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About our history and I
It should be at the end of history?
Why the end? The fun will never end! [ 18 ] ** [30%]
Yes, we all should be a logical ending. [ 41 ] ** [68,33%]
New lands
Yes, the new content is not more than [ 46 ] ** [76,67%]
No, better to think over carefully the previous location [ 13 ] ** [21,67%]
Yes, ran a story and adds a NPC [ 47 ] ** [78,33%]
No, a lot of you have undertaken, play only for their Fergus [ 11 ] ** [18,33%]
Actually the whole thing
Yes, go on, good subject! [ 51 ] ** [85%]
Oh, nonsense any, I will go better phone'll fix [ 7 ] ** [11,67%]
Total votes: 60

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Let's create history! The main condition - the flightFbutntbutsandand!

The action takes place in the land of the country, so called because it is often called the Earth. (See. Map of land in the country)
The inhabitants of this country constantly fall into different adventure, and no day can not live without adventure fun
And you can become any of the residents, and to travel with me on the lands of the country.
Travel, invent characters, quests, equipment ... or you can peacefully. As you wish!
To start the game, you need to agree with me the history and place of residence of your character through QMS
Subject to the rules of the forum and Trepalki.
The main thing - not to quarrel, not to curse. All disassembly in the QMS.
Offtopic not select game events, players mention, so as not to get lost

We live in these charts
country Land
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Explanation of map reading required!Fantastic History (Post uu7jf # 69276718)

State of the Ocean
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Fantastic History (Post uu7jf # 69542978)mark for the second card

Dobrynya and Fergus (caution, pixel art !!)
Attached Image

Here are your characters

NPC (you can come up with their own, I listed them here)
The King and Queen - the main people in the country Lands. Parents Dobryni and Fergus.
Princess - Sister Dobryni and Fergus. As well as they are is the successor to the throne.
Phal Va - the most powerful necromancer in the country Lands. Dobrynya and Fergus saved him from the slavery of death. Fergus teaches magic.
Schaal - sea inhabitant, very agile warrior. Teaches Dobrynya arts of warfare.
Kadin - a simple fisherman. Dobrynya and Fergus saved his family from the sea slug.
Elf-loser - the warrior king's army of elves, who could not cope with the task. Excellent companion in battle.
mudroZayats - the oldest resident of the ASAL.

Poems and songs chosen the theme of adventure
Adventure Time!
C'mon, grab your friends
Will go to very, distant lands
With Jake the Dog
And Finn the Human
The fun will never end.
Adventure Time!
(From the animated series "Adventure Time", partly inspired me)

Lived were two brothers
We are looking for adventure.
King and queen
We gave them a blessing.

Senior Dobrynia name
He loved far distance.
He was a skillful warrior
Very strong and courageous.
Jr. named Fergus
He did not like couscous.
But he loved the magic
And a light snack.

traveled safely
Where is white.
Where a black-black
Where cases of throat.

Adventure awaited them
Where far distance.
And they would give
If only the adventure does not end there!


Now, the topic underwaytwoStories, parallel to each other. Respected-ATOM +I deigned to speak of history, and I gave him a place of honor. So, meet Parallellnuyu history, inventednot by me!
The main character is a nuclear-powered Mage:
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For simplicity I will chronologically gather links on it:
Biography Atomic Magician
1.strange Oasis
2.Unexpected meeting
3.Hunting for "bear"

P.S. Dear-ATOM +, Come in at any time, and often desirable, and let nothing restrains your fantasy !! : Blush:: thank_you:

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We kind of Kings. We are brothers. Only you're strong and courageous, because a knight in I'm weak and weedy, so I'm a magician.

And we decided to travel the Great, go 1,000 miles to find friends in 1000 and 1000 necessarily different trophies ...

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And bless us father, the king, queen and mother, and gave us a map ...
Now, I draw a simple map, in some Paint'e

Rep: (333)
And we look at the map and looked at each other - nothing is clear

Here's a map
Attached Image

But the King and Queen began to us to explain it - red in the north - Bloody ground, it is better not to go there!
Yellow in the west and in the east - the Great Desert.
In the center - our castle, we can come back whenever you want.
In the south, dark green - ever Green Forest.
In the southwest, turquoise - Earth fluffy Bunnies. (The most lovely place and Safety in all the earth!)
In the south-east of gray - a rocky cliff.
Dark brown in the north - Rotten Earth, there is also better not to go so far!
Gray between the Blood of the Earth and green - protective wall, there are constantly battle for our peaceful life!
Black between the Great Ocean and the Blood of the Earth - Earth's dark waters.
And finally, the Great Ocean. It surrounds all our land in the country. For the country Lands edge no one has sailed, so maybe you'll be the first - graduated from the Queen's speech and gave us a map.

Green in the middle, we already knew. This is the main part of the land of the country in which the lives of its people - Zemelyane: rofl:

- And what is dark red in the Blood of the earth? - I asked the King.
- This is the castle of the Great Lich. The most evil creature in the entire land of the country. God forbid you to meet him! I do not want to lose his sole heir!
- Nothing will happen to us - I say lightly - so we went?

- Yes you will arrive with our blessing! - at the same time said the King and Queen, and let us go ...

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The only thing that was not on the map, so it's settlements. But we are not discouraged. The first thing we decided to go to Safety Earth Fluffy Bunnies (ASAL) ...

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* uu7jf Let's go to the evergreen forest, look there, but how

Rep: (333)
- We are still very inexperienced! - I said - but still we need to visit our sister Princess! But the final choice is yours. You're the older brother.

- So we go to the bunny and our sister the Princess or to the wild elves ..?

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf We went to our sister.

Rep: (333)
And we went to the West Industrial Zone, to visit his sister.

- Do not worry you so! - I reassured you - it's just the wind in my head. I understand that you are a knight and you want adventure, but believe me, we will meet many more treasures and zemelyan way. Maybe even win the great and terrible Leach;) ...

But I interrupted our conversation. On the way was the usual huge beetle, we practiced such a child. I was overcome by a strange feeling. For some reason I was scared.

- Let's do it ... I'm scared ...

You shamed me for cowardice and charged, or are we still walked easy-to win a huge beetle? ..

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf I struggled with this beetle and killed him.

Rep: (333)
- Oh, you coward, another magician called! Yes, you would have killed him, even with his stick! - you shall be ashamed of me, and we went on.

On the horizon could be seen turquoise field ...

- How beautiful! - I cried, and it was obvious that I was too relaxed.

Tell me that I did not relax, or enjoy the beautiful views together with me? ..

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf I agree with you, very beautiful.

Rep: (333)
- Yes, nice and safe. We're close, I remember this path. - I said, and we went bravely on.

It was getting dark. In the land of fluffy Bunnies course safely, but it may be necessary to be more careful?

- I think, it is better to spend the night here. We need to gain strength.

Dissolve a fire, and we will spend the night in the turquoise fields (less secure), or keep going? ..

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf , Let's spend the night here with the mind here safely.

Rep: (333)
And we made a fire, roasted on it yummy, eat it, then sang and played a musical instrument of our royal family - arfoguslyah. And still recall our first adventure - when we went to fight with the worm;) We had a lot of fun that night!

Finally, we put the tent and slept in it, with a feeling of complete security ... but it is not here that was!
Outside, he heard someone roar ... It looks like a wild animal ... a wild animal in the ASAL ?! This can not be!

- Let's catch him, and become famous! The first wild beast in ASAL! And we catch him! - I am again very relaxed and daydreaming. That's why I'm not a warrior. A warrior is always on the alert.

Abruptly jumped out of the tent and catch this monster, or wait out sit, and will miss all the glory?! ...

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf , It is necessary to catch this monster, and then suddenly ... Consequences ...

Rep: (333)
And we have dramatically jumped out of the tent and jumped on that monster ... when suddenly ...

- Oh boy, is that you? What are you doing here? - his voice was gentle, and surprisingly familiar ...

- Sister?? - I cried - damn, that's a bummer! I wanted to catch the first monster in ASAL, and become famous!

- You've always been so funny! - sister, the princess said, and kissed me on the cheek - Let's go to my castle, or what?

We go to the castle to his sister, or give up the hospitality and has become famous as the most unsociable heroes throughout the land of the country? ..

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf , Okay, let's go to the castle to his sister, eat, talk, warm ourselves

Rep: (333)
- Have you always been are obstinate - sister sullenly looked at you and hurt chuckled - for once listened to his sister, and thanks for that!

- But-oh ... - I wanted to protest - a brother of the warrior, it should always be on the lookout ...

- And you too! - sister cried, turning to me. I almost shlopotal slap in the face, but in time to dodge.

Oh, yes, but ... My sister has always differed special harmfulness. Because her mother-queen spoiled continually, and we, Dad, King, grow like a true warrior!

We were already halfway suddenly heard someone crying for help! The sounds coming from the big hole on the side of the road!

We will help him who cries in the pit, or continue to go to the castle to the harmful sister miss the next adventure? ..

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf , Went to rescue shouting for help, just in case there is something serious !!!

Rep: (333)
- Right! - I cried, because I was already tired of the antics of the sisters!

You got a rope from his backpack and threw it into the pit, and shouted: "Get in!". The rope began to twitch, indicating that this someone climbed on it.
Finally someone got out of the pit. In the dark it was hard to see, but we still considered in this figure is very old Hare.

- Yes you will arrive with turquoise, my children - he began to speak in the manner of a priest - I - mudroZayats.

- Grandpa mudroZayats who threw you here?

- First, tell me your name, my children, I can not talk to strangers!

- I'd forgotten ... Brother, do you remember?

Here already it is necessary to dream. You need to come up with two names in the medieval style, one warrior (you) and the other for the magician (I)
I myself have been thinking, but nothing comes to mind.

Rep: (81)
* uu7jf My name Dobrynya, and my brother's name is Fergus magician.

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