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Samsung Galaxy A8 + (2018) - Accessories | Smartphone, 6 "

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Accessories forSamsung Galaxy A8 + (2018)
PictureSamsung Galaxy A8 + (2018), SM-A730F
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The people who found anything on the A8 / A8 + glass full coverage front, not just the display and it is desirable that even glued on all surfaces, not just at the edges?

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* Ashihary,
Feel free to use the film by Samsung S8 ET-FG950CTEGRU. Falls perfectly.

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Topic moved to subsectionDevice accessories

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Himself took ahttp://m.citrus.ua/#pr...card?product-id=506612(for Ukraine)
It went just super, made in Korea.

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I came from my long-awaited bumperNillkin(Hooked on those still with LG G2), as well as from the glassNillkin.
What can I say, bumper pleased as always, beautiful, comfortable, practically does not increase the size of the phone:
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

What can not be said of the glass, which somehow very strange size chosen Nillkin:
Attached Image

The film that was included with the bumper, too, is not pleased with the dimensions:
Attached Image

As a result, the bumper satisfied, the glass and the film does not.
I buy here in thisthe storeand glass and bumper. It's very fast, from the date of order to delivery took 14 days !!!

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Here very quietly. Who uses what glass? Covers?

It seems everything is discussed in the topic of conventional A8.

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Hello everybody. Pasted glass adpo. It has laid down norms. Indentation like the rules

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Guys, on the phone rounded edges, or direct screen? Glass, FIG podberesh?

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All priaet! Kaeie VR glasses are suitable for the A8 + that will advise?

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* N0I , * N0I With slightly rounded quite a bit as well as the screen straight.

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N0I @ 10.03.2018, 11:56*
Guys, on the phone rounded edges, or direct screen? Glass, FIG podberesh?

Take Nillkin. Expensive, but well-laid down, no air at the edges. Tried other cheap, thrown out ... just Nillkin!

Rep: (81)
basel777 @ 03.05.18, 04:48*
take Nillkin

Here's a Nillkin ordered. Black course.
https: //ru.aliexpress....g0s.9042311.0.0.UKcCAY

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2 weeks to Anapa with Alik.
[URL = 360 g Luxury full Protector Case for Samsung Galaxy A8 plus 2018 Case for Samsung A8 2018 Cover for Galaxy s8 A8 plus Note 8
http://s.aliexpress.com/uIbyiAVB?fromSns=Copyto Clipboard] [/ URL]

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image

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There are those who do not use film or glass? I put the glass, and it's kind of like color reproduction dims = (
How fast zatsarapaetsya screen when the phone is in the bag, and then all these "Gorilla" campaign only marketing

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I use 3 covers:
Attached Image

1. Silicone with black sides and piping under the camera. Like silicone, though similar to the transparent part of the plastic. Compared with the other two thickens phone. An extra button for Bixby. Finger fits well in print.
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

2. Silicone with secure sides, always wore these on the phones music 5. Do not turn yellow, thick, it sits well in the hand. Fingerprint and chamber are separated, an extra button Bixby is. Alyx took the 2.5 per dollar. My favorite
Attached Image

Attached Image

3. Cover made of polyurethane. This material properties similar to silicone, but more durable. He recalls a tough rubber, and its protective properties with something similar to it. Polyurethane is not stretched, it is difficult to break, not crack even at forty degrees frost. We cover reinforced corners and has a thickening on the sides.
Of the minuses 1.5 months yellowed took in Minsk for 3.5 bucks.
Attached Image

Attached Image

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Guys, no one tried to glue the film from its original galaxy s8 +? It seems to say that the fit, but somehow I doubt it.)

Rep: (3)
Yuzayu 3-month longer. here is a case -http://s.aliexpress.com/nMjUJbIz

- The good feeling as if the fabric.
- Very thin, much thinner than other plastic that are ordered. As if the real from zam.kozhi made.
- Has holes in the netting that allows breathing.
- Very convenient, pressing the side buttons.

- It is not hard. It is very easy to bend the edge of the middle and passes to the status when the toy twist the phone.
- Because of the holes, a little on the back cover sits dust and dirt. Once a month, I wipe, and do not see the problem.

Rep: (79)
Case for phone. Today came. Pleasant to the touch, like velvet, do not slip. I came up perfectly.
http://s.aliexpress.com/ZFz6RzQj?fromSns=Copyto Clipboard

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.Prishli pair of glasses (in reserve). But they are straight, and slightly smaller in size, ie, no rounding.
http://s.aliexpress.com/Q7zINRzq?fromSns=Copyto Clipboard

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I A8 +
Use these glasses, close all the native glass, looks like a native, is the second glue, operation tough for me. No cover glass, and the phone would have lived a month =)

WeeYRN 9H 2.5Dhttp://s.aliexpress.com/JBNzIVj2?fromSns=Copyto Clipboard

Case such edge above the protective window. In the fall of the glass down on a flat surface to protect well
http://s.aliexpress.com/73ERje2A?fromSns=Copyto Clipboard

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