Play video on symbian. | Help, please, with the video and player. Thank!

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Hey. I open UCplayer (the only sensibly established on my nokia 5800) Video in mp4 format is lagging behind sound. And the video itself plays smoothly, as if with a delay. Can someone help me, or tell me, please, what to do. I want to copy the video to the phone for the child and it does not work at all.
Through Norton and RomPatcher I did everything, but from the programs that, more or less correctly installed on my phone, is UCplayer. But as it should be, the video still does not play.

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In the same place, Wi-Fi is on your phone. As an option, upload video on YouTube, open it on your phone via mini opera in Java

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* yaskevichtatyana if still relevant, then on my 5230 video was normally played by the built-in Real Player. Just permission when downloading from YouTube, you need to choose 320x240, and the extension is 3gp. Any other options do not go, I tried everything. For the 5800 screen, this resolution is quite enough, and the processor for large files is rather weak.

If mp.4 is needed, then I pinch the video in the Any Video Converter program using these settings:

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The video was normally read by Real Player, the sound did not lag behind. True, I must make a reservation that I did not encode the films, only video clips.

Try it.

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I have a question, can I watch the video from the browser in the gallery without downloading?

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video from the browser in the gallery without downloading

Most likely it will not work

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