ne necessary to pump firmware completely as there are some sovetovali.U got out of it is a miracle after you buy and upgrade over the air to 9519.Segodnya flew in 9630 and about a miracle no longer climbs nichego.Tak that Vietnam and China Mongolia is not much difference, only it is necessary to switch from one slider and voila use the device receiving obnovleniya.Udachi

include factory razyulokirovku, after exiting the menu, "Developer" slider is reset. and then it's off ... WTF

Rep: (13)
* ikon_misjoy Do not press the slider to the left on the label press. And a miracle happened!))) Himself could not understand in the beginning of the fun ...

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