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Xiaomi Mi Note 3 - Modification and decorations

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Xiaomi Mi Note 3 - Modification and decorations
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* vladimir72 Between my two messages above was a reference to the program here, but someone erased the message.

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SPRITE_ASUS @ 23.03.18, 15:40 *
Quote: stasiznk @ 23.03.18, 15:20
And then in the call log, too, the icon with the SIM card number was more.

I advise you to try this dialer.
True Phone - Phone, Contact (Post nevskiyen # 35866240)

Plus, dialer fire. The best there is on the market.

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Willvandom87 @ 23.03.18, 05:15*
Automatic MTP connection

and there is the same only on MiuiPro?

Rep: (217)
* -Baiker-,
In the settings for developers
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-Baiker- @ 31.03.2018, 20:23*
and there is the same only on MiuiPro?

And never will be. Their firmware disgusting.

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The answer has not been received.
Fashion will only Multirom :)

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Author : I'm aka Artem VanKamp
Firmware : Multirom 9.5.10
Description :
Fingerprint unlock after first boot
Automatic MTP connection
Clock in the center in the status bar + LTE instead of 4G in the blind
Advanced Settings "Network Type"
Emoji of iOS 11.1 beta 2
Patch toll order

Installation : via TWRP
Download : Attached fileMulti.zip (45.78 MB)

For dryagin, denfallouted, leupar and Ponkrat72: Attached fileMulti_fix_for_dryagin_denfallouted_Ponkrat72_leupar.zip (51.75 MB)

Sew only Multirom 9.5.10

Post has been editedWillvandom87 - 08.07.18, 20:59

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* Willvandom87 , on. Miuipro 8.3.29 will work?

Rep: (36)
kxtrader73 @ 03.04.2018, 09:58*
* Willvandom87 , on. Miuipro 8.3.29 will work?

I do not use Bethke.

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Miui statusbar pro.
Good softina setup icon in the status bar. More precisely their position

Attached files

Attached fileMiUI Statusbar Pro_1.0.505.apk(10.12 MB)

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* Willvandom87 So I will answer you. 1) if the problem was, the site would be swamped with complaints, since they do not - look for what you did at home after the firmware installation. 2) the issue is discussed more than once. You need to disable downloads acceleration.

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Dwane3 @ 02.28.18, 17:40*
1. Remove the .zip extension.
2. Copy along the path // system / media / theme / default.
3. Set permissions 644.
4. Reboot.

How to go on this way? Explorer does not show folder systems. Ruth is not (

Rep: (145)
Putoranm @ 11.04.18, 11:22*
Ruth is not (
Here is the answer ..

Rep: (145)
Mod for MiuiPro China Stable and

Automatic MTP connection
Blurs in the curtain, recent applications, a reboot menu
Fingerprint unlock after first boot
Muted after the call
Ability to disable system notifications

We put in the TWRP

Thanks for the helpXiaomi Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon 3/32 - Modification and decorations (Post Dima_Apatity # 72354075)

Attached files

Attached fileMiNote3_Mod.zip(45.22 MB)
Attached fileLiteMod_9.5.10.0.zip(34.87 MB)

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Rep: (145)
Maude Graphic dialer for MiuiPro China Stable

Replace in priv-app / Incallui

Attached images
Attached Image

Attached files

Attached fileInCallUI.apk(11.19 MB)

Post has been editeddwane3 - 19.04.18, 15:59

Rep: (145)
Mod transparent shutter + enlarged font statusbara:

Install a theme applied in components.

Added ver. 2 (altered substrate):

Attached Image

Attached images
Attached Image

Attached files

Attached fileBlur_StatusBar.mtz(1.56 MB)
Attached fileBlur_StatusBar (v.2) .mtz(1.2 MB)

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Lost face id patch, help?

Rep: (39)
* mihazol62 , And thanks to karma +

Rep: (34)
* dwane3 Through that place? I downloaded, decided to establish a system of writing - it is impossible to make out the package
PS - I'm talking about Maud dialer for MiuiPro China Stable

Post has been editedSuperBura - 19.04.18, 13:52

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SuperBura @ 19.04.18, 13:15*
over what to put?

Put through rekaveri. In describing the yellow text says "We put in TWRP", probably did not notice
Sorry I confused with Mod for MiuiPro China Stable,там expansion zip

Post has been editedmihaasmadei - 19.04.18, 15:45

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* mihaasmadei For fashion dialer is no such description. There's just apk file

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