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TorrServe | The program turns the torrent link (magnet) into http

Rep: (817)
Version: 1.1.84

Last update of the program in the header:12.04.2020

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Short description:
View or download torrent files

The program for viewing torrent (movie) online or download other torrent files as http file.
The connection to the torrent goes locally,if your provider blocks torrents, be careful
The cache is stored in RAM, so the internal memory does not deteriorate.
The program consists of two parts, the client and the server, after the first launch we go to:Sidebar ->Update ->Update server from network

Android required: 5 (4.0.1 to version 1.1.84)
Russian interface: Yes
Developer: Yourok
Homepage: https://github.com/Yourok/TorrServe/releases , https://github.com/Yourok/TorrServer/releases

Web server management
The server works only in the web interface.
Simple instruction
1) Start the server (TorrServer -...), the console window will appear
2) Start the browser, go to the linkshttp: // localhost: 8090This is the main server window.
3) Copy the link to the torrent file or magnet from the Internet and paste it into the "Add torrent:" field in the main server window and click the "Add" button
3.1) If there is a torrent file on disk, then click the "Upload" button in the main window and select the torrent files
4) After receiving information about the torrent, a list will appear with the names of the torrents "Torrents:"
5) Click on the name of the torrent and visually select the file to view, listen to or download
6) Right-click on the file name and copy the link
7) Insert the link to the file in the player in which we want to view, listen or rocking for download

All torrents
http: // localhost: 8090

View torrent and cache statistics
http: // localhost: 8090 / stat

Server settings
http: // localhost: 8090 / settings

Connection check
http: // localhost: 8090 / echo

Playlist for all torrents
http: // localhost: 8090 / torrent / playlist.m3u

Installation instructions TorrServer in the docker-container for Linux Ubuntu TorrServe (Post denis43rus # 96555194)

Instructions for running on MacOS TorrServe (Post catmat # 73010387)

Startup and configuration instructions Instruction thank MadAndron

Running on the router TorrServer Xiaomi MI-R3G firmware from Padavan

The optimal settings for Torrserve android consoles.

What is torrserv?

Installation instructions TorrServer in systemd-container for Linux Ubuntu 19.04 Server Post в„–3295, author positivepolk
Universal User TorrServer run on a device with Entware

To support the developer, you can thank as written inProfile, About Me
The program does not support the TorrenTV protocol and until someone tells me how it works, now it is not planned to include it in the program.
If you have a problem
Can not install the server on android 10: 10 android will only server 1.1.76 or higher

On TV with android crashes or permanent server blunted: TVs put weak processors and little memory, this closes a server OS for the lack of resources

If you have an error when downloading the server to be updated and android below 5: the server need to download and install it from Updates ->Install from Download folder

If Torrents inhibit or twitch or not loaded read here

If you removed the server constantly and only treated update: This means the system should chistilka that removes application data, it can be as a system (standard on type in Xiaomei phones), so can be installed on the type of CCleaner, then I can not help, remove or put in torrserv unit

If you do not set a limit connections DHT: Up to 70 versions of the limit was not on the server, this limit is not set. Need a limit, use a newer version. Below 70 version on the server has a limit to 0 (no limit)no matter what stood

Please do not write to me in lichka questions related to installing the server on different devices, for this there is a forum. I can not determine the processor architecture, system and installation features on it by the device name. If people came across this, they will help you, if not, then you are a pioneer and Google will help you.

When describing the problems necessarily indicate:
1) Device name
2) Android version or firmware
3) version of the client
4) version of the server
5) Server settings

Version: 1.1.84 TorrServe (Post gorelovo82 # 95559219)

Mod for android 4+ from @tsynik: TorrServe (Post YouROK85 # 96571365)
Modes for consoles / TV (increased font): TorrServe (Post pitius76m # 77052753)
Windows client: TorrServe (Post priZrak495 # 93646887)
Packages to install server Synology: TorrServe (Post vladlenas # 96542263)

Past versions

Post has been editedYouROK85 - Yesterday, 14:49
Reason for editing: Universal User TorrServer run on devices with Entware

Rep: (930)
* Fifa527,
across the page there is a question, different versions for different devices -https://github.com/Yourok/TorrServer/releases

It would not hurt to add these two links in the header:

Rep: (33)
* Fifa527 ,

Rep: (930)
Conan23 @ 22.05.19, 11:59*
But in the 69 version can not adjust the number of connections dht.
in vebmorde not have a server and client in the latest version (.73) item number dht compounds are present, at least in my bundle klient73 and server69 this item in the settings dialog has

Post has been editedTargit - 22.05.19, 12:05

Rep: (33)
I'm still talking about movies with jerky 60 gb Mi boxing s.Skorost 100. As an Internet settings you are not prompt?

Rep: (184)
* Fifa527, if the film is a short hour -poltora may bitrate exceeds the capacity of your wan (12,3 MB / s)

Rep: (226)
hlopok2005 @ 22.05.2019, 10:15*
I only thought I have a problem on 1.1.73 / 1.1.71 with Nvidia Shield TV, but it turns out this is a common problem ((I already passed the whole brain with reinstalling and replacing versions. Speed ​​300 on the provider, if preloading buffer, all at normal but at the end the speed drops to zero, the player starts, and all .... a spinning circle download or movie starts, but after 20 seconds freezes.

I rolled a bunch of client 1.1.73 / 1.1.70 Server

01/01/71 in such encryption is enabled, possibly due to his herd

Rep: (43)
Thoughts @ 05/22/19, 12:50*
I rolled a bunch of client 1.1.73 / 1.1.70 Server

I originally was at version 1.1.70 Shield true events for the tv, and the server and the client, all on one device. Everything worked fine, the devil pulled me updated. What advise to put the mod or the regular version? And the server is better to put on the telly, or 2in1 to match the nameplate?

Rep: (226)
* hlopok2005,
I wrote above,cant have a new server (v.1.1.71), so you need to roll
and what better to decide for yourself, try, the business for 2 minutes
overload do not need anything
ps all about Schild that others I have not tested it, but with a high probability - the same


Archive with 70 server and 73 client for Arm64 (Nvidia Shield) !!!

similarly for arm7


For those who perhaps will not pull a high-speed bit rates 4k video on some devices - previous versions:

Server version:


The client version:

* If we say that the file is damaged when unpacking - use Rar v5

The process of installing the new version of the server : Move the file server in the download folder on the client to enter the setup / update / select "update the server with the download folder"

Post has been editedThoughts - 09.08.19, 15:55

Rep: (43)
* Thoughts
Try again 01/01/73. Thank.

Rep: (226)
YouROK85 @ 20.02.2018, 23:44*

in the server settings (client 73) is written Encryption -Enabled If through the web - Default

Rep: (33)
Targit @ 22.05.19, 12:04*
item number of connections are present dht

Well, when you change to 0 does not save the changes and resets back to 500.

Rep: (226)
* Conan23,
the server is set?

Rep: (33)
* Thoughts ,
Well, the above was also confirmed that in the web face value and do not have the client, it does not change.

Post has been editedConan23 - 22.05.19, 14:21

Rep: (226)
* Conan23,
like all works, rights given torservu during installation and startup?

Post has been editedThoughts - 22.05.19, 14:23

Rep: (26)
zlg @ 22.05.19, 10:41*
Put 69 server and 73 client. Everything went like clockwork, without a hitch. Not a single ostanovochki

Worth 73 version in your program updated by the server (eg 69) with the Download folder, refuses to install, see saw, but does not pick up. Online downloads the server without problems, what I'm doing wrong? Thank.

Rep: (43)
Thoughts @ 05/22/19, 13:12*
server is installed:

Thank you very much!! Everything worked. The truth had to smash his head ((Server or does not want installed, writes the server is not responding ((It is not installed on the new with the download folder, and then came out of the client again entered, and only if the server appeared 01.01.70)) + departed !! !

Rep: (43)
backal @ 22.05.19, 14:45*
what am I doing wrong? Thank.

Below, check out my post.

Rep: (107)
backal @ 22.05.19, 13:45*
Download to folder, refuses to install, see saw, but does not pick up.

I can only suggest three reasons:
1. Server files download to a folder you Download broken. Try to pump, not the browser. browser download fight often.
2. You may have chosen the wrong file. There is easy to make a mistake arm7, arm64, not an android, etc. and etc.
3. Barabashka bullies. : Blush:

Rep: (110)
* hlopok2005, after you are done put the folder download, press the exit button and go again, should work

Rep: (43)
* elektro86,
Thanks, but I already figured out, just a man faced with the same problem, and I answered him.

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