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Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus - MIUI Firmware

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Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus - MIUI Firmware
PictureXiaomi Redmi 5 Plus / HM5Plus, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 India / HMNote5Global, vince
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Important information!
On a locked bootloader (for Chinese devices)globalfirmwaredo not sewanddo not update!

ANY Russian-language firmware on a locked Chinese device is Vietnamese and, regardless of its version, the only way is to unlock the bootloader
Global version (box in English, WITHOUT hieroglyphs) - can be updated by OTA, without unlocking the bootloader
China version (box with hieroglyphs) - you cannot update to Global ROM, you need to unlock the bootloader

Actual information (for phones withblockedloader):
  1. Phones manufactured for the Chinese market - can not be stitched for Global firmware
  2. Phones manufactured under the Global market - can not be stitched under China firmware

Came Chinese devices with pre-installed Russian language often come with Vietnamese firmware, you can read in more detailhereor in"Current FAQ"
NEGRUEK : You have firmware for Russia (with an index Ru that is not NEG MI )
Wait for updates. Or ask yourself what's on the site

Drivers and Utilities
Current MiFlash version | Drivers

savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.29.0.1 | Windows
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.23.1.0 | Windows - XP support
Hashtabfile checksum utility
USBDeviewa list of all USB-devices with the possibility of their removal from the system

TWRP / SuperSU / Core / Kernel
If the official Chinese firmware is installed on the smartphone -
Before installing TWRP, ALWAYS upgrade it by OTA to the current one!

TeamWin (official page)
TWRP Installation Instructions | on linux | on macOS
TWRP Auto Installer | TWRP auto installer from gyord | Another installer
Who does not have a touchscreen in TWRP
TWRP 3.2.3-5 from Tho(Recommended! Not requireddecryptionsectionData )
TWRP Red Wolf by Tho
TWRP Exclusive в„ў
TWRP Miui Hellas
Dark Recovery Project
OrangeFox Recovery Project
Sky Hawk Recovery Project
Pitch Black Recovery Project

SuperSU | Root access control tool
At the moment, for some reason, the application for managing Root rights is not being installed, so after / before installing the archive, it is advisable to install an application for managing SuperSU rights

nito Kernel
KryPtoN MIUI | PWR 2.0
Spectrum support with custom kernel profiles
KryPtoN Kernel
Genom (Build Date 2020-1-23)
Genom kernel
Zucc kernel
aL (KALI) n Kernel
aLn kernel
Stock core with TTL latching

KryPtoN I PWR 4.2 I AOSP I
KaliKrypton Kernel (MIUI)

Poll results
On 21-07-2018:
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Shoveled cap and yuzal search, could not find a clear answer to my question:
Want to have the firmware on your phone without ful franca, and the minimum (market, synchronization, etc.), without any guglmaps, mail, etc. Not be released at this loader.
I realized at this point that steybl that the developer firmware comes with ful set franca? And apparently no way out, because you do not unlock the bootloader available to me only these 2 versions of firmware?
The device - Global 3/32.
I ask tips that you can think of?

Rep: (242)
* D-N-K Or remove something that does not need to ...

Removing Gapps-s without Root-and
(On the example of Google Chrome)

Before remotely change the system language to English.
We go to the Play Market. Further steps like the pictures under spoiler, red emphasized that poke)

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Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Guys tell if the firmware, and the bootloader has been unlocked out of the box. It can be upgraded over the air? There will be no brick?
Sold with Ali he said it is better not to do.

Rep: (108)
Guys who use cartoon please unsubscribe in the mare. Interested in how this keeps the battery firmware and its stability.

Rep: (108)
5221 @ 02.05.18, 22:01 *
in, you w Toko stock sewed ..
all eh, you want to get off the "working fine build"? ..

seeking a predetermined path to retreat: D

Rep: (108)
5221 @ 2.05.18, 22:18 *
I'm still wanted to write about the "self" first way, but he did not.
thought to how you have enough ..
I decided to find out in advance if something happens. There is an option more and then revert to (gestures like me: rolleyes:) well, or multirom the rest is basically not even consider

Rep: (242)
* Anklave_ru , Check the loader fastbutom. If unlocked just restore or upgrade.

Rep: (1)
* Anabiozis,
check unlocked

Rep: (108)
5221 @ 2.05.18, 22:29 *
Globe in 9.5.3 ton nedoperevoda and others.
9.5.2 from ey used if the schedule is not annoying - not a bad build.
means ONLY cartoon: thank_you:

Rep: (106)
Think how many firmware, so many opinions. I tried everything. My opinion is. If you want a stable firmware approximate to the drain, put EU or multirom. Sam enjoyed multirom longest. Everything suits me. The only firmware that is not appreciated, it miuipro. Put her tangled in the settings and demolished. On the advice of people from the forum staged again and have thoroughly dig into the settings. And I found a lot of interesting things for themselves. Possibility of customization is huge, intelligent network is very pleased by the stability I have not noticed subsidence, at least for the last weekly. You just need to popolzovavshis firmware to understand all of its charm.

Rep: (337)
5221 @ 2.05.18, 22:29 *
Globe in 9.5.3 ton nedoperevoda
Straight from where there is a ton? You fantasize? : D

Rep: (191)
These things @ 02/05/18, 22:17*
The question is whether you can be updated with weekly xiaomi.eu on xiaomi.eu globalku?
can anybody does not forbid

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someone tell me how to solve this problem for the device drivers are not installed. (Reference 28)
Improper service installation section in this INF-file.
To find the driver for this device, click "Update Driver" button
on a laptop windose 8.1 64-bit is set only includes file transfer climbs it and can not see the phone's memory is presented not drive.

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* sliva-000 After hovering tried to go back to rekaveri as described in the logo when suspended in E and reboot but again hangs on the logo

Rep: (752)
* ggminster So you went twrp, SuperSu stitched or patch?

Rep: (-1)
* leobeck In TRP I go but that is no longer sews trying to restart the phone and it freezes

Rep: (752)
* ggminster You propatchitit bottles needed for the system to boot.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - firmware MIUI (Post Donkey # 54371823)

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Rep: (225)
* ggminster , You need to either sew a patch, or any of the methods Route Control.
Tip - mazhisk. Try Us you can hide from his presence more than of absence.

Rep: (-1)
* leobeck And have a good custom firmware that would not patch the bottle every time

Rep: (752)
* ggminster I not the adviser of the firmware, and try to put yourself what is and will pick up for themselves.

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