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About our history and I
It should be at the end of history?
Why the end? The fun will never end! [ 18 ] ** [30%]
Yes, we all should be a logical ending. [ 41 ] ** [68,33%]
New lands
Yes, the new content is not more than [ 46 ] ** [76,67%]
No, better to think over carefully the previous location [ 13 ] ** [21,67%]
Yes, ran a story and adds a NPC [ 47 ] ** [78,33%]
No, a lot of you have undertaken, play only for their Fergus [ 11 ] ** [18,33%]
Actually the whole thing
Yes, go on, good subject! [ 51 ] ** [85%]
Oh, nonsense any, I will go better phone'll fix [ 7 ] ** [11,67%]
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Let's create history! The main condition - the flightFbutntbutsandand!

The action takes place in the land of the country, so called because it is often called the Earth. (See. Map of land in the country)
The inhabitants of this country constantly fall into different adventure, and no day can not live without adventure fun
And you can become any of the residents, and to travel with me on the lands of the country.
Travel, invent characters, quests, equipment ... or you can peacefully. As you wish!
To start the game, you need to agree with me the history and place of residence of your character through QMS
Subject to the rules of the forum and Trepalki.
The main thing - not to quarrel, not to curse. All disassembly in the QMS.
Offtopic not select game events, players mention, so as not to get lost

We live in these charts
country Land
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Explanation of map reading required!Fantastic History (Post uu7jf # 69276718)

State of the Ocean
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Fantastic History (Post uu7jf # 69542978)mark for the second card

Dobrynya and Fergus (caution, pixel art !!)
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Here are your characters

NPC (you can come up with their own, I listed them here)
The King and Queen - the main people in the country Lands. Parents Dobryni and Fergus.
Princess - Sister Dobryni and Fergus. As well as they are is the successor to the throne.
Phal Va - the most powerful necromancer in the country Lands. Dobrynya and Fergus saved him from the slavery of death. Fergus teaches magic.
Schaal - sea inhabitant, very agile warrior. Teaches Dobrynya arts of warfare.
Kadin - a simple fisherman. Dobrynya and Fergus saved his family from the sea slug.
Elf-loser - the warrior king's army of elves, who could not cope with the task. Excellent companion in battle.
mudroZayats - the oldest resident of the ASAL.

Poems and songs chosen the theme of adventure
Adventure Time!
C'mon, grab your friends
Will go to very, distant lands
With Jake the Dog
And Finn the Human
The fun will never end.
Adventure Time!
(From the animated series "Adventure Time", partly inspired me)

Lived were two brothers
We are looking for adventure.
King and queen
We gave them a blessing.

Senior Dobrynia name
He loved far distance.
He was a skillful warrior
Very strong and courageous.
Jr. named Fergus
He did not like couscous.
But he loved the magic
And a light snack.

traveled safely
Where is white.
Where a black-black
Where cases of throat.

Adventure awaited them
Where far distance.
And they would give
If only the adventure does not end there!


Now, the topic underwaytwoStories, parallel to each other. Respected-ATOM +I deigned to speak of history, and I gave him a place of honor. So, meet Parallellnuyu history, inventednot by me!
The main character is a nuclear-powered Mage:
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For simplicity I will chronologically gather links on it:
Biography Atomic Magician
1.strange Oasis
2.Unexpected meeting
3.Hunting for "bear"

P.S. Dear-ATOM +, Come in at any time, and often desirable, and let nothing restrains your fantasy !! : Blush:: thank_you:

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Fergus quietly used vsevideniya potion until Dobrynia thought, and saw the following.

"Mountain of Despair. Fiery Dragon, the young and middle-aged men.

- My brothers! I hear coming hard times! We should be prepared! - growled a huge fiery dragon and lay down.
- Sensei, to arms! - said a young man in a kimono and in one motion vynyal katana from its sheath.
- No, my student. We have to wait. We will not attack first. As always you do not have the patience. - said the old man with a fighting stick.
- Yes, Sensei, you are always right. I'm going to train. - he said the young man in a kimono and bringing shoji, went into the yard. "

"Wow - Fergus thought - yes the same samurai must quickly climb the mountain!"

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