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Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + owners chat club | The club was created for more convenient communication of fans of Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 +
Who uses what?
Who uses which audio player?
Samsung Music [ 668 ] ** [46,58%]
AIMP [ 103 ] ** [7,18%]
Winamp [ 9 ] ** [0,63%]
PlayerPro Music Player [ 18 ] ** [1,26%]
jetAudio [ 31 ] ** [2,16%]
Neutron Music Player [ 29 ] ** [2,02%]
Poweramp [ 297 ] ** [20,71%]
Stellio [ 34 ] ** [2,37%]
NRG Player [ 4 ] ** [0,28%]
Other [ 238 ] ** [16,6%]
Who uses which video player?
Samsung Video [ 587 ] ** [40,93%]
MX Player [ 588 ] ** [41%]
KMPlayer [ 19 ] ** [1,32%]
VLC [ 167 ] ** [11,65%]
Bsplayer [ 11 ] ** [0,77%]
VPlayer [ 2 ] ** [0,14%]
Moboplayer [ 2 ] ** [0,14%]
Other [ 58 ] ** [4,04%]
Total votes: 1434

Rep: (319)
Owners ClubSamsung Galaxy S9 / S9 +
A SM-G960 / G965
S9 Description | Description S9 + | Discussion » | Purchase » | S9 Accessories » | S9 + Accessories » | Marriage and Repair » | Official S9 firmware » | Official S9 + firmware » | Modifications and decorations » | Camera talk » | power usage » | Owners Club »

Attached Image

Attached Image

We are open 24 hours a day,
seven days a week
without lunch break and weekend !!!

The club was created for more convenient communication of Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + phone lovers.
Any person here will be given all possible assistance in solving his problem with the phone.
There are no strict rules: if you do not understand something
or can not find what you need in specialized topics
- You can write here, they will help you.

Attached Image

01.Club Rules
(necessary to read)
In the club areResource rules and Rules section "Trepalka"
In the club prohibited :
1 . Rudeness, disrespect in communication, mate (including hidden behind symbols) and any foul language, as well as any clarification of relationships!
2. Any political discussion, as well as insulting the honor, dignity and nationality of the participants.
3. In order to prevent users from communicating, we remove all the images under the spoiler.
Section Trepalka is designed to discuss various issues - all that does not fit into the framework of the profile, technical sections of the forumand just friendly communication of userssavagemessiahzine.com.

02.How to join the Club
Club S9 and S9 + accept all phone owners Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + ,
who want to chat, gossip and just have fun!
There is no special ritual, just two steps need to be done:
01.Put the Club Signature in your personal profile, not in the post.
Brief instruction in pictures (from the mobile version)
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

02.Write a post with a request to take to the Club. In the post indicate the phone model.
The curator will see your post and immediately take to the Club,
put your nickname, phone model and your name (optional) in the header.
From now on you are in the Club, you are with us.!

03.Club Signature
Option number 1 :
Attached Image

under the spoiler code - it must be copied
[font = "Segoe Print"] [i] [b] [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php? show

Option number 2 :
Attached Image

under the spoiler code - it must be copied
[font = Print] [i] [b] [url = "//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php? show

Dronik AndrewS9 +
Partizan 777 PeterS9 +
zuykow VladimirS9 +
mortan77 LeonidS9 +
Mavr55 AndrewS9 +
Shortgun Vadim
qwertyfozl Alexander
Serega62 SergeiS9 +
dantehit Anton
Allan.K Allan
Skai3512 VasiliyS9 +
Oleg6673 Oleginsky
emem1971 Vladimir
abr046 IgorS9 +
gsm662 AndrewS9
Timur150 TimurS9
Pashacvet NovelS9 +
cacimbo NikolaiS9 +
stavak StanislavS9
kikki_5000 VladislavS9 +
TATAPCTAH DiamondS9 + (Snapdragon)
leros74 MichaelS9
Yrikson YuriS9
volvo-gti VladimirS9 +
320490 SergeiS9 +
julia2401 YuliyaS9 +
sege33 SergeiS9 +
gogon GeorgiS9 +
Alexander Batkovich AlexanderS9 +
Hyper DmitriyS9
alpat74 DmitriyS9 +
AlllwpS9 + 256GB
rezvan33 RezvanS9 +
artyom45 ArtemS9 +
Avest20 EugeneS9 +
Kahn90S9 +
vgik811 YuriS9 +
BHy4eHbKa DmitriyS9 +
boroda1 AndrewS9 +
Tor68 IvanS9 +
Perky apeS9 +
Wild mobile AndrewS9 +(Snapdragon)
strann2007 SergeiS9 +
kinderzavr AlexeyS9 +
Lenkassmile LenkaS9 +
butfen VictorS9
Alex_Supporter AlexanderS9 +
morozvl ValentineS9 +
gtc64 AndrewS9 +
azak76 AlexanderS9
kirzach YuriS9 +
QwertyLock NikitaS9
Kanat Bakhytbekov RopeS9 +
Dr. goodwin07S9 +
Gennady.K.S9 +
lis4.6S9 +
korovkin7ergey SergeiS9 +
tatitutuS9 + (256 GB)
eyeless95S9 +
tro9n4ikS9 +
Pshenichka125S9 +
_Yur4eG_S9 +
RoSHy1985S9 +
ksandr1506S9 +
ver-susS9 +
Szopachnik17S9 +
Daniel265asa DanilS9 +
LapitskiySashaS9 +
budwizzerS9 +
skol77S9 +
ldelS9 +
i0675S9 +
kentpS9 +
Sergo503 SergeiS9 +
ThassS9 +
taraskasymovS9 +
drindersS9 +
Jolly pepperS9 +
norsideS9 +
givi-777S9 +
PadrezenkaS9 +
dimasik1042897S9 +
VladSBuS9 +
pytatelS9 +
dmitriy.tsS9 + (Snapdragon)
ViRuS9957117S9 +
bugi84S9 +
Busse1S9 +
dust3003S9 +
Sudarikov1975S9 +
maksimilian2015vS9 +
ZlukLgS9 +
ZayonchukS9 +
dimas1700S9 +
sutugin82 AlexeyS9 +
fantom1110S9 +
pavel.tagS9 +
nedov13S9 +
muslim955S9 +
skillet13015S9 +
vitaliy lenovoS9
daihiS9 +
DastelloS9 +
FreeWay666S9 +
han77 AlexeyS9
Moonfacts IlyaS9 (Snapdragon)
BoomkaaS9 +
ShamillionaireS9 +
dieselsvlS9 +
djonmakaron ...
m1sSterVsH VahidS9
Mavv VladimirS9
yuran_300S9 + (Koreanon Eksinos)
Rock_FoxS9 +
katrisS9 +
pavlusha9555 ...
Dizz77S9 +
Smart.75S9 +
urist2376S9 +
dimkakumS9 +
kinglirS9 +
Dani_ZS9 +
smitNC75S9 +
Zhnec78S9 +
Germanzzzz ...
gulapS9 +
danilkahS9 +
dimka101979 ...
gtblack1988S9 +
ChippingS9 +
nonAppleS9 +
Neo30S9 +
oryushev15S9 +
Foresterfly1S9 +
sergey021kS9 +
qpoooqpS9 +
partner83S9 (Snapdragon)
igoorS9 +
kulik78S9 +
Balion_123S9 +
n0rbyS9 +
RusyaS9 +
stillayga ArtyomS9 +
solodkov1982S9 (Snapdragon)
Trener_23S9 +
Artur.bestArthur S9 +
xorardS9 +
johnbeastS9 +
Knopka27 OlesyaS9 +
tobatobaS9 +
Horny devilS9 +
world0909 S9 +
GloomVM S9
xOkep S9


06.Mods for android PIE for S9 and S9 + (without root-rights)
installation on other phones at your own risk

01. Remove battery icon in SAT
Attached file+ No battery on SB.apk(4.68 KB)

how it will lookhere
thank speak uv <klavik>

02. Status bar in the style of Black Dandelion
(network reception level and 8 icons in the first row)
Attached file+ QS_SB_NavBar_oduwan_style.apk(764.68 KB)

how it will lookhere
thank speak uv <klavik>

03. 7 icons in NavBar
Attached file+ touchwiz (7 icons in navbar) .apk(4.54 KB)

how it will lookhere
thank speak uv alexega

04. Full name of the day of the week at ANM
Attached file+ aodservice.apk(4.81 KB)

how it will lookhere
thank speak uv alexega

05. Remove text Update. on the weather widget
Attached file+ weather.apk(4.92 KB)

how it will lookhere
thank speak uv alexega

06. Realistic weather icons
Attached file+ oreo.realistic_weather_new (weather icons) .apk(13.02 MB)

how it will lookhere
thank speak uv <klavik>

Attached file+ Fonts on Oreo.apk(76.06 MB)

thank speak uv Snake71

08.Network operator icons in StatusBar
Attached file000001Mod_iconStBar_8.apk(31.56 KB)

How will look
Attached Image

thank speak uv RequeLine

09.Network operator icons in Simcard Manager
Attached file000001Mod_iconDSim_8.apk(27.04 KB)

How will look
Attached Image

thank speak uv RequeLine

Large mustache
Attached fileNavBar_Yci_Big.apk(377.65 KB)

How will look
Attached Image

Mustache small
Attached fileNavBar_Yci_Little.apk(150.44 KB)

How will look
Attached Image

Blue balls
Attached fileNavBar_Blue Balls.apk(155.14 KB)

How will look
Attached Image

Attached fileNavBar_Colors.apk(75.39 KB)

How will look
Attached Image

Navbar Samsung
Attached fileNavBar_Samsung.apk(300.3 KB)

How will look
Attached Image

thank speak uv Partizan 777

11. Hiding all the inscriptions on DL
Hides the inscriptions on the lock screen (slide your finger, use the iris, etc.)
Attached file+ Remove all the inscriptions on the EB when running. Apk(9.56 KB)

how it will lookhere
thank speak uv <klavik>

spoiler is under construction,
if you have any suggestions
then knock onkoumiss Curator of this topic

Unified Samsung Support Service in Russia: 8-800-555-55-55
(free call from any region of Russia)

*** A spoiler will be filled in the club ***

The most active users of the Club

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.

This topic requires a curator!
Those interested can leave applications in the subject.I want to be curatorhaving previously readRequirements for candidates for curators of the section "Trepalka"and studyingRules and recommendations for the curators of the forumsavagemessiahzine.com, FAQ for curators.

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Reason for editing: Tubers

Rep: (196)
* 08dronik,
Hello! Going to take nine?

Rep: (319)
* islander78,
Hello! So yes, but ... You need to look at it, hold it, touch it, feel it!

Rep: (335)
The topic has been moved to the section.Device Owners Clubs

Rep: (319)
A little information!
Release date Samsung Galaxy S9
If Samsung will not change its traditions, the new flagships will be released next spring, and it is in March 2018. Most likely, this will happen a little earlier than last year. Most likely, the presentation of Samsung Galaxy C9 and C9 + will be held on March 22, and they will be available in April.
Price Samsung S9
None of the upcoming innovations should in any way affect the price of the Samsung S9 and S8 Plus. A more compact model in the basic configuration will cost approximately 54 990 rubles, and the cost of a similar version of the apparatus of large sizes will be 59 990 rubles.
In last year's flagships, relatively small batteries are installed. This is due to security, engineers were afraid of repeating the history of the Galaxy Note 7, so they intentionally reduced their capacity. Samsung S9 should get a more powerful battery, as Seoul engineers reportedly found a solution to this problem. They will support fast charging of the fourth generation, as well as fast wireless.
The main camera, apparently, will be double. One lens will be able to create wide-angle shots, and the second will allow you to zoom in on objects using optical zoom. Both sensors will be 13 megapixel and will boast an optical stabilizer. Frontalka will receive a 12-megapixel sensor with an aperture of f / 1.6. There is reason to believe that an LED flash will appear in front.
According to rumors, the new Galaxy S smartphones will retain their old screen sizes. Even the physical resolution will not change, but their overall dimensions will become less as a result of the reduction of the frame. Thus the ratio of the display to the body will increase. Samsung Galaxy S9 will receive a 5.8-inch panel with a resolution of 2960 by 1440 pixels, while Plus will equip 6.2-inch with identical resolution. Pixel density also remains the same: 570 dpi for S9 and 529 for plus.
Features Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus
The specifications of both smartphones will be truly flagship. Surely, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will rely on the newest Exynos 9810 processor, which has 8 cores based on 7nm technology, as well as 22-core Mali-G71 MP22. The nominal clock frequency of the Cortex-A73 production cores is 2.4 GHz.
Some info here
Characteristics of Samsung Galaxy S9
Memory 6 GB of RAM (LPDDR4X), 64/128/256 GB of constant (UFS 2.2), microSD
CPU Exynos 9810, 8-core, 2.4 GHz, 7-nanometer
Graphics Mali-G71 MP22, 22 core
Display 5.8-inch QHD + for the Galaxy S9 and 6.2-inch (2960 for 1440 points) for the S9 Plus, curved at the edges.
Cameras Primary dual 13 megapixel and front 12 megapixel with autofocus and aperture f / 1.6
Battery 3200 mAh for S9 and 3600 mAh for S9 Plus, fourth generation fast charging, wireless charging
Connectors USB Type-C, 3.5 mm
Connection Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.1, MHL, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC

Experts are confident that the Seoul team does not plan to increase the amount of internal memory in the base model. She still can offer 64 GB of space in the phone's memory, but it will be possible to choose between 128 and 256 GB of ROM. But the amount of RAM will increase from 4 to 6 GB.
Obviously, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus chassis will be IP68 certified, which will make it waterproof, at least, to a depth of 1.5 meters. On board will be USB Type-C and 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting headphones. To improve safety, Korean engineers will use a fingerprint sensor and an iris scanner.

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Rep: (317)
Quickly as;)! There are no more models, but the Club is already there. BUT .. I will definitely buy S9 (or S9 +), since S7 has simply “fed up” for almost 2 years already, and S8 has no special meaning to “take”, which is what, especially now. What, here, too, it is not necessary to write 10 “flood posts”, what would you accept? Or while “reception is closed”?

Rep: (319)
Oleg6673 @ 01/05/18, 11:30*
then, here, too, it is not necessary to write 10 “flood posts”, what would you accept? Or while “reception is closed”?

SpolerHow to join the Club ;)

Rep: (317)
Well then "I have already arrived";)

Rep: (319)
Oleg6673 @ 01/05/18, 11:35*
I have already come

Dobrenko : congratulate:

Posted 05/01/2018 11:40:

Who will help with the club signature?

Post has been edited08dronik - 05.01.18, 11:41

Rep: (319)
Oleg6673 @ 01/05/18, 11:30*
and the S8 meaning was not much "take"

Here I completely agree! Even though I wanted and even tried in my heart))). S8 is a moving model in the world of ideal and perfection! : suicide:: D

Rep: (317)
* 08dronik,
I think somebody will help ... although it is still too early to exhibit it. Here we will “overclock”, buy devices, then “something” will be. And if now ... as it is not very, it will be strange to look at such a signature.
Like that too ... a little "drunk" a couple of times did not buy the S8 !!)) But "something" always stopped me))

Post has been editedOleg6673 - 05.01.18, 11:46

Rep: (319)
Oleg6673 @ 01/05/18 11:44*
And if now ... as it is not very, it will be strange to look at such a signature.

Well it is clear! But it will be a club advertisement. The man looked at the signature, was surprised, pressed it, followed the links to the club - stayed with us and later bought S9 / S9 +! Hmm ... I'll go to samsung for a percentage of the sale)))! : rofl:

Posted 05/01/2018 11:50:

Oleg6673 @ 01/05/18 11:44*
As it is also ... a little "drunk" a couple of times did not buy an S8 !!))

Exactly! : rofl:

Rep: (196)
Is it true that mhl will be returned? It would be great.

Rep: (51)
* islander78,
In S8 it was (USB-C to HDMI), why would they be removed in S9?

Rep: (319)
If something else is needed in the cap, then say.

Rep: (319)
I was here on a holiday gave the gameStar Wars Battlefront II with all the bells and whistles! The second day I sit studying. The game is excellent and the computer is pleased to be tense). Who plays there are?

Post has been edited08dronik - 05.01.18, 13:56

Rep: (12064)
* 08dronik , Nuuuu, with a new theme, Andryukh! : friends:
P.s. do not lure me. In the eight I did not lure, and only in the nine ...: drag:

Post has been editedXimera13 - 05.01.18, 14:02

Rep: (196)
* festt4t
About the eight did not know, in c7 was not.

Rep: (319)
Ximera13 @ 01/05/18, 14:02*
let alone nine

Come out yourself go and buy))) And while voluntarily)))

Rep: (12064)
08dronik @ 5.01.18, 14:04*
go and buy)
: whistle:

Rep: (319)
* Ximera13,
I now plan to buy the percent first, and then you can decide about the devyatochka!

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