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Apple Watch Series 3/4/5 - Accessories

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IMPORTANT! Before you write in the subject line: "advise Band / glass / film" refer to a selection of accessories in the header.

Selection of accessories
Protect the screen and body. Film. Glass. Bumpers.
Shortreviewon glass Baseus, Nillkin, Lito.
Glass displayNillkin. Feedback. Recommended.
Inexpensivehydrogelfilm. Due to cuts more convenient to glueing.Recommended.
hydrogelfilmRock. The most popular film to protect the screen hours. You may need a hairdryer with a sticker.Feedback. Waygluing.Recommended.
hydrogelfilmBronoskins. Delivery from Russia. Includes three pieces and spray for gluing. Hold tight, but may start to peel after a shower.Feedback. Recommended
hydrogelfilm. There are cut-outs for a more accurate label. Oleophobic coating.Recommended.
Hydrogel filmPzoz. Feedback. Recommended.
Feedbackwith reference to the film, which is glued under ultraviolet light.
One morereviewglass on a UV adhesive.
Protectiveglass. Feedback. Not recommended.
plasticprotectionscreen and cabinet. It does not require the removal of the bracelet.Feedback. Recommended.
plasticprotectionscreen and cabinet. It requires the removal of the bracelet. The same thing, but fromsilicone.
Plasticbumperto protect the body clock.Feedback
plasticbumpersRhinoshield. A variety of colors and combinations. Direct delivery to Russia. High quality.Feedback. Stillreview. Not compatible with the film.Proof Recommended.
Protective cases fromSpigen. Tested quality.Recommended.
protective caseSupcase. A photo.
Extremely brutal guardcaseHard extreme.
Straps and bracelets
Apple Watch 1/2/3/4 compatible with each other, straps from 38 fit 40, from 42 to 44
Blockbraceletsfrom $ 100
Quality and cheap nylon strapsUrvoi. Recommended.
Comparisonoriginal nylon strap and nylon strap China.
Selectionstraps with links and photos.
Stillcompilationstraps with links and photos.
Selectionstraps with a response.
Hugecompilationsites with straps.
Milan Loop fromUrvoi. A photo. Recommended.
Feedbackabout the original leather strap Apple.
CollectionUrvoi straps with the recall and photo.
Leatherstrapfrom China. Good quality.Recommended.
leather strapsNomad. A photo.
Verifiedsellercheap leather straps on eBay.Recommended.
Chargers & coasters
IMPORTANT! When purchasing a non-original battery charger remember that the clock may stop charging after the firmware upgrade and charger, in fact, become useless. To avoid this, buy a certified Apple MFI-device charger or original "tablet."
Rubbercradlefor the native "pill." It allows you to charge the watch in a vertical position, which is convenient for nylon bracelet.Recommended.
Chargerdevice2 in 1. Hours are charged slowly, periodically charge stops.Not recommended.
Powerbankfor hours by the eminent brand Belkin. MFI.Recommended.
Powerbankfor hours Elevation Lab. MFI.
Inexpensive MFI PowerbankChoetech. A review with photos. Recommended.
Charger3-in-1. Can charge other than the phone yet and headphones. The obvious advantage is that there is no charge for hours, but there is a hole under the original "tablet." The downside is that it is not very convenient for charging hours from Milan loop.Recommended
3-in-1 ChargerNomad Base Station. Delivery in Russia only through an intermediary. MFI. You can find open-box on eBay with shipping to Russia, and is significantly cheaper. Hours are disabled.Feedback. There is a similar model, but without the built-in "tablet"review.One moreoverviewchargers Nomad Apple Watch Edition devices.
Compact ChargerUgreen. MFI. From 10 to 100 percent of the charges for 2 hours 40 minutes. During charging, the clock can be switched off due to overheating.
Chargerdevice2-in-1 from China.Feedback. Recommended.
Selectionchargers from China.
OverviewWireless Charging 2-in-1 from China. Charges slowly. Hours periodically turned off.Continuation. Not recommended.
Compact battery for the clock device in the USB-port ofBaseus. With 30% of full charge in two hours.
Chinesepowerbankfor hours on 1000mAh. The charge from 19 to 93% in two hours. After some time workingstopped. Not recommended.
USB Type C chargerSatechi. A photo.
The charger 3-in-1Satechi. A photo. Overview,review. Recommended..

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Friends, think about buying AW 4 Nike + (aluminum silver, sporty strap Nike color "pure platinum / black") 44 display, however, worry that the screen will be covered in scrapes / scratches. I think to take the glass. How significantly the glass? What glass can advise?

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* nibbled
All windows on the clock will be too noticeable and tapas on the screen can be triggered not the first time. It is better to take the film, its screen does not seen. For instance,such

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There are those who have pasted film Bronoskins? How impressions? There is a photo?

Rep: (77)
in '16 pasted on Galaxy s7 edge, a complete mess (the film like a bud rubber and finger very badly slides to cover. Hopefully now something has changed, or do not understand why people imagine this glue, but for your money check not want )

Rep: (264)
By type of conventional hydrogel as Ali on 50-250r. Fota is nothing special, such a film on the screen is not visible at all) only cover they have different, really, there are some in which the finger does not slip, and they collect a bunch of prints.

Rep: (77)
they have the screens directly on the site

and judging by these corrugated glare, nothing has changed. and spoils the appearance and tactile feel of use

Here is the link if you want to see for yourselfhttps: //

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I'm glued to my watch .Po proho adjacent corners and peeled off, torn off in a few days. All the crap films, if you want to buy the protection cover from Spigen, looks for an amateur but zaschischaet.Sam wear without all were all AW series.

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CREAT81 @ 22.10.18, 22:13*
In the corners of adjacent proho and exfoliate,

Whatever the corners and edges of the film is snug and does not rise it is necessary to use an ordinary hair dryer ...

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* Denpech,
Thank KEP.Odin hell not exactly stick, and if it turned out that the clothes come off the corners and by the way, the hydrogel with Ali I lasted longer than Bronoskins, but still then pulled away.

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* CREAT81,
On 1 series tried a bunch of films all fell off, then saw on YouTube videos, the people on the wet applied film screen and the usual hairdryer slightly, mainly on the edges, hot air is blown. The film lay down dead ... nothing comes off a year attributed.

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* Denpech,
Here today come from Bronoskins film, I will try to glue. Yes, when glued to the phone handles a hairdryer and glued tightly, but that was long ago. Who I am afraid of glue, afraid to bungle.

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dfrew @ 28.10.2018, 10:33*
* Alikos,
And how are you doing with the screen sensitivity with this glass? Pasted exactly the same glass. It is only glued on the perimeter ... the screen is not in contact, flip dials impossible, some pressing obtained is not the first time. + Collect a bunch of prints, with strong pressure and then pressed with a click back to the original position. In general it thrown after 5 minutes)

Sympathetic got into the conversation, too, 2 days ago became the owner of hours and also pasted glass and cover pulled

Regarding the glass, all that you have described and have keenly annoying, but it is better so than their gouging. Ali found on a glass such as a full glue ordered, let's see what comes.
Link or apply, may be interested in

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Can still be rocking when visiting or work which svzana manual labor which could damage the clock temporarily to dress like bumpers, they are easily putting the same can be easily removed from the sensitivity of the bumper of the protective glass. They have a silicone strap, there plastiovye snap over the screen. The year before, when he was building the cottage continuously during operation it dragged on the clock, then after rabloty vozvraschaesch shoot and all the beauty)))
https: //

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I understand that the most practical straps, this silicone and Nike?
Or synthetic, too, right?

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Glutamine @ 28.10.18, 15:16*
I understand that the most practical straps, this silicone and Nike?
Or synthetic, too, right?

If you are on the original straps, they are all excellent.

Rep: (10061)
z.Flake @ 29.10.18, 12:43*
Watch straps of Series 2 are suitable for the Series 4?


Posted on 29/10/2018, 11:48:

Maxiks777 @ 29.10.18, 12:39*
Xs, all the time in Chinese Milanese strap loop, for $ 10, but to buy Strap $ 200. This is idiocy for me

I agree, I do every time drooling on the original leather loop for 12 TR and I go to China for a thousand, then definitely. But as far as sports straps with Ali for 200-300 rubles, I prefer to buy the original 3000 is not so do not lift the price and quality is a cut above. Yes, how many of these should be the straps? 2-3 strap that really wear, others are lying derelict ...

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Steel strap with butterfly clasp with Ali, black, bought for 2,500 waste in series 2 and a half years in them, no complaints. I think as much again depart from the same strap 4 in the series :)

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I had a whole box of a dozen straps 2, half hand out a bonus when selling last year's hours, the remains lying in a box really wear 3 silicone strap and nylon original and Chinese leather loop. With each update the collection going to buy a couple more, but common sense stops.

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By the way, about the straps and bracelets. I bought a lot of them on their own and the one that really has come - it is a black bracelet, under the original. Ali took the 40-50 dollars, but really like the original. That is, the links are removed by pressing the button and rises like a glove. Silicone Chinese do not take for $ 3-5, there really is likely that you will fail, plastic fasteners, which are fixed in the grooves of Apple Watch. Look for 10 dollars a silicone, there is an order of magnitude better quality. Leather loop for 1000-1100 - all space. Best of flexible options.

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Somewhere read, because the other side of the watch back, charging has another deeper slot for the clock, I think is nonsense, because the site is not a charge separation on all watches. And I went on artful wire 2 meters which went to the very first hours left himself, now on will be their new charge.

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