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TorrServe | The program turns the torrent link (magnet) into http

Rep: (782)
Version: 1.1.83

Last update of the program in the header:19.01.2020

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Short description:
View or download torrent files

The program for viewing torrent (movie) online or download other torrent files as http file.
The connection to the torrent goes locally,if your provider blocks torrents, be careful
The cache is stored in RAM, so the internal memory does not deteriorate.
The program consists of two parts, the client and the server, after the first launch we go to:Sidebar ->Update ->Update server from network

Android required: 4.0.3
Russian interface: Yes
Developer: Yourok

Homepage: https://github.com/Yourok/TorrServe/releases , https://github.com/Yourok/TorrServer/releases
Web server management
The server works only in the web interface.
Simple instruction
1) Start the server (TorrServer -...), the console window will appear
2) Start the browser, go to the linkshttp: // localhost: 8090This is the main server window.
3) Copy the link to the torrent file or magnet from the Internet and paste it into the "Add torrent:" field in the main server window and click the "Add" button
3.1) If there is a torrent file on disk, then click the "Upload" button in the main window and select the torrent files
4) After receiving information about the torrent, a list will appear with the names of the torrents "Torrents:"
5) Click on the name of the torrent and visually select the file to view, listen to or download
6) Right-click on the file name and copy the link
7) Insert the link to the file in the player in which we want to view, listen or rocking for download

All torrents
http: // localhost: 8090

View torrent and cache statistics
http: // localhost: 8090 / stat

Server settings
http: // localhost: 8090 / settings

Connection check
http: // localhost: 8090 / echo

Playlist for all torrents
http: // localhost: 8090 / torrent / playlist.m3u

Instructions for running on MacOS TorrServe (Post catmat # 73010387)

Startup and configuration instructions Instruction thank MadAndron

Running on the router TorrServer Xiaomi MI-R3G firmware from Padavan

The optimal settings for Torrserve android consoles.

What is torrserv?

Installation instructions TorrServer in systemd-container for Linux Ubuntu 19.04 Server Post в„–3295, author positivepolk

To support the developer, you can thank as written inProfile, About Me
The program does not support the TorrenTV protocol and until someone tells me how it works, now it is not planned to include it in the program.

If you have a problem
Can not install the server on android 10: 10 android will only server 1.1.76 or higher

On TV with android crashes or permanent server blunted: TVs put weak processors and little memory, this closes a server OS for the lack of resources

If you have an error when downloading the server to be updated and android below 5: the server need to download and install it from Updates ->Install from Download folder

If Torrents inhibit or twitch or not loaded read here

If you do not set a limit connections DHT: Up to 70 versions of the limit was not on the server, this limit is not set. Need a limit, use a newer version. Below 70 version on the server has a limit to 0 (no limit)no matter what stood

Please do not write to me in lichka questions related to installing the server on different devices, for this there is a forum. I can not determine the processor architecture, system and installation features on it by the device name. If people came across this, they will help you, if not, then you are a pioneer and Google will help you.

When describing the problems necessarily indicate:
1) Device name
2) Android version or firmware
3) version of the client
4) version of the server
5) Server settings

Version: 1.1.83 TorrServe (Post YouROK85 # 93046679)

Mod for Consoles / TV: TorrServe (Post pitius76m # 77052753)
Windows client: TorrServe (Post priZrak495 # 93646887)

Past versions

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Reason for editing: Running on the router TorrServer Xiaomi MI-R3G firmware from Padavan

Rep: (2)
* vorakam so here and so dofiga distributing 350 seeders in rutorg. You can look at Kinotrend.

Who came and went again, the benefit remembers the playback position, again plays ok .. Strange turns ..

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Rep: (206)
ivanko82 @ 05.08.19, 17:26*
Who came and went again, the benefit remembers the playback position, again plays ok .. Strange turns ..

maybe your router's some thread internal table overflowed ... Alternatively, NAT.

Rep: (463)
ivanko82 @ 5.08.19, 17:26*
Strange it turns out ..
may beeline zaglyuchil ... tick "of DHT disable" set? Distribution router can not like it. You can also disable the UTP. And this torrent, without any problems should go. 36 GB for the 3 hour movie with 100MB - nonsense. The boundary where the 40 GB 1.5 hours. Theoretically and 55Gb should pull.

Post has been editedvorakam - 05.08.19, 17:44

Rep: (463)
* justauser By the way, a strange torrent. I have to go in spurts. But he that 53.3 giga - quite normal.

Rep: (2)
justauser @ 05.08.19, 18:34*
maybe your router's some thread internal table overflowed ... Alternatively, NAT.

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Rep: (14)
Good day to all. Gentlemen do not kick strongly if ...: blush: I can not go to the settings through Guglhrom ... What could be the problem? How can UTB overcome?

Rep: (27)
vk-energy @ 06.08.19, 21:38*
What could be the problem? How can UTB overcome?

Well, at least we described as trying to go ...
IP_servera: 8090 / settings (If "guglhrom" on the same device, where the server is running - you can localhost: 8090 / settings or )
Of course the server must be running, and the device on which the server - available with "guglhroma" (on the same network or organized access) ...

Rep: (14)
* Merzkaya gnida ,
And chromium and torserv are on the same device .. TV box. I tried through localhost: 8090 / settings .. Do not go ...
I try tomorrow morning of the second embodiment.
: Thank_you: + a turnip

Rep: (27)
vk-energy @ 06.08.19, 22:37*
I try tomorrow morning of the second embodiment.

If you are / etc / hosts did not change (which probably was not) - it's actually the same thing.
If the server is running - it is required to enter.

In general, I would venture to suggest that you have installed the app, but the server itself - not ... Ie failed to comply with the instructions of the cap:
YouROK85 @ 20.02.18, 23:44*
The program consists of two parts, a client and a server, after the first run go to: Sidebar ->Update ->Update server from network

It is better in any case just download the 68 th or 69 th server release under his daddy architecture Download and put out ... Will not be worse.

Post has been editedMerzkaya gnida - 07.08.19, 08:08

Rep: (29)
Good day.
Prompt, who knows what kind of trouble with my server.
I run on Windows 7 Ultimate x64, the server attempts to zakonektitsya (on the screenshot below spoiler is visible), but vyskakuet error.
And so it is infinite, while the server is turned on. In the server settings in the browser, I go quietly added Torrents see.

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (5972)
* - = Ares = -, reveal a terrible secret - the topic is a search.
It is necessary in the window in the upper right corner to enter the "windows error" and read the answer to your question.
"Disable UDP settings"

Rep: (29)
athost , Thanks to a kind man, for this "terrible secret". : Thank_you:

Post has been edited- = Ares = - - 07.08.19, 18:07

Rep: (-1)
And perhaps, say to insert the USB flash drive in the Extender (mi box3), and make the torus server buffer to swing at it? Or on the internal memory at all?

Rep: (126)
* jhoni1991,
Ace stream so can do. Cash torrserva only works with RAM.

Rep: (27)
athost @ 07.08.19, 16:56*
Disable the settings in the UD P

In the settings there is no such item. There is a "DisableUT P"- this is not the same ...

Rep: (1)
He moved to the northern part of the NAS.
Launched through Docker (with one restart).
Shikaaaarno :)

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Rep: (18)
kotsadizt @ 08.08.2019, 17:19*
Launched through Docer (with one restart).

What does this give?
I, too, on the NAS turns TorrServer, at Synology.

Rep: (1)
MightyMike @ 08.08.19, 10:59*
What does this give?

Ease of start-up and tuning (priority, port, etc.) in principle; and restart in the event of a mains failure ...

No need to "bother" with the planner and ssh ...

+ Seen used torrserver-th NASa resources (memory / percent)

and a nice bonus: Dockers in through search itself is a package with the program in the internet.

Post has been editedkotsadizt - 08.08.19, 11:39

Rep: (35)
Friends help out! I tried all the servers and the settings look through vimu player, depending on the weight of the film sooner or later, the picture freezes tightly, the other player just fly, I go directly to torserve already wrote a "server not responding" in what could be the cause of server failure? may be it is not a TV set, and in the router? Internet via wire 70MB

Rep: (19)
* Joker125 , The reasons can be many: there may be little seeders (first email that you should, where necessary, and any configuration, rather than the water) 1 You start looking torrents of 50GB on such web, in torrents, the Internet itself can not be stable or operator cuts such traffic, iron TV can not cope with this load, not the correct setting of the torrserv where you installed the server itself by the way, if your TV is likely not enough for him performance. I looked that you have a TV kiwi if it is set to the server up to 80% of its normal he does not pull.

Post has been editedStanig85 - 09.08.19, 08:33

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