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About our history and I
It should be at the end of history?
Why the end? The fun will never end! [ 18 ] ** [30%]
Yes, we all should be a logical ending. [ 41 ] ** [68,33%]
New lands
Yes, the new content is not more than [ 46 ] ** [76,67%]
No, better to think over carefully the previous location [ 13 ] ** [21,67%]
Yes, ran a story and adds a NPC [ 47 ] ** [78,33%]
No, a lot of you have undertaken, play only for their Fergus [ 11 ] ** [18,33%]
Actually the whole thing
Yes, go on, good subject! [ 51 ] ** [85%]
Oh, nonsense any, I will go better phone'll fix [ 7 ] ** [11,67%]
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Let's create history! The main condition - the flightFbutntbutsandand!

The action takes place in the land of the country, so called because it is often called the Earth. (See. Map of land in the country)
The inhabitants of this country constantly fall into different adventure, and no day can not live without adventure fun
And you can become any of the residents, and to travel with me on the lands of the country.
Travel, invent characters, quests, equipment ... or you can peacefully. As you wish!
To start the game, you need to agree with me the history and place of residence of your character through QMS
Subject to the rules of the forum and Trepalki.
The main thing - not to quarrel, not to curse. All disassembly in the QMS.
Offtopic not select game events, players mention, so as not to get lost

We live in these charts
country Land
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Explanation of map reading required!Fantastic History (Post uu7jf # 69276718)

State of the Ocean
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Fantastic History (Post uu7jf # 69542978)mark for the second card

Dobrynya and Fergus (caution, pixel art !!)
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Here are your characters

NPC (you can come up with their own, I listed them here)
The King and Queen - the main people in the country Lands. Parents Dobryni and Fergus.
Princess - Sister Dobryni and Fergus. As well as they are is the successor to the throne.
Phal Va - the most powerful necromancer in the country Lands. Dobrynya and Fergus saved him from the slavery of death. Fergus teaches magic.
Schaal - sea inhabitant, very agile warrior. Teaches Dobrynya arts of warfare.
Kadin - a simple fisherman. Dobrynya and Fergus saved his family from the sea slug.
Elf-loser - the warrior king's army of elves, who could not cope with the task. Excellent companion in battle.
mudroZayats - the oldest resident of the ASAL.

Poems and songs chosen the theme of adventure
Adventure Time!
C'mon, grab your friends
Will go to very, distant lands
With Jake the Dog
And Finn the Human
The fun will never end.
Adventure Time!
(From the animated series "Adventure Time", partly inspired me)

Lived were two brothers
We are looking for adventure.
King and queen
We gave them a blessing.

Senior Dobrynia name
He loved far distance.
He was a skillful warrior
Very strong and courageous.
Jr. named Fergus
He did not like couscous.
But he loved the magic
And a light snack.

traveled safely
Where is white.
Where a black-black
Where cases of throat.

Adventure awaited them
Where far distance.
And they would give
If only the adventure does not end there!


Now, the topic underwaytwoStories, parallel to each other. Respected-ATOM +I deigned to speak of history, and I gave him a place of honor. So, meet Parallellnuyu history, inventednot by me!
The main character is a nuclear-powered Mage:
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For simplicity I will chronologically gather links on it:
Biography Atomic Magician
1.strange Oasis
2.Unexpected meeting
3.Hunting for "bear"

P.S. Dear-ATOM +, Come in at any time, and often desirable, and let nothing restrains your fantasy !! : Blush:: thank_you:

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In the woods, I think it will be possible to find what some monsters ...

Three days later ...

- Wow, did you see how I have them? Vzhuh and burned!
- Aha! And as I cut through all the sword?
- This is certainly a high skill! Do you think maybe we can get a more powerful equipment and become more proficient by doing some quest? I'm sure there are elves, warriors need help! So what, ask someone? ..

Rep: (78)
* uu7jf Come on

Rep: (326)
- Vaughn sits sad some warrior-elf. I am sure that he needs our help!
- Hi. I Dobrynya, and this is my younger brother - Fergus. You need our help?
- Yes-ah ... "Sob, sob," I failed the job King of elves! Just something had to deal with a gang of wild elves!
- But, oh, oh ... This is not a simple task, no?
- But I'm a warrior of the royal army, with so I have to deal on a one-two ... Look, I know you can help me! Get familiar with the wild elves in the woods outside the city, I will tell the king elf, I did it!
- But ... It's not fair!
- Yes, but I can give you their plate armor and sword! I will say to the king, as if they broke during battle!

- Dobrynya, it certainly is not fair, but it may be consent? Armor and Sword Royal Army soldier would just come to you ... We will carry out, or what? ..

Rep: (78)
* uu7jf We should not make a lie, you train and win the wild elves.

Rep: (326)
- So I'm going to win the wild elves, or we're leaving this city?

Rep: (78)
* uu7jf We're going out of town.

Rep: (326)
- Too bad, good equipment was ... Let's hope that the warrior-elf still be able to conquer a band of wild elves.

We calmly walked through the woods. Fergus suddenly began to fall behind again.
- Fergus, what again?
- I think I noticed something ... go here.

Dobrynya and Fergus began to watch together. There was some kind of meeting. Even there, it was a real orgy! Leach, we were looking for, talked with some dirty and rough-clad elves!

- This is probably the very gang of wild elves, Dobrynia! What irony! We will have to deal with the Lich King, and the elves! But I can come up with a new plan!

Attack the elves, as they can not see us, or again trust Fergus with his next "up"? ..

Rep: (78)
* uu7jf , Let's attack them until they can not see us.

Rep: (326)
- Well, well ... at

We jumped out of the ambush, and here we are waiting for a surprise! Elves suddenly turned into a vile demon! It was a trap rigged Leach! Suddenly one of the demons attacked Dobrynya. Somehow, but nevertheless he defeated the demon. But the second did not have the strength to cope! Dobrynya again seized and tied!

- Run Fergus! Save yourself!

- You've never listen to, and because we are losing the Lich! Fight fire with fire! - Fergus cried and pulled out from under their robes black book.

- Ah-ah-ah, the book necromancer! Give it to me, do not be silly, and peacefully disperse ...

- Not! Now you will feel yourself at your same effect !!

- Please no!!

Fergus opened the book and began to read. I read some text, and its meaning is difficult to understand. Something about death ... something about the dead ...
A finished reading the text that cut his finger and poured a little bit of his blood in the book. Suddenly, from the ground up an army of skeletons, and attacked the Lich! And there was nothing he could do about it! The only thing that remains - to fly somewhere far away!
That Leach did. A Leach demons were torn Fergusovskoy army of skeletons!

When things calmed down, he ran the very warrior-elf.

- Do not move, hands up! At this time, I still destroy your gang! .. Uh-uh ... Where the wild elves?

Dobrynia meanwhile cut his rope and angrily asked Fergus:

- Necro ?! Yes, do you know how dangerous it is ?! And if you kill me?

- But it worked well ... we drove Leach of evergreen forest ... I wanted to tell you about the book, but did not dare ... Let's leave the book! That I have not read the most powerful spells! Next time we will definitely kill the Lich !! Well, let's leave the book? ..

Rep: (78)
* uu7jf Come on, but be careful with it, this powerful book.

Rep: (326)
- I advise you to go to our castle, and asked his father, the king and queen-mother, how to use it most - necromancy. Especially, I found this book in the basement of our castle. Well, let's go ask? ..

Rep: (78)
* uu7jf , Come.

Rep: (326)
Let it be tomorrow, tomorrow I'll think of something straight from the tin

Rep: (326)
Our castle was happening next
Attached Image

- Leach took our castle! And he brought hordes of vile demons! We have to deal with it! - Dobrynya said.

(Fergus) - make use of my book necromancer, or we will act again on your ..?
Attached Image

How do you like my pixel art?

Rep: (78)
* uu7jf , Let's use your book necromancer.
Cool, really cool

Rep: (326)
Thanks I was trying
- Dobrynya, I was thinking ... more powerful spell is dangerous to use, and I'm still just learning possession necromancy ... But the more powerful spells have a chance to kill the Lich ...

We will be super to take risks, and kill or Leach or herself, or just driving away Leach in Elvish woods? ..

Rep: (78)
* uu7jf , Well, if we live, let's take the risk.

Rep: (326)
- Uhh, I'm scared ... but okay, I will read the most important spell in the book ...
Fergus did not read, Fergus shouted what was written in the book! When you have finished reading, he cut his veins in the hand !!
Blood began to flow profusely from a vein ... And Fergus became more thin and pale ... face pressed into the hood ...
Finally, his cassock seemed quite empty and fell! You ran to her, and saw that there is nothing !!

Heard someone whisper:

- I ... I ... do not expect ... that would be ... well ..... you ... me ... you see?

Most attacks Leach, or draw attention to a strange whisper? ..

Rep: (78)
* uu7jf Leach is approaching, we must attack.

Rep: (326)
I went to eat

You've got the sword, and ran on Leach and back again heard the whispers:
- Wait a minute ... .. K-to-to ... where ...?

At this time, the demons had no problems. You cut through them very easily. It feels as if you had help!

- Do not come near me !! Not!!! - Leach screamed like a girl!

You're surprised. Leach looked somewhere in the side, as if to say no to you. Suddenly, out of the earth fallen off the bone and grabbed Leach so that he could not move!

To see what happens with Leach further or attack, while it is weak?

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