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Fishing World of Fishers - World of Fishermen | [IPhone], [iPad], [dev] Fishing for 1050 real fish and amphibians for 30
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Fishing World of Fishers - World of Fishermen
version: 260
Catalog: Simulators

Last update of the game in the header:1.8.2019

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Article from the portalsavagemessiahzine.com

Short description:
Fishing simulator for 1314 fish in 36 real waters of the planet, with an RPG system. Without advertising!

Catch the 1314 species of fish in the World of Fishermen, compete and communicate with other players. Start with minnows and perch on the nearby lake and get to the hunt for the white man-eating shark in the most exotic places on the planet!

• Game created with expert help from real fishermen.
• Real habits of fish whose behaviors are described by professional anglers
• Maximum realism of catch and fight of fish
• Fishing around the world, on the most famous reservoirs
• A large range of weather conditions of the planet, fish bite depends on it
• Change: morning, afternoon, evening. night. Fish biting depends on time
• A game without tackles, wear and durability of objects
• All tackles are eternal
• Hundreds of real baits and spinners
• Full RPG system
• Multi-level and multi-character development
• 1000 multiple quests, more than 5000 tasks, with your own rewards and bonuses
• 36 various NPC and reusable tasks
• 42 perks with multi-level bonuses
• 56 medals with 10 degrees, for the fulfillment of each condition - the reward
• 44 tournaments with different task conditions and awards
• Bonus on catch per day of the first fish of each species (x2 money, x2 experience)
• Bonus on catch of test fish (x2.5 money)
• Catch bonus of Legendary Fish (x5 money, x5 experience)
• Catch bonus for Ancient Fishes (x10 money, x10 experience)
• Bonus fish prices for beginners and the frequency of catch of Legendary and Ancient Fishes
• Notepad, almanac for fish, water and bait. All information on fishing
• Pedestal, Competitive part of the game for the best players in five nominations
• Hidden treasures. Catch wealth instead of fish
• Expeditions - catch valid specimens of all types of fish in the pond and get an award
• Everyday bonuses for players
• Convenient chat for communication anglers
• Two referral systems, as additional earnings to fishermen
• Fisherman hours, be the best every hour, get gold
• You catch a lot of fish, you get a bonus for the amount, it grows each time and accumulates
• Many beautiful animations, some with secrets and gifts
• Online game, which means there is a competition between players, no cheaters, there is a defense against bots
• Frequent updating of fishing with the addition of new gaming opportunities, fish and ponds
• Fishing on iOS

"World of Fishermen" - this is a great mobile game about fishing, the best opportunity to fish on a tablet or phone. Invite friends and fishermen to fish online together. Communicate in Russian in live chat, get bonuses for friends, catch perches, sharks, crocodiles and other sea / river / lake fish.

List of reservoirs of the game.

Shatt al-arab

Issyk Kul
Fish farm

Arctic Ocean
New Zealand
Marine Reserve
Mediterranean Sea
Galapagos Islands
Gulf of Thailand

Special water tanks:
Lapland - only for the New Year share

Official fishing sitehttp://wof.fish
Official fishing forumhttp://wof.fish/forum
The official group of fishing Vkontaktehttp://vk.com/worldoffishers
Official fishing group Facebookhttp://facebook.com/groups/worldoffishers

Video from the game.https://youtu.be/gBIqLzzUSJo
Homepage: http://wof.fish
iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/world-of-fishers-%D1%80%D1%8B%D0%B1%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%BA%D0%B0-% D0% B8% D0% B3% D1% 80% D0% B0 / id1290904929? L = en & ls = 1 & mt = 8
iTunes Store iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/world-of-fishers-%D1%80%D1%8B%D0%B1%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%BA%D0%B0-% D0% B8% D0% B3% D1% 80% D0% B0 / id1290904929? L = en & ls = 1 & mt = 8

Download for iPhone / iPad:

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12/4/2018 Game version 236

• The reservoir "Pripyat" is open. This is a closed, restricted area with a high radioactive background. You can only get to the water body after receiving the “Pass”, having passed a series of tasks. The pond has its own world, its own weather, its inhabitants, its sounds, fish and various phenomena. Be extremely careful. after the maximum radiation limit is received, you will be denied access to the reservoir, until the quest is subsequently resolved.
• Added 4 new "Weather". Everything is like a special regime on the Pripyat pond
• With the opening of the passage to the lands of the Pripyat River, a new NPC "Cider Trader" has been added
• Added 3 medals: Shadows of the Past, Forbidden Fishing and River Horror
• Added 20 new fish
• Introduced a new kind of NPC - Specialists. Original quests will be collected here to receive special tasks and items. For example, issuing a pass to the "Pripyat River."
• A rare, but rather pleasant, appearance of the Golden Beetle on the screen. Say this, get a 100% chance of gold.
• Added smallest VIP for 3 hours
• Added quests for the NPC "Ichthyologist", "Stalker", "Nerd", and "Merchant Cider"
• Added new Adventures
• A new float has been added, but it is only available to those who have received the 10th degree of the “Forbidden Fishing” medal
• Added 17 fish to the pond "River Nile"
• Added 4 fish to the pond "r.Colorado"
• Added 2 fish to the pond "r.Yukon"
• Added bait to the diet "Common gudgeon"
• Added 3 new spinners and 3 new bait
• Added new animation
• Sampa fish replaced by Sharmouth
• Improved bite variability for bait of medium and test individuals of several fish from initial reservoirs
• Reduced the price of most of the lures for the gold equivalent
• 2 times simplified the first task of the quest "Tasty Weight 5"
• The 5th task "Pork Delicacy" is simplified, the reward in bait is reduced
• Bug fixes

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In the officialVKontakte groupcompetition started.

Let's play a guessing game.
Anyone who can first guess exactly what useful feature will be added to the game with the new patch will receive 250 gold per account. If another correct answer follows from another player, he will receive 150 gold and the third who answered correctly will receive 100 gold.

The only thing is that there are 2 limitations. Only 2 options can be offered from one Vkontakte account, and the account must be registered in the group.
The competition will last until the morning of May 1.

P.S. It is the function, and not all sorts of usefulness, which will also hopefully be added to the patch.

Write options inVKontakte group.

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Fresh video review of the open reservoir of the river Pripyat.Chernobyl, restricted area for fishing.

Rep: (7)
8/5/2018 Game version 237

• In the break before the patch in the VK group, a Guessing contest was organized with three prize-winning gold places. Unfortunately, among several hundred answers, no one could guess for sure. But we will give out prizes to those who were closest to the correct answer and who expressed the most interesting thought. And the exact answer was: about the mark of bait for a particular fish in Notepad.
• 10 new fish added
• Added a new animation on the location. A spider descending on a web. If you do not remove this insect from the screen, then casting a fishing rod is impossible. It is necessary to press the spider with your finger / cursor and slightly letting go down to release.
• Added new quests for NPCs: Romeo, Fishmonger, Seasoned Fisherman, Explorer, Ferry Captain, Stalker and Field Kitchen
• Increased by 2 times the size of buttons in the chat, in the interlocutor’s menu
• A new department with special goods has appeared in the store. It sells "protective suits" and "radiation pills", are useful in the reservoir "Pripyat".
• Now in Notepad you can mark the bait of the fish. Such an opportunity may be needed to mark the catchability of biting, the best bait for test specimens or vice versa, the worst bait ...
• Added 4 new tournaments: Fishing in the Pripyat, Hunting for Mini Mutants, Hunting for Mutants and Hunting for Maxi Mutants
• Tournament "Passion along the Dnieper" will now be held only on Saturday
• Conditions for the Medalist medal are complicated, the award is increased
• 2 fish added to the "Lake" pond
• Added a new bait "Spider" with an increased catch of credited specimens. Not for sale.
• Replaced 5 quest quest "Exclusive for pigs" at the NPC "Pig Amelli"
• Increased the range of colors in the ping on the game screen
• Insects now do not fly if the player has opened additional screens and windows, except for the location
• Several bugs fixed

Stock. We heartily congratulate all game users on Victory Day!
• Silver and experience for fish caught increased by 25%
• A courageous Red Army man moves around the map, visits locations. On which it is delayed, for fish caught on it experience and the sale price is increased + 25%. From time to time the Red Army man changes his location and moves to another location. Bonus stacks up with others.
• 2 times increased chance to catch "Legendary" fish
• Dragonflies, Butterflies and Beetles crushed with a finger give 100% bait
• When buying gold, the player receives valuable gifts, 3 stable and 3 random
• Issued fish "Diver" for his rescue will be celebrated also in the Expedition
• The restriction on visiting all reservoirs inaccessible by level has been removed - in this regard, the location of reservoirs on the "Map" does not look like you
• Added NPC "Field Kitchen"

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Fresh video reviewon a new patch and the "Victory" promotion.

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5/15/2018 Game version 238

• Added new animation on "Transport"
• Added 20 new fish to the "river Nile"
• 2 bait added to the bite “Malma”, “Loach of Taranza”
• 1 bait was added to the bite “Pescara-white-feathers of the Dnieper”, “Goby the messenger”, “Golet of Chersky” and “Button Black Sea”
• "Sea Salmon" renamed to "Atlantic Salmon". Increased maximum weight, cost and experience per catch. The bait "Cabbage" has been removed from the food, the bait "Zhivets" has been added. Now the salmon is willingly spinning on the fly lure.
• In the game chat, the function of ignoring the interlocutor is added
• Now, having collected a completely identical gear according to the parameter maximum weight, from 50 kg, fish of small scales will not peck. In the ratio of 1 to 10000. That is, if the gear is 100 kg, then the fish will not bite 10 grams or less, if 1000 kg of gear, then the fish will not bite 100 grams or less.
• Increased chance of getting bait "Spider"
• Now, if you see Spider on the screen for the first time, an explanatory window will open. The window will also appear again when the second spider descends to the player to secure the basics.
• Added a new bait "Dragonfly Larva"
• Replaced the picture of the bait "caddis larva"
• Blocked from re-purchase of "Protective Suit"
• Now information from developers (red text in the center of the screen) will be duplicated in the chat "Info"
• An animated spot of a lure falling into water
• 4kg gear retired from the store
• Minor fixes
• The campaign devoted to the Victory Day holiday is canceled
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05/16/2018 Game version 239

• Added quest for the NPC "Cowboy Joe"
• Added new "Adventures"
• Added to the bait bait "caddis larva" several fish
• Completed the function "Ignore" in the chat game
• “The rule of small fish and large gear” is canceled as harmful to the understanding of players and the game as a whole
• Minor fixes

Rep: (7)
6/6/2018 Game version 240

• Added physical model of sagging fishing line
• Slightly modified system of survival
• Added 10 new fish to the pond "r.Nil"
• Added quests to the NPC specialist "Major Sidorenko". Now after completing one, another will appear, with different conditions.
• Added new "Adventures"
• Added quests for the NPCs: "The Fisherman in Soul", "Elder Bura", "Romeo", "Fisherman's Almanac", "Bulletin Board"
• 4-5 quests of the quest "Empty stomachs" at the NPC "Sumo Brothers" are simplified
• Each 100,000 fish catcher will be awarded 10 gold. This was reported in the chat (analogue of the fisherman of the hour) and on the screen of the game with a message fading.
• Replaced graphics for 200 fish
• Four baits have been added to the Garra Rufa diet, two-color Labeos have Detrit and Water Donkey
• Increased minimum weight in the "Triton comb" and "Lamprey"
• Increased the price of "European Rapachka" and "Poison Bream"
• Increased bite for bait "Water donkey" in the test individuals "Chub Ampkva"
• Kaluga remains endemic to the Amur River basin
• Added third slot for memorizing gear
• Spider bait gets a 100% chance of making
• Now "Spider on the screen" appears no earlier than when the player reaches level 6
• After pressing the use (take) button in Inventory (Backpack), it will not be closed
• Dressed gear (part of gear) in Inventory (Backpack) is now marked with a
• Several bugs fixed
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Rep: (7)
8/6/2018 Game Version 241

• Reduced the resistance of small fish in the process of fishing
• Reduced tension of scales of survival in the fight against small fish
• Removed the wide appletud of the "fish fighting spot" on the sides closer to the net
• Reduced price for the entire "Transport"
• Reduced selling price for several types of "Experience Log"
• Added a new quest for the NPC "Field Kitchen"
• Jumping fish giving a bite + 50% became fully working
• The "Reset" button now works as it should
• The 5th condition of the quest "I am a scientist 7!"
• "European pike" and "European eel" reduced the nibble of small individuals on the bait "Small fish"
• "European eel" increased the bite of test individuals on the bait "Small fish"
• Bonuses for registering newcomers to the mail have changed
• An additional VIP has been issued for one day to all players who have it at the time this patch starts

The action "Fisherman is also a man." I just wanted to make a pleasant thing for real fishermen who, no matter what, catch fish and enjoy this opportunity. And given that we have a “football holiday” and Russia’s day on the “nose”, there is a reason for the action.
• Silver for fishing increased by 15%
• Added NPC "Field Kitchen"
• The work of Lure and Ear increased by 3 game hours
• Dragonflies, Butterflies and Beetles crushed with a finger give 100% bait

P.S. as usual, to all those who had vip activated at the time of the server shutdown, the time spent was compensated

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ATofficial game group VKcompetition announced. The prize fund of the competition will be 15,000 gold coins with 50 winning players! Details forreference.

Rep: (7)
New video review.We catch 15 different species of fish on the river. OMON

Rep: (7)
7/8/2018 Game version 242

• Added quest "All fish here 16"
• Replaced fish and conditions for the Tiger Attack quest
• The condition of the 5th quest quest "Pass to Chernobyl" has been changed
• "Tiger fish large" removed from the reservoir "river Nile"
• Changed the weight of "Mobula smooth-tailed" and bait
• Increased cost and experience for catching the Louvre
• "Sea Dog Butterfly" added bait
• "Cayman tortoise" added a lot of new bait
• Increased the chance of catching test specimens from the Short-ribbed Eel. Added new bait.
• Increased the chance of catching test specimens for some bait from "Catfish Clary smooth-headed"
• The population of "Common bream" in the lake "Lake" was increased by 33%. But it’s still not enough there.
• In the quest "Afrikana Lux" the conditions on the "River Nile" are interrupted
• A fisherman can catch an “unfamiliar” fish, but with a very low chance

Stock. With great joy we congratulate all fishing enthusiasts on their holiday - Fisherman's day !
• On the expanses of the game appeared New Year's pond "Lapland". It is inhabited by special 17 fish that have features: they peck around the clock, the price and experience are increased, credits peck only at the frosty bait that was added to the store.
• Added NPC "Field Kitchen"
• The work of Lure and Ear increased by 4 game hours
• When buying gold, the player receives valuable gifts, 3 stable and 3 random
• The happy fisherman moves around the locations. On which it will linger, catch of fish + 25% to money and experience. From time to time, the Fisherman changes his location.
• 2 times increased chance to catch "Legendary" and "Ancient" fish
• The fish given out by the Diver for his salvation is noted in the "Expedition"
• The ghost in the reservoir "Pripyat" can give out several gold, a chance of 10%

Holiday Raffle 50 prizes of 300 gold in honor of Fisherman's Day will be held in VKontakte group , live on July 8 at 19-00.

Rep: (7)
7/24/2018 Game version 243

• The game introduced "Depth". Fish biting now depends on a new factor. This does not mean that the usual fish catch will change, everything will practically remain as it was. It will become easier and more interesting to catch the necessary fish, cut off by-catch, find convenient catching places, etc. The depth passes the test mode and can change a lot, and radically. Please be patient. You can voice all your suggestions and comments on the forum and the VKontakte group.

The minimum depth that the player can set = 0.4 meters
We draw attention to the fact that temporarily, before the introduction of the bottom (feeder) gear, the maximum depth setting on the float gear will be 25 meters, after that it will become, as it should 5.5 meters.

Notepad shows the depth at which the player caught fish. Statistics will be supplemented by new catches at a new depth set by the player. Example. The player caught "Loach" at a depth of 1 meter. Information will be written in Notepad: "Depth 1-1m". The player caught another loach at a depth of 0.5 meters. Information will be written in Notepad: "Depth 0.5-1m". The player caught another loach at a depth of 2.3 meters. The following information will be written to Notepad: "Depth 0.5-2.3m". The player caught another loach at a depth of 0.8 meters. Information will be written in Notepad: "Depth 0.5-2.3m", that is, it will remain the same since there was no catch of fish from the new minimum or maximum depth.
On the sounder you can observe the bait, which sinks to a depth, etc.

• Changes affected Spinning. The spinner is thrown into the water and wiring begins by pressing the left and / or right button. If you hold the left button, the spinner is pulled to the fisherman and rises in the water to the surface. Hold the right button, the spinner is pulled to the fisherman and falls in the water. If you hold both buttons, the lure is pulled at the same depth, does not sink and does not pop up.
The button under the sounder is responsible for the speed of pulling the spinner to the fisherman (4th fastest). And for the speed of raising and lowering the spinners in the water (4th least).

• Added quests for the NPC "Sumo Brothers", "Zoo Director", "Romeo", "Major Sidorenko", as well as new 'Adventures'
• Increased Rad Stability in protective suits "Fukushima-1" and "Fukushima-3"
• Added several ponds to one of the pedestal competitions
• Simplified all the quests "Krasnopur in the ear"
• In the ration "Vulture Turtle", "Sevryuga" added 2 bait, "Thorn" - a few
• Changed the weather animation "Rain"
• The action dedicated to the day of the fisherman is closed
• And many other minor fixes / additions

Rep: (7)
7/25/2018 Game version 244

• Some corrections introduced
• Multiple locations increased / decreased depth
• Individual amphibians increased / decreased the depth of cool
• 50% increased font depth near the float
• Added quests for: NPC "Elder Bura" and "Fisherman's Almanac"

Rep: (7)
3/8/2018 Game Version 245

• The reservoir "Mediterranean Sea" is populated by an additional 20 new species of fish. Now the game has exactly 1,200 aquatic inhabitants.
• Added quests for: NPC "Elder Bura", "Romeo" and "Adventure"
• In the fishing mode, the screen has added icons for all bonuses (with a description on click), which can be done additionally (lure, ear, float). • Previously, icons appeared only if the bonus worked.
• A new category of fish that feed in the bottom layer has been identified. The nibble of these fish will be only in the range: the bottom and 1 meter higher to the surface, naturally within the limits of its habitat depth. Example: "Common bream" pecks at depths of 150-2500cm. And since he feeds in the bottom layer, in order to catch him, it is necessary to cast the bait in this range (150-2500 cm), but the distance from the bottom of the reservoir should not be more than 1 meter to the surface. These fish are marked in the Notepad as "Biting in the bottom layer."
• Now, when purchasing packages with gold from "99 + 1", the player will receive a "Box" in which there is a certain amount of "rare" and "golden" bait. Open and find out what happened in the inventory of the player "Backpack"
• The bottom topography for all locations has been completely changed
• On the echo sounder, the function of displaying the maximum depth at the location of the bait / spinner has been added
• Increased frequency of common biting
• The dependence of the cool fish with the level of the player is made. While in test and values ​​may vary. In the initial (Nubian) locations, the preferential bite was reduced, but since it was increased due to the level system, it increased for most players. For venerable fishermen, the nibble will be reduced at these locations, starting from reality, pecking like a machine gun at locations for beginners should not!
• Added the ability to turn off the depth display near the float. Take a look at the game settings and uncheck the option.
• Multiple locations increased / decreased depth
• Individual amphibians increased / decreased the depth of cool
• Now the depth display near the float will be automatically removed after the player has caught the fish
• Simplified quests: "Nutrient place", "Nutrient place 2", "General preparation" - 3 task, "Bon voyage" - 3 task
• Changed the gift for entering the game every day (6 day)
• "Nutrient 75%" withdrawn from sale in the store
• Some fish have increased price and experience per catch
• Added bait "Caviar" in the food "Krasnoperka"
• "Lin" - 2 bait added
• Notepad icon added animation
• In the store, the price for items by level is now visible +10 levels forward
• Fixed minor problems of flooding with lure
• The fish finder will no longer appear on the screen if its image is disabled in the game settings
• Many other corrections and corrections. Thank you for helping to make our game more perfect with you!
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Rep: (7)
8/8/2018 Game version 246

• The bottom topography for all locations is completely changed, it should become more interesting
• Changed the map of depths and heights for all locations, there should be more difference, you can now find "the same place, the same depth"
• Multiple locations increased / decreased depth
• Individual amphibians increased / decreased the depth of cool
• Added quest for the NPC "Cowboy Joe"
• Fixed several bugs

Rep: (7)
1/10/2018 Game version No. 247

• A new look, "Sinker", has been added for float tackle. This is not an obligatory part of the tackle; it allows you to sink bait much faster.
• A new location "Water Lilies" has been added to the "Lake" pond. On it, in addition to other fish, are placed "Orfa" and "Lin". You can also try to pass the "Expedition" at this location, for those fish whose catch is difficult for others.
• 10 new fish were added, 2 to the "Pripyat River", 8 to the "Mediterranean Sea"
• In Notepad, the exact depth is registered for those fish that live in the initial reservoirs (taking care of beginners)
• At level 80, a reusable new NPC "Fishing Frequency" was introduced, which will issue a random quest (except for the most difficult ones), some analogue of the NPC "Bulletin Board"
• Added quests for the NPC: "Romeo", "Astronaut", "Fisherman's Almanac", "Inveterate Fisherman", "Good Sergeant", "Fish Merchant", "Message Board" and "Pastor Parker"
• A new type of conditions has been added to the quests “Bait Victim”. The player must give a certain amount of the specified bait.
• The float has become an optional part of gear
• The condition of the "Tenth" medal. Now you need to take 11th place on the Pedestal.
• For those who do not want or cannot independently go through the 5th quest task, the purchase price is reduced by 25 gold
• Brocade catfish, Royal Panak, Chukuchan Chinese transferred to the depth bite to the “bottom layer” (depth range from the bottom and 1 meter to the surface)
• Chukuchan Chinese - added extra bait to the bite
• Lin - increased maximum weight
• "Pinch ordinary" launched on the location "Lake of Dreams"
• Fixed some bugs, as well as minor changes

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Who played friends already, how is it? If you compare with other games with Russian fishing for example?

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Try it!

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Labradorik @ 10/07/18, 15:41*
Who played friends already, how is it? If you compare with other games with Russian fishing for example?

I went to great
but how can anyone

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