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RETROMINI CoolBoy RS-90 | Portable retro console

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on RETROMINI RS-97 the same topic would be interesting to read.

Here I agree

I am one of the owners of rs-97, there is information in the next topic
Click here!

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Congratulate me, now I'm in your ranks. Received today. I have two questions, I haven’t found information anywhere, is it possible to change the meaning of buttons A and B? And how people make games with a gameboy list) (they start the game and there is a list of different games) I also saw in YouTube how a blogger converts Segavian games to a different format, the fuck just did not understand

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https: //www.youtube.co...E3GppA&t=1240s&index=7
here at the 16th minute shows how to convert sega games

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here is a detailed description

Posted on 1/30/2019, 21:37:

creating multi-games from GBC and GB games. Need a goombacolor program to convert

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somegodnuotlyuchku sawed on our device

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Wangzhangdongding @ 02/13/19, 10:31*
We’ve gagged some good girl on our device

They started a Linux kernel and some iron, and they write about what is already played on regba, but in fact they haven’t posted anything to the public yet. Initially, it seemed likeopendinguxstart, as on rs-97. So for now - just wait.

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Good day. Faced a problem. Bittboy hangs on the boot screen and nothing else happens. Is it possible to fix this somehow?
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And where can I buy this console now (not fake)? Or maybe there are already better alternatives in the same design?

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* kasane Until they make firmware on it, there is no point in taking it.

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You can wait for cheaper LDK Retrogame

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All salute. Who will tell you whether the retromini touchdown is normal? I want to take it myself, but in thought

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Good day!
I want to buy new bittboy V2, but I don’t know which flash drive to use and how to install games on it. There are no Russian-language reviews on YouTube. don’t know) Maybe someone used this console, tell me.

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Kirill473 @ 03/21/19, 03:12*
There are no Russian-language reviews on YouTube


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* nazip * Kirill473, Stop discussing another device in the retromini rs-90 theme! There is a theme for bittboy v2 !
* MAD_PsuchO, Yes, it’s normal.

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* wm-hater , scored on this matter and bought a used PSP GO, all emulation at 5+

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Does anyone have a coupon for buying bittboy on the official website?

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Zareliziliopendingux for our device.
So I think, it seems that in our topic there was a way to remove the dump of the original firmware - was there a way to fill it back? And then the release says nothing about backup ...

In terms of firmware performance, I have seen this so far:
SD cards support seems to be broken ... In the meantime, avoid using external SD cards.

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Wm-hater @ 05/01/19, 14:11*
Opendingux was launched under our device.

I requested, everything was successful, on ftp I contacted the prefix. Folders are visible.

Who will tell you where to get emulators?

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Zeliboba1900 @ 05/02/19, 00:52*
Who will tell you where to get emulators?

So far, only this:http: //boards.dingooni...ni-rs-90- (opendingux) /

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There was a bug with the display of the battery charge - it does not correspond to reality.
In stock, too, it shows a charge crookedly - I would not even consider this a bug.

I unsuccessfully tried to flash several times, as a result, from idleness I started to press other buttons, when I turned on with hold start (or select, I don’t remember exactly) - the prefix goes to the bootlap (shows the logo and reboots) and in the next such reboot kept A and launched the flasher - suddenly slipped by andinstallation started !
First failure
I can’t install the firmware under win7, it stops at:
Uploaded 1496 bytes at address 0x80000000
Waiting for stage1 bootloader to complete operation ...
If you turn it off and on, it continues to download other parts, but the installation itself is not performed, the original firmware remains.

At the moment, there is only the Nintendo GBA.
Dingoonity already has an emulatorSMS Plus GXdownloadcan be here, sms games slow down a little, gamegear - it seems normal.

To access via FTP in the usual seven (if there is no driver), you need to find the unidentified RNDIS / Ethernet Gadget through the device manager, and update via the context menu, indicate that there is a driver and select Network Adapters from the list ->Microsoft Corporation ->Remote NDIS Compatible Device.

PS I would not say that the GBA has become superfast - in some games the stable FPS has increased, some that have been godlessly slowed down (like duke nukem 3d) - have become a little faster, while for example in wario land 4 there were noticeable slowdowns when you need to run to the portal and the background blinks red (it seems there was no drain, but the overall FPS was probably a little lower). So do not rush to switch to opendingux.

After shutting down, the device died ...

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