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Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus / Note 5 India - Buy | Smartphone, 5.99 "

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PurchaseXiaomi Redmi 5 Plus / Note 5 India
PictureXiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (China), Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (India)
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Where to buy: on Aliexpress
Announcement 12/07/2017, the beginning of sales - 12/12/2017.
The official price is 999 and 1299 yuan ($ 151 and $ 196)
The price after the announcement was $ 215 to 3/32. The price at 08.12 is $ 179 and $ 239, at 13.12 it is $ 163 and $ 220
Stores on AliExpress (start of sales 12/12/17, from Global ROM - 12/01/18):
Eternal team the shop on the forum a lot of complaints, despite the good rating on Ali
3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 4/64
Fantacy technology
3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 3/32 4/64
Hong Kong Goldway
3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 4/64
Mi Global Store The seller has many complaints that they do not send anything
3/32 4/64
Tonke digital store
3/32 4/64
Xiaomi Mi Store (not to be confused with the Mi Global Store - just such a logo)
3/32 3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 4/64
Xiaomi Online Store
3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 4/64
Xiaomi Retail Store
3/32 4/64
Xiaomi Dreami Store
3/32 4/64
Xiaomi MC Store
global version: 3/32 4/64

Other shops

Gearbest 3/32 4/64 , global version:3/32 4/64

Lightinthebox 3/32 4/64

Prices in Russia (Y.Market)
3/32 4/64

Official Xiaomi stores in Russia and the CIS

Reviews of stores and sellers
Useful information

For those who buy a phone in their city - check the firmware version. If it is not Global (NEGMIEK) or not China (NEGCNEK), refrain from buying! Version - categorically DO NOT take! Remember that there is only one official store - mi-shop.com/ru/, the rest of the phones are being brought from China, or from the same Ali, often with “crooked” firmware. If you still decide to take another version, ask the seller to update it with you to If the phone is updated - then take it (in most cases, it will turn out "brick")

If you just need a phone so that the firmware is updated regularly and / or you don’t want to contact the firmware at all, you need to buy the Global Version of the phone. In sectionUseful information everything is written about the differences

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.

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* DenH8k Someone used such a phone in the third version? (Chinese iron + global firmware). Are there any nuances because of which you can later regret buying, or is everything OK?

Rep: (592)
I enjoyed. China + xiomi.eu everything is fine

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Hello everyone, I can not find the global version, in the cap it throws completely at other versions of the phones. I want to take on Alik, but there are only Chinese there. Frequencies as I understood in the global should be B4 and B20? : thank_you:

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I want to take on Alik, but there are only Chinese there. Frequencies as I understood in the global should be B4 and B20? : thank_you:

My son also claimed. I somehow kindly got it and gave him a link, through it, he still managed to issue. I have not survived. and he is away, if possible, pass. Maybe still not late. Global, 4x64. Here lies nearby. I myself do not really know. I tried to unlock the bootloader and abandoned it.
Hands do not reach.
Maybe she can send a link, and you put it here

It does not work out. I sit in an unfinished house in the suburbs. He, from the city went to another city. He could be engaged in registration either at work, almost excluded, he has a very busy schedule, or in an apartment. Sometimes they spend the night there and could there. In his free time comes here. Links there you know "kilometer". With a drag will not. By phone, such links will not convey. In my drawers are no longer there. He rarely cleans his. It remains to wait, in parallel, can someone else help.

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Aktaf @ 03/13/19, 11:00 PM*
May not be late yet
Maybe she can send a link, and you put it here: thank_you:

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* aleksbled very, very rarely globals on Ali appear, it seems like they were taken out of production

Rep: (16)
Maybe she can send a link, and you put it here: thank_you:

Here, shows in stockhttps://aliexpress.com/item/-/32845896096.html

Here, too, was, only now was gonehttps: //www.aliexpress...7e495390b9684d6ad18c7a

Suddenly change ...

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Kariffjan4ik @ 08.12.18, 18:25*
If you have already bought - the solution to the problem is to ask for help in the official support of Xiaomi.
Bought. There is no box. Are there any other options?

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Guys, do not kick much. Search on the subject, he did not find a lot of information.

Now the Chinese version is selling everywhere (global rom), there is almost no global version and it is much more expensive.

In this regard, do I understand correctly:

1. The charger will be with an adapter (for yes and damn it).
2. There is no B4 frequency (in our country it doesn’t seem to be necessary. For example, I have an iota)
3. "Raw" firmware (And here's the question: is it really cheese at the moment and what will it be manifested in)

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* soulhunter1988 , also in thought, the phone is not bad, but the global version seems to be more stable. But there is also a plus-communication standard cdma will work, unlike the global one, where two sims gsm standards

Rep: (95)
Tell me, please, who recently bought in Moscow? Now is it really possible to run into and other horrors? If there is information, tell the shops where you personally took the Chinese from

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Guys advise that you should check before buying this used / used smart?

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Colleagues! I took the Redmi 5 plus globalku with coupons for 7,492 rubles, and THINK if I miscalculated? There was an option to take the redmi 7 budget with a coupon of $ 15 for 7102 rubles. black plastic, but it seemed that Redmi 5+ is more reliable. Not yet sent, so there is time to doubt, refuse or not? Advise on the experience of using Redmi 5+

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With a smartphone, such a problem, when I put on charging, the phone starts to blunt, then disconnect from charging, then it turns on and it happens only with fast charging on a normal unit without fast charging without problems, it seems to me that started after I reflashed the phone through EDL who knows how to fix?

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Phone number? They say it holds a charge well. Is it worth buying or will you look at other options?

Rep: (8)
Sergey nfs @ 03/14/18, 20:43*
Mi-rush.com anyone bought in this store? Norm?

I ordered a laptop there, sent it to the sdek for sending to the regions for two days, mb for so long because they did the engraving, everything came, everything is fine.
for example, I corresponded with the video share ~ a week, as a result I could not pay through their govnosite + tinkers (also shit), they did not solve the problem.

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Feedback to the storePhoto Store
Link to what I took:https: //m.fotosklad.ru…2467901782365053200000
Price -11 250 R.
I chose the delivery by mail to Russia, arrived relatively quickly, you can track it via a link on the site in your account. Chinese version arrivedMET7With the installed global version of the firmware and the bootloader unlocked from the box, I mean, as I understand it, the best version of the so-called. "Vietnamese". The box is red, the charging plug is flat, European. Package went from Estonia. There are no problems with using the device, everything is successfully sewn.

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On Ali is much cheaper! : sveta:

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