Anonymous Paranoid Club | It seems to you that someone is watching you and you are doubtful whether to join

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Anonymous Paranoid Club

You do not trust people? Animals? This internet? Yourself?
Think of joining a club and composing your biography, uploading books, registering in social. networks or use a page without a photo with an assumed name?
Do you think that you can protect yourself from total surveillance?
Who is behind your back?

Why is needed, how and why the club will work
Sometimes helping a person, you notice that he needs to specify the address:
Yes, this is the place where paranoid people are welcome.
Here they discuss all kinds of surveillance and combat with it:
Is Google following you?
Did you call the helpline, and you were contacted by name?
Searching the forum with the query paranoia gives 58 pages of answers, it's time to unite.
But since paranoids do not trust each other and our union will be open - we will be ready for the fact that one of us is definitely a spy.

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What it looks like:Club anonimany paranoids

Club members
01 Wooden hand main quote book
02 uu7jf
04 vouge2
08 Blazn Illiterate paranoid
09 Ira_VR
10 zeluck
11 jjghj
12 seprik_lo
13 andriuuu Just paranoid with the complex Noah.
14 andriuuu Just paranoid (not to be confused with party number 13)
15 PHPoeniX Amateur throw off in / dev / null Topics Curator Key
19 razum_04 Key
20 Steph Anonymous Alkoparanoik (for convenience, you can call Alkonoik)
22 Karvinak Paranoid Anton
28 Ello4ka-Ludoedo4ka Shine!
29 kou255 Scared of spiders. This is not paranoia - just professional
30 zaCCCPanec68 banned as a spy
31 Drakonknayt
32 Evgeniy_8545 Paranoid whose name is covered in mystery
33 Heraldist
35 Terrionn
37 King's_Man
39 QuadroTaros
40 Strange - "strange" paranoid
41 Romanskyy
42 ctwoon

Honorary members (those who did not apply for joining the club, but conducted activities within the club showing their membership in this club)
5 FD_KIM Paranoid who is so paranoid that he never wrote that he is paranoid ...
6 [email protected]@ Self confident paranoid
7 -ATOM + Paranoid with fear to verify the authenticity of the information that scares him ...
16 Thedoggo Paranoid with fears animatronics and Alice
17 Oxygen. Paranoid talking to majors
18 • MaJIou • Paranoid
21 ~ He3HauKa ~ Paranoid whose fears are hidden in the nickname
22 Andery911
23 her169mit
24 [R14] Sosic
25 DenisDaily
26 1234Vlad58 Surprised Anonymous Kote
27 dizelwr
34 ferhad.necef Key
36 Pof

Tracked members (those who did not apply for joining the club, but were inside the club, and therefore are considered enemy agents)

Was here* JohnCr2 , remember it;)

Former members:
03 nik4ok

Useful links and related materials

Anonymous and untraceable communication

XprivacymoduleXposedfor Prevents leakage of personal data from programs, running services, etc.
SDR- cheap equipment for finding bugs
CIA Tools
Replacing Google applications with open and secure counterparts
Pro marketing (picture)
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Friendly / helpful topics

Librem 5 | Linux secure smartphonerecommended FOSS firmware. ReplicantOS
Video:Why are we being followed in social networks and who sells our data? Big interview about Big Data
Application access restriction to the Internet for Android:AFWall +(root, optionally xposed) +instructionfrom dearrazum_04
Do not trust the compiled open source and do not know the basics of the assembly?Autocompiler "ACI"
OpenCellID Base(for detecting imsi catchers (hacking gsm))
Firefox browser with privacy extensions Transfer
Noisy - A simple noise generator from random DNS, HTTP / S traffic
About ultrasound "plum" on Android
Available on cryptography on elliptic curves
"Nothing to hide"
Why not use Windows
Windows Security FAQ

Activity in the topic

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PHPoeniX @ 05/13/19, 16:23*
I do not agree!
: tablet_za:
"Only paranoid people survive": D

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PHPoeniX @ 05/13/19, 16:23*
Where do moderators and users learn that there is something in fashion?

According to external signs. Malfunctions, slow download speeds, and other traces of malicious activity. : yes2:

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* Heraldist, will not necessarily fail. And on the download you can put a speed limit or sometimes transmit information in blocks. No one will notice anything

And in the CMM section on decompiling and disassembling will not add

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PHPoeniX @ 05/13/19 16:33*
What about the FAQ?

It will be almost ready now. : thank_you:

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Klaussi @ 05/13/19 16:12*
And what prevents the model, in addition to the utility, add and harm, processing apk some viral plugin
I will answer honestly, as a paranoid friend - absolutely nothing interferes. And it's far from a fact that something will happen to a person.

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FAQ on detecting and combating viruses, albo and other malicious users
Since there is alreadyFAQ on PC antivirus protection, which can already tell you about antiviruses, then we will consider the option when a high-quality antivirus (like Kaspersky and Dr.web`a) is not on the computer, and simpler antiviruses do not help.
virus detection
As a rule, signs of computer infection are obvious. However, this is not always the case. There are miner viruses that normally “eat up” only 10% of the video memory, so that the user may not even notice the external presence of the miner.
How to independently detect and neutralize such viruses?
  1. Call the task manager (ctrl + alt + delete or ctrl + shift + esc). There you can see which applications and processes are running at the moment.
  2. The most noticeable sign of a viral process is the absence of a process description.
    Suspicious processes without description
    Attached Image

As a rule, such processes are launched on behalf of the user, or it is not at all clear on whose behalf.
Now open the "properties" tab of this process. A window opens with the properties of the program that launched the process. Pay special attention to the “Details” tab, where the information about the developer, the file version and its description, as well as the “Location” tab of the “General” tab are shown - the path to the running program is indicated here.
If the path "Placement" leads to the Temp directory, Temporary Internet Files or to some other suspicious place (for example, to the program folder from Program Files, but you are sure that you did not install such a program), then it is likely that this process belongs to virus software. In general, a list of system processes is available onby thissite. If suspicions were confirmed, then this program can be deleted. As a rule, this can be done without the use of special utilities.

Delete ads in the browser
AdWare is a class of malicious software that either contains ads in its windows, or it causes annoying banner ads in browsers or simply on the desktop. Often distributed in the form of browser extensions and distributed with free software. Such malware can often not be detected by the antivirus, because the computer user himself downloads and gives permission to use this software. The user thinks that he downloads only a safe program, but as a “bonus” he also receives a malicious application or browser extension.
Ways to combat AdWare.

1. Go to "Programs and components", and look for the following programs there: OffersWizard
Download VKontakte
Download Vkontakte
Sense (AdsBySenses)
YouTube Accelerator
Then safely remove them! There may be other malware. They can be identified by comparing the date of their installation, and the day the advertisement appears in the browser.
2. Review the list of installed extensions (applications) in your browser. Remove the extensions that appeared in the list without your knowledge.
3. Delete the settings for the start page that a virus could register for you. (In the settings of each browser there is such an item)
4. Check if the hosts file is OK. Malicious programs often add their own strings there. If necessary, restore the Hosts file using the AVZ program. More detailed instructionshere.
5. Install the CCleaner program. Clean up:

1) caches in all browsers;
2) cookies;
3) cleaning up temporary system files.

You can edit as you like - the main thing is that the meaning is preserved.

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Heraldist @ 05/13/19, 19:28*
Call Task Manager (ctrl + alt + delete)
paranoids do not use wines: wallbash: Proprietary and security will never be compatible
spolsv svchost- bookmarks I've talked about many times
And antiviruses
PHPoeniX @ 05/09/19 11:33*
simply calculate the hash of the application and compare it with hashes in the database. As a result, you can simply re-sign the application and the antiviruses will not find anything
verified by personal experience using virustotal

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PHPoeniX @ 05/13/19 19:41*
paranoid do not use wines

Designed for teapots. : hemp:

Posted on 05/13/2019 19:57:

About Linux you can do it yourself. I have little understanding of it. And there are almost no viruses on it.

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* Heraldist,
and the meaning of such protection? Only RAM eats, for dummies there is opensuse and ACI
They do not even have implants from the CIA

There are no viruses. Later I will add my FAQ with notions of obfuscated code (and examples} -))

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In the old version of Tails, there was once a disguise interface function under win XP

How to do this on the same debian?

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Heraldist @ 05/13/19, 19:28*
Call Task Manager (ctrl + alt + delete)
ctrl + shift + esc;)

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oleg543 @ 05.13.19, 20:27*
ctrl + shift + esc

Yes, I will add.

Posted 05/13/2019 at 20:35:

PHPoeniX @ 05.13.19, 21:04*
and the meaning of such protection?

About antiviruses there was not a word. Only protection "pens".

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* Heraldist,
But what about pre-installed malware?

Rep: (115)
PHPoeniX @ 05.13.19, 21:43*

Did you even read the post? : ph34r:

Posted 05/13/2019 at 20:45:

Where to enter? : lol:
Attached Image

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* Heraldist , read, and in the list they are. But how to remove? They are restored. When stopped, the system restarts: unsure:
Heraldist @ 05/13/19, 20:44*
Where to enter?
unknown TC only knows
I can not edit

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I really need the disassembling FAQ! Does anyone know how to do this? : helpsmilie:

Rep: (2033)
* PHPoeniX , looking for something. I can disassemble slightly from the apps. Straight very slightly: D
Is he:Anymybest understands

Rep: (230)
* oleg543 , as? objdump?
Interested in Elves

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* PHPoeniX ida

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* oleg543 , there is no broken line

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