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DiscussionNokia 8110 4G
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    A photo:
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    Photo - Comparison:
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    About phone:
    • Phone:Nokia 8110 4G (2018) - Slider
    • Network:LTE Cat. 4, SKU 1 (Europe) 2G: 900, 1800 3G: WB-CDMA 1, 5, 8 4G: FDD-LTE 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, SKU2 (APAC, MEA, SSA) 2G: 900 , 1800 3G: WB-CDMA 1, 5, 8, 39 4G: FDD-LTE 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20 TDD-LTE 39, 40, 41 (38). GPS / AGPS
    • Wi-Fi:WLAN IEEE 802.11 b / g / n
    • SIM:Versions - TA-1048 DS (Dual SIM) / TA-1071 (one SIM)
    • Platform:KaiOS 2.5
    • CPU:Qualcomm® 205 (MSM8905) Cortex-A7 Dual Core 1.1 GHz
    • Display:2.4 QVGA (240x320)
    • Camera:2 megapixel (1600x1200), LED flash
    • RAM:512 MB
    • Inner memory:4 GB
    • Memory card:microSD (up to 128 GB)
    • Headphones:3.5 mm jack
    • Multimedia:FM radio, MP3 player
    • Applications:Google Assistant, Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, etc.WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram - not yet supported!
    • Bluetooth:Bluetooth® 4.1
    • Connection:microUSB 2.0
    • Akb:removable, 1500 mAh Li-Ion
    • Working hours:7-9 pm in dir. talk / up to 25 days in waiting mode. Up to 48 hrs. Of music / 6,1 h. View video
    • Material:Polikorbanat, colors: Yellow and black. Color is not erased, because the paint is added to the material.
    • Degree of protection:IP52
    • Dimensions:133.45х49.3х14.9 mm
    • Weight:117 gr.
    • Price:Officially recommended cost in the territory of the Russian Federation -5990R.Pre-order, sales start July 2, 2018
    Why didn't they do it on the phone ...?:
    Well, why, was it really impossible? You ask. It’s already the 21st century, and of course I want to see a modern set of functions in the new (updated) gadget. And of course you resent why they did not do it:
    - bigger camera
    - battery is poorer,
    - Charging faster
    - the processor is more powerful
    - firmware better,
    - screen brighter,
    - letters are more honorable,
    - speakers and sound better
    - the buttons are more pleasant,
    - stronger body,
    - why he has no legs - so that he ran for beer,
    - why there are no hands - to fry potatoes and shish kebab,
    - why there is no AI (head) - so that for me: he did his lessons / passed exams / wrote essays / term papers / diploma. work / dissertation, worked for me, brought money to the house, raised children, drove to kindergarten / school (I don’t get carried away, believe, many wishes are extensive)?
    I will answer you - alas, in this push-button phone all the above functions are missing, but progress does not stand still and maybe sometime in the near future, in a few years - there will definitely be) And the phoneNokia 8110 4Galready announced and produced with the characteristics listed above!

    Past polls:
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For questions about filling caps and new information, please contactlesnichiyya via QMS.

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* Suborgblack , and a new version of the gerdy is planned? It seems they said that in September, cut something

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* KPKz planned, but there is one caveat. I in the group tried to describe which, but briefly, with the release of 2720, the base of our runoff v16 is already fundamentally outdated.

Right now I'm driving in with a screw-in of OpenVPN and the like, but I say as it is - the port on v16, and then on KaiOS 2.5.2 will be a double effort. It’s easier to return slider gestures in 2.5.2 than to transfer all the chips from 2.5.2 to v16.

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Question, can KaiOS work on other 400 or 600 series swabcom chips?

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Valerick @ 09/07/19, 23:28*
But here stsuko, equalizer, we probably will not wait in principle, which makes these mobile phones worthless choice as the main phone.

A couple of years ago I had a button player of a local Uzbek manufacturer - Artel G5. Worked on a stripped down version of Android 4.4. It’s bad that I didn’t figure out whether it was possible to install something on it, at least an elementary reader. But on the other hand, a simple Android Default Player was preinstalled, in which just the sameequalizer is.
Now I’m looking at the push-button phone again, it seems I’ll choose Artel again. Although a banana is pleasant in appearance, there are already many compromises for a similar price.

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Yoo @ 09/09/19, 17:07*
is drawn from it the Internet to distribute? perversion. For example, I have a SIM with anonymous in a smartphone and I’m also distributing from it. And the subject was bought exclusively as a small dialer. And since now 90% of calls through the Internet, then 8110 is just lying around at home))

so he answered himself, see what for with him several. mobile ...
dialer, she’s a modem, but I don’t use calls through the Internet ... and so the connection is cheap now

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Brothers, I have a different kind of problem, I turn on 8110 as a modem, the connection in the auto GU (android 8.1) sees it, but it can’t connect (it gives a connection error, the password was reset), other devices connect with a bang!
to say that the car GU is something wrong, but from another body. It connects easily, but just did not double-check ...
try GU to configure as a modem and with Nokia it easily connects
what thread of ideas please who will write, maybe something like that was
latest firmware 16

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* popov1c ,
Check the APN (access point) in the settings of the 8110 modem

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BeePlus @ 09/12/19, 16:19*
Check the APN (access point) in the settings of the 8110 modem

APN Modem settings, empty ...
and what should be?
There is a button Add APN, but I don’t know what to write there ((
discard what there should be, please
operator megaphone

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The people, did not run the patch of removing games from under the recovery for the 16th firmware anywhere ?! For the 12th, the topic was definitely ...

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* popov1c ,
Settings common to all subscribers:
Attached Image

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I have Internet settings, it’s empty in the modem’s settings, but in the megaphone they said that in 3 / 4g they should not be ...
everything rests on the fact that only my GU does not connect to 8110, it’s easy for others
some kind of direct intolerance (

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I have a stupid question. They leave the phone and reach, but they do not receive SMS. There is only one microSIM Beeline in the first slot. I twisted and twisted all sorts of settings, turned off data transfer, LTE - neither SMS nor MMS reach. Is this something wrong with my hands / eyes (By default they don’t work and need to be configured somewhere? Where?), With Beeline, or is the phone defective? o.O

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