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Samsung Fans Club | Theme for fans of the company Samsung.

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Are you a user or a fan of SAMSUNG? Then you will be welcome here, discussing everything from a teapot to a new flagship, but nevertheless we don’t get personal, remember how many people have so many opinions.
The theme welcomes humor and friendly attitude.

01. Club Rules.
(necessary to read)
In the Club are allResource RulesandRules section "Trepalka"

The club is prohibited:
1. Rudeness, disrespect in communication, mate (including hidden behind symbols) and any foul language, as well as any showdown!
2. Any political discussions, as well as insulting the honor, dignity and nationality of the participants.
3. All graphic elements, the volume of which in aggregate exceeds 400kb or a resolution of more than 400 x 400 pixels on either side, are laid out under the spoiler.
4. Please do not turn the forum into a social network “wall” or chat. (p.1.2. rules Trepalki)
otherwise, the entire chat will be deleted without notice (what is chat)
02.How to join the Club.
(necessary to read)
All Samsung fans are accepted to the Club.
To join the club:
1. The number of your messages is not less than 10 in this Club.
You must write at least 10 posts here in the Club. This is done to increase the activity of the topic.
2. Only after 10 posts write an application for joining the Club "Please accept me to the club"
In a separate post of this topic, strictly according to the application template under the spoiler below,
specifying the color and preferably the model / version of the phone.
Application template for membership in the Club
Application for joining the Club

Please accept me to the Club.
I have read and understood the Club Rules in full.

I am the owner of the device:
Model: (for example Galaxy A7)
Color: (Enter the color of your device)
My name: (desirable)
Date of birth: (dd.mm.yyyy.)
City Habitat: (optional)
In addition: we write what is connected with the phone, how it got, what I did with it.

[center] [size = 3] [b] [color = blue] Application for joining the Club [/ color] [/ b] [/ size] [/ center]

[b] Please accept me to the Club. [/ b]
I have read and understood the Club Rules in full.

Signature of our club
Samsung Fans Club
[url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=892116" ther Samsung [/ b] [/ i] [/ url]

How to install Club Signature from your phone
03.Our Club
  1. - = TheVimeR = - - Alexander, the founder of the topic.
  2. zorin94- The experimenter and tormentor of phones: rofl: As well as the curator of the topic and a very good person.
  3. drono345ro- Andrei, the owner of as many as three Samsovian devices.
  4. esleer- Vyacheslav, he does not have more than one working samsam, but by virtue of his work he often repairs them.
  5. ayde_f- just Fedya loves samsa and he had a lot of them, but now he has quite a working S5
  6. Dimasayapin234- it seems like Dima has a samsovsky smart no longer known.
  7. Deltaspb- his name is not known but it seems like it has samsov smart.
  8. ARCHIVE- said that Danya himself sams does not have but respects the company.
  9. pro100volk2016- a name like Sergey, yuzat a stable pair of samsas, more precisely, the tablet and the smart part-by-author of the header and the first logo of the theme.
  10. Intel! Nside- The name is not known, but previously possessed Star Plus.
  11. lionsha- Katerina - she has a lot of samsas
  12. mortan77- Leonid, dude with a novelty from samsa): rofl:
  13. Mavr55- Andrew, has a zoo Males: rofl:
  14. VOZMOGNO- Valya, Galaxy Note 8
  15. Stavakvin- Stanislav, waiting for S9 from Canada
  16. viskov2010- he does not know, an amateur or not?
  17. spyder80- he had all of the S series ...
  18. CewDiePie- Eugene, A5 17
  19. doctorvad- A520
  20. Pitgirl757- oh .... The most crazy samsa fan: blink:
  21. ROMB39-A7, Galaxy J5
  22. Evgeny 007- Eugene, Galaxy S3, S6
  23. Tor68-phone, laptop, chill: rofl:
  24. dorel2005- at daughter's note 3
  25. Alyosha saasaa- Alexey, Note 2, Galaxy S3, A5
  26. edik7806- Edward, a maniac, not a lover!
  27. bakumenkovv- I don't even want to write, but there is a samsa))
  28. fl.valter- There are samsa, there are a lot of them xD
  29. gold_bes- name is not known, but has s6
  30. TomCat16-S1, S2, S3, and the first 3 raccoons.
  31. Stn_GEng- a ghost and a fan to install a variety of firmware .... And another fan of kosyachit with a flashing of a smart ... (There were me when I put the drain 3 times the error was ... I also flashed all the rules. The phone is still alive)
  32. MishaAsphalt- lover break: D
  33. clubmixxx2017- the former owner of ace 4
  34. Zugumovich- big fan of samsas
  35. The main bummer- The main bummer of the club, who drowned the phone in the soup: russian:
  36. maximon11023099- Maxim, Samsung Galaxy Star Advance.
  37. [AMD] Ryzen- combat toad with Galaxy J1 mini: sveta:
  38. syncmaster172n- there are all samsas.
  39. makc8585- Max, has S5
  40. shikoal- more than 20 samsas
  41. Love @} ->--- too many samsas ...
  42. Alex_Supporter- Alexander is the owner of the rutirovnogo S7. I bought the phone in 2016 in Samsung, the phone was rooted, 8 Android. Place of residence - Chicago.
  43. zhyk_magadan- Artem, happy: lol: winner of the Galaxy A5 2017. And also a fan of samsa there is a lot more. Samsa TV, samsa washing machine, hard samsa, almost all old samsa phones.
  44. lw6242150- Vadim, the owner of the samsung galaxy j3 2017 device. You can say a sign with the Samsung almost a spelenok: rofl:. It all started with the SGH-D500: blink: it is still alive despite the fact that it is 15 years old; Galaxy S3 was found, it got him well (they drove over it in the end it ended sadly). In general, the story continues ...
  45. veabro- Vladimir. The owner of the grandmother's phone, which was found at the bus stop, is his first telephone. Samsung E2232 got from mom, Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini was purchased this summer - for 2200 UAH. In general, a lover of Samsung. : rofl:

05.Our Friends
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06. History of participants
07.Our photo album
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08.Photo devices
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Samsung Gear IconX 2018
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Attached Image

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10.Useful programs

CThe total activity of the topic

Topics Curator - zorin94
All questions and wishes
cap filling
please write to QMS

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Reason for editing: Useful programs

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I hope at least someone will come: derisive:

Rep: (5)
Samsung Galaxy Tab P5100
Samsung GT5830

Rep: (161)
* drono345ro , taken!)

Rep: (5)
* FunnyFinn , Clause 1 not fulfilled: D

Rep: (1025)
And I’ll just come to visit me, because there is not a single working apparatus available.
Well, except J1 2016 with a beaten screen. : blush:

Rep: (161)
* esleer Well, you are accepted too!)
Right now, add.

Rep: (1025)
* FunnyFinn,
Well, except that only my spirit will be present here. : rofl:
But for repair often bring different devices from Samsung. Then flash, then change the screen. : yes2:
P.S. And there are special individuals who put a graphic password and forget it. Yes, in addition they do not know the password to log into Google.

Post has been editedesleer - 08.03.18, 14:30
Reason for editing: P.S.

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* esleer ,: happy:
I will say one thing: +++++++

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FunnyFinn @ 03/07/18 22:05*

You, sorry, nothing to do? Or for each of their own closed topic, such asClub lovers company teXet, will you create two more? What is this topic? If I like smarts from Samsung, but I don’t like their TVs, what should I do - to join or not? Stop littering the forum with this nonsense, please.

Rep: (161)
* evg1394 and? I am such a person ...
I had a dream to become a moder, but because of 60в„… UE, the curator does not shine to me ...: beee:

Rep: (1025)
* evg1394,
And what is forbidden?
Let a person at least so show that he wants to be a useful resource. : yes2:
* FunnyFinn,
But I have never had a dream not so much as a moderator, but even a curator. Looks like I got cold to this case. : D
But still it has run: rofl:

Rep: (161)
* yunusalievfarhod , fargo?

Posted 10/03/2018 5:30 pm:

* yunusalievfarhod I will write down later))

Rep: (161)
* yunusalievfarhod , yes. Let's try to call from the clubs of the owners)

Rep: (2)
Samsung galaxy s4 mini GT-I9190

Rep: (161)
* Dimasayapin234 , adopted)

Rep: (161)
Well, how do you, in general, Samsung?

Rep: (1025)
Although I do not constantly own devices, but I can say one thing
Most often, smartphones and tablets please. : thank_you:

Post has been editedesleer - 11.03.18, 21:20

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Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930FD

Rep: (161)
* Deltaspb name?

Rep: (1025)
* FunnyFinn,
Secure the cap, and then on the second page it is no longer there.

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