Anonymous Paranoid Club | It seems to you that someone is watching you and you are doubtful whether to join
Determining the level of paranoia
Do you use encryption?
Yes [ 35 ] ** [34,65%]
Not [ 30 ] ** [29,7%]
What is it? [ 7 ] ** [6,93%]
What software do you use?
Open only [ 10 ] ** [9,9%]
Almost just open [ 39 ] ** [38,61%]
Mostly closed [ 16 ] ** [15,84%]
Nothing is clear [ 7 ] ** [6,93%]
What OS do you use?
Windows [ 51 ] ** [50,5%]
Linux based [ 46 ] ** [45,54%]
Other OS [ 18 ] ** [17,82%]
Do you collect software?
Yes, absolutely everything [ 3 ] ** [2,97%]
Yes, most [ 6 ] ** [5,94%]
Yes, mostly only security software [ 5 ] ** [4,95%]
Almost not [ 23 ] ** [22,77%]
Not [ 35 ] ** [34,65%]
What is the main OS for you?
Windows [ 40 ] ** [39,6%]
Linux based [ 29 ] ** [28,71%]
Other OS [ 3 ] ** [2,97%]
Total votes: 101

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Anonymous Paranoid Club

You do not trust people? Animals? This internet? Yourself?
Think of joining a club and composing your biography, uploading books, registering in social. networks or use a page without a photo with an assumed name?
Do you think that you can protect yourself from total surveillance?
Who is behind your back?

Why is needed, how and why the club will work
Sometimes helping a person, you notice that he needs to specify the address:
Yes, this is the place where paranoid people are welcome.
Here they discuss all kinds of surveillance and combat with it:
Is Google following you?
Did you call the helpline, and you were contacted by name?
Searching the forum with the query paranoia gives 58 pages of answers, it's time to unite.
But since paranoids do not trust each other and our union will be open - we will be ready for the fact that one of us is definitely a spy.

[URL = //[BBlubClub anoni [COLOR = Black] [background = Black]

What it looks like:Club anonimany paranoids

Club members
01 Wooden hand main quote book
02 uu7jf
04 vouge2
08 Blazn Illiterate paranoid
09 Ira_VR
10 zeluck
11 jjghj
12 seprik_lo
13 andriuuu Just paranoid with the complex Noah.
14 andriuuu Just paranoid (not to be confused with party number 13)
15 PHPoeniX Amateur throw off in / dev / null Topics Curator Key
19 razum_04 Key
20 Steph Anonymous Alkoparanoik (for convenience, you can call Alkonoik)
22 Karvinak Paranoid Anton
28 Ello4ka-Ludoedo4ka Shine!
29 kou255 Scared of spiders. This is not paranoia - just professional
30 zaCCCPanec68 banned as a spy
31 Drakonknayt
32 Evgeniy_8545 Paranoid whose name is covered in mystery
33 Heraldist
35 Terrionn
37 King's_Man
39 QuadroTaros
40 Strange - "strange" paranoid
41 Romanskyy
42 ctwoon
43 -ProstayK-
44 Ugvadi

Honorary members (those who did not apply for joining the club, but conducted activities within the club showing their membership in this club)
5 FD_KIM Paranoid who is so paranoid that he never wrote that he is paranoid ...
6 [email protected]@ Self confident paranoid
7 -ATOM + Paranoid with fear to verify the authenticity of the information that scares him ...
16 Thedoggo Paranoid with fears animatronics and Alice
17 Oxygen. Paranoid talking to majors
18 • MaJIou • Paranoid
21 ~ He3HauKa ~ Paranoid whose fears are hidden in the nickname
22 Andery911
23 her169mit
24 [R14] Sosic
25 DenisDaily
26 1234Vlad58 Surprised Anonymous Kote
27 dizelwr
34 ferhad.necef Key
36 Pof

Tracked members (those who did not apply for joining the club, but were inside the club, and therefore are considered enemy agents)

Was here* JohnCr2 , remember it;)

Former members:
03 nik4ok

Useful links and related materials

Anonymous and untraceable communication

XprivacymoduleXposedfor Prevents leakage of personal data from programs, running services, etc.
SDR- cheap equipment for finding bugs
CIA Tools
Replacing Google applications with open and secure counterparts
Pro marketing (picture)
Attached Image

Friendly / helpful topics

Librem 5 | Linux secure smartphonerecommended FOSS firmware. ReplicantOS
Video:Why are we being followed in social networks and who sells our data? Big interview about Big Data
Application access restriction to the Internet for Android:AFWall +(root, optionally xposed) +instructionfrom dearrazum_04
Do not trust the compiled open source and do not know the basics of the assembly?Autocompiler "ACI"
OpenCellID Base(for detecting imsi catchers (hacking gsm))
Firefox browser with privacy extensions Transfer
Noisy - A simple noise generator from random DNS, HTTP / S traffic
About ultrasound "plum" on Android
Available on cryptography on elliptic curves
"Nothing to hide"
Why not use Windows
Windows Security FAQ

Activity in the topic

Topics Curator: PHPoeniX

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Reason for editing: New paranoid

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* 9901190 Use multipolzovatelnost
Attached Image
Attached Image

It was a user 1. Screen with a new user of the tabernacle, when I can get them, because they have not even the memory total

Attached Image
Attached Image

Application data and passwords for all the different

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* PHPoeniX , * 9901190 I remind that the forum out of politics

Rep: (276)
* 9901190 You can use the "Shelter"

Rep: (215)
Join your anonymous hut

Post has been editedStef - 15.10.18, 21:13

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* Stef ,
Ctef @ 15/10/18, 21:12 *
Club Alcoholics Anonymous

he wanted to ask, why anonymous?

Rep: (2617)
* PHPoeniX , Now of Narcotics Anonymous Club podospeyut: rofl:

Rep: (215)
* PHPoeniX , Sorry, on the machine: rofl:

Rep: (215)
Wow, so much to all encrypted in the subject No new post: rofl:

Rep: (26)
* PHPoeniX Because they do not call their names, addresses, etc.

Posted 10/19/2018, 6:53:

* Stef , You have a collection for only anonymous rabbits club lacks

Rep: (195)
* PHPoeniX ,
Alcoholics Anonymous? : D

Rep: (276)
Who how and what is encrypted?
I usually use gnupg (aes + rsa) and the seahorse or openkeychain - graphic realization openpgp for android.

Rep: (276)
updated post

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PHPoeniX @ 30.10.18, 12:42*
Who how and what is encrypted?

I'm more of those who think that sitting man near the tram looking to the phone, or those who think that they are someone pursues outside, but the telemetry network has not bypassed, but then I have enough cut services Google, using Windows from off to the maximum telemetry as a second operating system (as a main yuzayu at the moment of Ubuntu, Debian to this) and AdGuard'a that cuts out the counters (the only drawback - the lack of it on linux). Sometimes TOR'om use. If not for the low speed of the Internet, which prevents normal to do anything, even without the VPN, that would put the TOR as a service and would not be soared.

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* razum_04 , Vindous very easy to crack. You can use the usb cleaver create peyload on a flash drive. Or take advantage of the exploit "meterpreter" and remotely receivefullcontrol over the PC. No antivirus will not help!

Rep: (174)
* PHPoeniX,
I know, the actual test. Windu try almost no use.

Rep: (276)
* razum_04 And that you used to crack? : Ph34r:

Rep: (35)
* PHPoeniX, Everything is OK, a couple of months I unban a 100% ban, thanks to one great, but I think that is still following me :-D

Rep: (2617)
~ He3HauKa ~ @ 7.11.18, 20:29*
it seems
Nope, it's true: rofl:

Rep: (276)
* ~ He3HauKa ~ , Well, let them watch. There is such a thing as AES and RSA, VOIP + ZRTP and FOSS

Rep: (35)
* ferhad.necef,
Hmm I have a case not very :-D

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