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KeepFinance | Accounting for expenses and revenues

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Last update of the program in the header:08.10.2018

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Short description:
KeepFinance helps you keep track of your finances easily and conveniently. You will always know exactly how much, for what, and when you spent the money, how much you managed to save, whether or not you went into your budget, and control loans and deposits.


The application interface is made so that everything was at hand.

On the main page you will see the current balance, a summary of income and expenses, reminders of mandatory payments.

Swipe to the left - a list of all operations for the current reporting period (the operation can be changed, canceled, repeated).

Swipe right - fast payment. Specify the amount, select an account, an expense category, or a payment template.

And the balance on the lock screen will allow you to immediately see how much money you have by yourself. Quick and convenient!

KeepFinance will allow you to:
- Quickly add expenses, income, make money transfers
- Establish a monthly budget for each category of expenses, monitor the implementation of the plan
- See your current balance, accounts, transactions, current expenses
- Do not forget to make a mandatory payment
- Save for different purposes
- Recognize SMS from banks for quick entry of transactions
- keep a joint account using synchronization

Application features:
- Integration with the FTS service - QR code scanner
- Accounts (ordinary, loans, deposits, debts, credit cards)
- Adding expenses and incomes in different categories
- Payment templates (make frequent purchases and payments quickly)
- Reminders (set recurring payments and KeepFinance will not forget about them)
- Transfers between accounts
- A list of all operations (the ability to change, repeat, cancel the operation)
- Display the current balance (how much and in total for the accounts)
- Display of the indicator "Before salary" (you will know when to expect the next income)
- Deposit-piggy (save up what you want)
- Budget planning for each category of expenses (monitor the implementation of the plan)
- Use of tags for all types of operations
- Recognition of SMS from any banks - automatic recording of transactions
- Multicurrency (support of different currencies for account management, payments, currency converter)
- Multiple accounts (enter several accounts at once, for example, for home and business)
- Reports of expenses and incomes by category, per day, week, month, arbitrary period
- Balance sheet, savings statistics
- Selection of base currency and reporting day
- Backup
- Password protection (password lifetime, to switch between applications)
- Export to CSV
- Calculator
- Synchronization and joint accounting

Android required: 4.0.3
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: ERA19
Homepage: http://keepfinance.ru/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.era19.keepfinance
YouTube videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlYXF-DBY4Q
Added balance in the summary (net income, as the difference between income and expenses).
Balance notification can now be expanded to view a list of all accounts. For android 5 and up.
Changed the date order in the calendar.
Some improvements in the SMS parser. The history parser remembers the previous date and offers it as the starting point for a new history collection from SMS.

Version: build.201 Message в„–24, author ArsSL

Past versions

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Reason for editing: Message # 24 by ArsSL

Rep: (0)
Is Keepfinance appeared. And developers are present? Or just sympathizers and suffering. And developers to not reach. The potential of a program there, but the lack of subcategories disastrously uncomfortable.

Rep: (31)
But how to handle the SMS?

Rep: (19)
* springam in their the site there is an instruction

Rep: (2)
How to add revenues, for example salary?
The menu says that the free version is only one category of income is available, but even this is impossible to create a single category.

Rep: (31)
OffrulleR @ 19.03.18, 14:30*
add revenue
and so it is there, called "My earnings" initially there

Rep: (1)
Crooked implemented synchronization. And failed to have a wife on the phone. Asks to enter your Google Account on which wound base, the desired phone number, that in itself is nonsense :( So the owner of the phone not only gets access to the database, but other account information.
But the most cruel, as soon as I leave the application on the second phone, the license falls off, tell me, I can not go to dig?

Rep: (1)
Already I regret the purchase, nowhere to reach ... Synchronization is done poorly, noted that together with the records of expenditure, income, merge and application settings are used ... For example topic. Done on the knee as though :(

Rep: (0)
And when the premium version will be?

Rep: (1489)
The developer here? There are some bugs. Where to write?
And no one puts an update.
Attached fileKeepFinance_1.6.5.4.apk(9.24 MB)

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Rep: (2)
A paid version is worth much?

Rep: (4)
* OffrulleR,
400r at the moment

Rep: (1)
Motor63 @ 08.03.18, 23:08*
no subcategories disastrously uncomfortable.

For sub-categories used labels. Pay for once and use forever. It's cheap, unlike the others.

Rep: (6)
* aniangeless I bought - just a lifetime litsuha. Developers in touch on soap.

Rep: (1)
Free version.

Rep: (199)
Someone can put premium version?

Rep: (17)
Hello. A question. Create categories specified monthly budget in them. And then in the general budget settings when creating a budget of several categories, I have not calculated the total amount of the budget as the total monthly budgets. It would not have seen the budget categories. What am I doing wrong?

And yet, does it make sense to use the category as a subcategory as well as the budget category - budget "cars" includes the category "Petrol" and "insurance"? Just developed subcategories recommended for use labels. And it is not very clear, as appropriate. Tell us how better?

Rep: (29)
- Add a comment when you export to CSV
- Added opportunity to select the year when building dynamics
- rectification in synchronization
- Corrections in design

Google Play: Attached fileKeepFinance.ver. (9.37 MB)

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Reason for editing: what's new

Rep: (18)
So far, the most convenient and logically organized of all that tried it. A little lacking subcategories and separation payment (one part in one category to another part).
And to enjoy together with his wife - both have to buy premium?

Rep: (25)
Hello, is it possible to import data from other sources (xls, etc.)?

Post has been editedbudda999 - 11.09.18, 10:04

Rep: (2)
I unload fonts CSV curves !!!
How to fix?

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