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Filmix [ 237 ] ** [51,19%]
My-hit [ 51 ] ** [11,02%]
RufilmTv [ 49 ] ** [10,58%]
Topkino (infilms) [ 39 ] ** [8,42%]
Kinofs [ 40 ] ** [8,64%]
Kinoxa [ 45 ] ** [9,72%]
Koshara [ 59 ] ** [12,74%]
What to do with unused directories?
Remove / replace with others [ 111 ] ** [23,97%]
Leave (I will correct if someone will write) [ 134 ] ** [28,94%]
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version: 1.259

Last update of the program in the header:10.08.2019

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Short description:
Online catalog of movies / series / anime on various sites, watch and download in the best resolution on various torrents.
Accordingly, the application itself does not affect the viewing of the video, only transfers links to files from sites in the video player.
Phone (old design):
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TV (old design):
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вњЋ Description:

Android required: 4.0.x and higher
Russian interface: Yes
Developer: Tiarait home page

Online cinema for comfortable watching movies, TV shows, cartoons in the voice and quality convenient for you on your phone, tablet or android TV. Also the ability to download video in mp4 format or torrent file.
At the moment, such directories as:
  • Koshara
  • Kino-fs
  • Kinoxa
  • RufilmTV (default off)
  • My-hit
  • Filmix
  • ColdFilm (implemented as an additional section)
  • AnimeVost (implemented as an additional section, off by default)
  • FanSerials (implemented as an additional partition, off by default)

From the video file search is used:
  • moonwalk
  • hdgo
  • filmix
  • kinosha (default off)
  • kinohd (default off)
  • kinolive (default off)
  • kinodom (default off)
  • animevost (default off)
  • animedia (default off)
  • anidub (default off)

For torrent files, in addition to directories, it is also used:
  • underverse
  • rutor (default off)
  • rutracker (default off)
  • freerutor (default off)
  • nnmclub (default off)
  • yohoho
  • bitru
  • megapeer
  • ba3a (default off)
  • piratbit (default off)
  • kinozal (default off)
  • hurtom (default off)
  • torlook (default off)


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вљ  Important information
We recommend to watch movies of TV series. MX player

Version: 1.259 KinoTor, Stable, from the official website (VernyjPes)
Version: 1.258 KinoTor (Post superiorr # 86114858)

Beta versions:
Version: 1.259 KinoTor, Beta, version from the official website (VernyjPes)

Past versions
Past versions all in one post

The topic is the developer of the application. Please refrain from publishing and discussing Varese.

Post has been editedRaine - 24.08.19, 21:18
Reason for editing: Update: new version 1.259 KinoTor, Stable, from the official site

Rep: (-1)
official customersavagemessiahzine.comon android is not available using the talkback. and when I have difficulties arose in I did not have the possibility to write a computer. is it resorted to the cart.

Rep: (-1)
and by the way we have problems in this prog started. with filmiksa movie does not open. ie in the players, for example, mx player available.

Post has been editedmor.anton - 24.08.19, 10:58

Rep: (209)
* mor.anton,
In any case, it is necessary to always have a few "of retreat." ;) If you one time, do not know where, do not help, it does not mean that the program g ... oh, and the author of a complete bastard, once you have their money spent and aid not received. You just do not go knocking.

Post has been editedsolnthe - 24.08.19, 11:18

Rep: (25)
* mor.anton And I liked kinotor only due to the search for actors. Nowhere in other analogues online cinemas, such features are not seen. As for the rest, let the same thing.

Rep: (3989)
* SvyatKV,
You seriously have responded. Read the latest posts in the topic.

Rep: (209)
In fact of the matter that his office. working site.And on the bill "for what?" - possible for Donat and piracy. Aforkplayer through that already passed, although they too have their "pirate" base.

Rep: (25)
OLDBOY88 @ 25.08.19, 1:07*
so wait a bit and everything will be clear that as a yes
Postal and Telecommunications in Ukraine is like a fantasy, especially for the developer who does not steal movies, etc., and has created a program that draws from various resources, links ... he broke do not understand ...
His update he made it clear he was arrested for copyright. Well it's written right there. Unlikely. Remove with a telegram. Taken under monitoring.

Rep: (708)
* un1on94 , Well, why not unsubscribe here. I mean the author.
* solnthe I do not see the working site
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Post has been editedslim208 - 24.08.19, 18:42

Rep: (25)
* solnthe , Not for Donath, he's not forced. The program is shareware. It was also written in the banner of copyright. * slim208 , In this he has his reasons. Perhaps all carriers, have been withdrawn.

Rep: (670)
* slim208,

Rep: (209)
* slim208,, Snap! This afternoon still had links to download a program, and now they are not. The second site was still alive this afternoon, and now that. Someone trimmed.

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Rep: (50)
SvyatKV @ 24.08.19, 20:28*
I then see all of you here act vumnye

Enough to flood, whining, and most importantly, it is unrealistic rebate. I'm sick of you. Take away prog forsake branch, drink, sit on a train ed in the Square and Cheshi right in the Postal and Telecommunications Department - that is where you are given the answers to all your questions. And maybe even consider a co-author of the program.

Rep: (4)
And I just found it today. Then updated. } -) Saw trident, reinstall. While it is working. : Rofl: First experience with the installation not GooglePlay. : Sveta:

Post has been edited_ViKo_ - 24.08.19, 20:37

Rep: (1781)
Please do not be updated to the latest version of the program, because for unknown reasons, this Draft program produces, about copyright infringement, always robochem version of the program is in the hat theme, please do not flood

Rep: (2972)
Subject is temporarily closed.

Post has been editedgar_alex - 24.08.19, 21:15

Rep: (2972)
Development and support of the program terminated.
Subject transported to the Archives.

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