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About our history and I
It should be at the end of history?
Why the end? The fun will never end! [ 18 ] ** [30%]
Yes, we all should be a logical ending. [ 41 ] ** [68,33%]
New lands
Yes, the new content is not more than [ 46 ] ** [76,67%]
No, better to think over carefully the previous location [ 13 ] ** [21,67%]
Yes, ran a story and adds a NPC [ 47 ] ** [78,33%]
No, a lot of you have undertaken, play only for their Fergus [ 11 ] ** [18,33%]
Actually the whole thing
Yes, go on, good subject! [ 51 ] ** [85%]
Oh, nonsense any, I will go better phone'll fix [ 7 ] ** [11,67%]
Total votes: 60

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Let's create history! The main condition - the flightFbutntbutsandand!

The action takes place in the land of the country, so called because it is often called the Earth. (See. Map of land in the country)
The inhabitants of this country constantly fall into different adventure, and no day can not live without adventure fun
And you can become any of the residents, and to travel with me on the lands of the country.
Travel, invent characters, quests, equipment ... or you can peacefully. As you wish!
To start the game, you need to agree with me the history and place of residence of your character through QMS
Subject to the rules of the forum and Trepalki.
The main thing - not to quarrel, not to curse. All disassembly in the QMS.
Offtopic not select game events, players mention, so as not to get lost

We live in these charts
country Land
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Explanation of map reading required!Fantastic History (Post uu7jf # 69276718)

State of the Ocean
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Fantastic History (Post uu7jf # 69542978)mark for the second card

Dobrynya and Fergus (caution, pixel art !!)
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Here are your characters

NPC (you can come up with their own, I listed them here)
The King and Queen - the main people in the country Lands. Parents Dobryni and Fergus.
Princess - Sister Dobryni and Fergus. As well as they are is the successor to the throne.
Phal Va - the most powerful necromancer in the country Lands. Dobrynya and Fergus saved him from the slavery of death. Fergus teaches magic.
Schaal - sea inhabitant, very agile warrior. Teaches Dobrynya arts of warfare.
Kadin - a simple fisherman. Dobrynya and Fergus saved his family from the sea slug.
Elf-loser - the warrior king's army of elves, who could not cope with the task. Excellent companion in battle.
mudroZayats - the oldest resident of the ASAL.

Poems and songs chosen the theme of adventure
Adventure Time!
C'mon, grab your friends
Will go to very, distant lands
With Jake the Dog
And Finn the Human
The fun will never end.
Adventure Time!
(From the animated series "Adventure Time", partly inspired me)

Lived were two brothers
We are looking for adventure.
King and queen
We gave them a blessing.

Senior Dobrynia name
He loved far distance.
He was a skillful warrior
Very strong and courageous.
Jr. named Fergus
He did not like couscous.
But he loved the magic
And a light snack.

traveled safely
Where is white.
Where a black-black
Where cases of throat.

Adventure awaited them
Where far distance.
And they would give
If only the adventure does not end there!


Now, the topic underwaytwoStories, parallel to each other. Respected-ATOM +I deigned to speak of history, and I gave him a place of honor. So, meet Parallellnuyu history, inventednot by me!
The main character is a nuclear-powered Mage:
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For simplicity I will chronologically gather links on it:
Biography Atomic Magician
1.strange Oasis
2.Unexpected meeting
3.Hunting for "bear"

P.S. Dear-ATOM +, Come in at any time, and often desirable, and let nothing restrains your fantasy !! : Blush:: thank_you:

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- Dobrynya and Fergus ... hmm, good names, I think you can be trusted. So, here I threw the girl - the owner of Lands Fluffy Bunnies ...

- Sister? - I exclaimed in disbelief.

- Oh, she's your sister ?? As soon as she finds out that I told about her exploits, she punishes me! - mudroZayats cried, and rode away in the direction of the turquoise fields.

- Something's fishy Dobrynia. I must go and find out what's going on with my sister-princess on your mind, and why people suffer from fuzzy Zaitsev.

We found out my sister, what it all means, or do we just stand by and watch as innocent mock hare ..:?! Scare:

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* uu7jf , Come to my sister, it is necessary to find out more information.

Rep: (333)
And we went to the sister's castle, he's not far from here.
On the way, we did not encounter any danger, because it is the ASAL.
Near the castle we saw weeping leverets and adult rabbits.
At the entrance to the castle, we saw two birds-thugs. Something like a guard, but why protection in a safe ASALs ?! And the sister has never been a lover of brute force.
We already want to go, as we stood in the way this blatant Hares, with their halberds.

- Hey! Quickly picked up and let us in!

- Not allowed. Princess Today nobody accepts.

- Yes, you at least know who we are ?! We - Princess brothers !! - I was furious!

Hare-bully leaned very close, and said right at my nose:


- Dobrynya, I personally have tired of these hare chela! Let's ask them to heat!

Try to ask them to let us through again, or finally going to fight? ..

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf All Brother, I got bored, let's fight.

Rep: (333)
- Finally!! Fire ball!!!

I ran into a big bunch of thugs fire, but Hares dodged and immediately grabbed me. And you also do not have time to take out your sword as you captured.
And then we passed out ...

... We woke up in the throne room. Some dude indark-redrobes walked to and fro, and muttering something to himself ... He was thinking about something very important ...

We ask where is our sister and who he did this, or pretend that all is not yet come to you? ..

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf , It is necessary to ask who he was, to find out more.
Sorry that did not answer, I was busy

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- Hey, listen you! You do who is?

- This is me, then who is? I myself Leach! I evil itself! Princess And you brothers, is not it?

- Well, like so.

- Then you will be wondering what your sister in my captivity!
Lich gets black mirror shows us. It is evident the throne room, but only some highly grotesque and far too gloomy. Middle of the room stood a cage, and in it - a sister! Crying and asking for help !! : '(

- Soon I use her vital energy and will to live and to live !! - breathed upon us Leach their stinking breath - But first, you are exhausted! You just turned in my skeletal slaves, do not worry!

- Ffuuu ... when the last time you brush your teeth? - I asked.

- What did you do with the people Zaitsev? - You asked.

- Nothing special, just brought upon them the spell exhaustion, and the disguised princess, thereby slandering her !!
- Dobrynya, I have a plan. But I have no time to voice it, you need to act fast!

We will unquestioningly follow my plan, or will act in the old way - to fight ..?

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf Let's act on your plan. After all, magicians smart?

Rep: (333)
Seeing what my plan, you have to doubt: D

- First, I cut the rope!
- What?
- You got to yourself there is always a knife, remember?
- ...
- Oh ... up his sleeve! Why do I have to remember all of you?
- Ahh, I remember!
Dexterous movement do you get out of the sleeve a knife and cut the rope.
- When I distract Leach, you razrezhesh his rope and escape from the castle! Do not worry, I'll catch up with you!

And then it began something difficult: laugh_wild:

Fergus read simple spell call rhythmic music and exclaimed:

- Yo, yo, yo, stretch our bones skeleton !!!

Leach did not understand how, but his feet began to dance. And then his hands. And it's all dance!

And Fergus began Battle! Rap Battle! : D

Hey, you, Leach, listen here,
You will not see here a miracle,
Right now I'll turn you into a frog,
Only hear from you "Kva-Kva !!" !!

- Round!

Very offensive to any self-respecting magician is heard. And because Leach began to move his rhyming rap ...

You have already run, or would like to listen to rap from Leach? ..

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf * I went to hear.

Rep: (333)
Hey you dropout magician
It will not save you, and a thousand swords
Now I hear "quack!"
From you, and then I'll eat you !!

- Hey! Not fair! The last line does not rhyme! It does not count! It turns out I had won!
- Let's see who wins, I'll eat you !!

Fergus help klutz, or remember his words that he himself will save, and you need to run faster? ..

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* uu7jf , It is necessary to help his brother

Rep: (333)
It was foolish to climb on the invincible Lich. With one blow he sent Dobrynya in a knockout.
- Aha! For two meals !!
- Dobrynya, I told you that I will save yourself! Why do you believe me never ?!
- But how can you be saved from Leach ?!
- Yes, I would just ...
I was interrupted. Mirror of black bones, which we have already seen vibrated and sang a foolish song. Leach threw us away, and ran to the mirror, and began to speak:

- Hello! Yes. Yes. Chtoo ?? !! Already fly out, wait for me !!

Leach suddenly flew into the air and flew off quickly in the direction of evergreen forest (VZL)

- You wanted to evergreen forest, remember? Looks like it's time to go!
You tried to get up, but then he fell.

- Are you all right? Leach, you do not hurt too much? ..

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* uu7jf No, not much. Okay, let's go to the WGC.

Rep: (333)
We were halfway to the TTO, as we met a small elven town.

Head over to the town, buy yourself armor and potions, or a stranger, suddenly it's a trap Leach? ..

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* uu7jf , Let's go.

Rep: (333)
Yes, the usual elven city. Particularly well the elves with magic.

- Let's buy a magic scroll "Ice Folly" or "the Great Fire of Death"? And further. Buy you a good two-handed sword, or do you want to change weapons? It's all the same good quality!

And you are responsible ...

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf , I am stronger than you, I'll let you choose ... brother
Great Fire Death

Rep: (333)
- Hmm ... Okay, two-handed sword and the scroll of the "Great Fire of Death." I will study more high magic. And, even armor! Elves only have lighter skin, it is rather weak for you. And for me, just right this unitard! And potions! I think we will need just a recreation ... Oh, grandmother drug has even here! My grandmother was a famous healer ... Take it all! Money we have many more.

- So we bought equipment, but now it's all you need to learn! I propose to go to practice! What do you say?..

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf Come on potreneruemsya, become stronger.

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