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Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus / Note 5 India - Buy | Smartphone, 5.99 "

Rep: (592)
PurchaseXiaomi Redmi 5 Plus / Note 5 India
PictureXiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (China), Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (India)
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Where to buy: on Aliexpress
Announcement 12/07/2017, the beginning of sales - 12/12/2017.
The official price is 999 and 1299 yuan ($ 151 and $ 196)
The price after the announcement was $ 215 to 3/32. The price at 08.12 is $ 179 and $ 239, at 13.12 it is $ 163 and $ 220
Stores on AliExpress (start of sales 12/12/17, from Global ROM - 12/01/18):
Eternal team the shop on the forum a lot of complaints, despite the good rating on Ali
3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 4/64
Fantacy technology
3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 3/32 4/64
Hong Kong Goldway
3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 4/64
Mi Global Store The seller has many complaints that they do not send anything
3/32 4/64
Tonke digital store
3/32 4/64
Xiaomi Mi Store (not to be confused with the Mi Global Store - just such a logo)
3/32 3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 4/64
Xiaomi Online Store
3/32 4/64 , global version: 3/32 4/64
Xiaomi Retail Store
3/32 4/64
Xiaomi Dreami Store
3/32 4/64
Xiaomi MC Store
global version: 3/32 4/64

Other shops

Gearbest 3/32 4/64 , global version:3/32 4/64

Lightinthebox 3/32 4/64

Prices in Russia (Y.Market)
3/32 4/64

Official Xiaomi stores in Russia and the CIS

Reviews of stores and sellers
Useful information

Special prices for March 28

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What is the difference between the global version of the phone from the Chinese?
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For those who buy a phone in their city - check the firmware version. If it is not Global (NEGMIEK) or not China (NEGCNEK), refrain from buying! Version - categorically DO NOT take! Remember that there is only one official store - mi-shop.com/ru/, the rest of the phones are being brought from China, or from the same Ali, often with “crooked” firmware. If you still decide to take another version, ask the seller to update it with you to If the phone is updated - then take it (in most cases, it will turn out "brick")

If you just need a phone so that the firmware is updated regularly and / or you don’t want to contact the firmware at all, you need to buy the Global Version of the phone. In sectionUseful information everything is written about the differences

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Topic moved to subsectionBuying devices

Rep: (8)
What is the price of Aliexpress? They wrote the same 160 bucks will cost.

Rep: (105)
penzyak1972 @ 5.12.17, 18:26*
What is the price of Aliexpress? They wrote the same 160 bucks will cost.
There is no need to confuse the official prices when buying on the manufacturer's website and buying on Ali from outbid sellers. The price is always higher. At first, the price tag will go up strongly, over time will fall

Rep: (592)
* hook691,
Perhaps on the day of the announcement the price will be adjusted. Or maybe not.

Rep: (3)
The price of $ 250 is a bad Chinese crazy dream.

We are waiting for a reduction to $ 150, otherwise there is no sense at all ...

Rep: (38)
Not well, they turned down $ 250, the maximum with such characteristics is $ 150-180, it almost does not differ in terms of iron from redmi notes 4x so the Chinese you are not much impudent with price.

Rep: (0)
Therefore, Redmi 4 Prime and they removed, the brands are tagged.

Rep: (592)
This is a market. Calculate wow effect and gadzhemanov.
If there is a demand - the price will remain. If they don’t take them, they will lower the prices.

Post has been editedDenH8k - 06.12.17, 12:45

Rep: (0)
And in vain, good prices for smarts were (

Rep: (592)
Official price in RMB 999 and 1299, for version 3/32 and 4/64
$ 150 and $ 195

On Ali sell for $ 219.99 3/32

Post has been editedDenH8k - 07.12.17, 11:32

Rep: (0)
Step back from Xiaomi, this is my opinion. We will wait for the lucky owners of redmics 5.

Rep: (103)
4/64 no one has ever seen on sale (pre-order)?
they wrote on lifhacker that 4/64 = $ 180, and on the links 3/32 = sell $ 219 for 3/32 how much then to expect for 4/64?

But in general, I was waiting for this phone, how do you think a successful model should work?

Post has been editedlikhenko - 07.12.17, 13:13

Rep: (592)
* likhenko
Not yet.

Rep: (15)
I think a good phone model, for me NFS played a role. I will definitely take! Plus version.
I think there will be discounts on NG.

Post has been editedPauk69 - 07.12.17, 14:56

Rep: (592)
* Pauk69,
And where is info, what is NFC?

Rep: (13)
I understand so far no one knows there is nfc or not) I do not believe something in the price of $ 160, redmi 4pro cost $ 185 in January, and here the novelty, which will be better

Post has been editedand2993 - 07.12.17, 19:22

Rep: (592)
* and2993,
Now for 160 no one sells, for 220.
And 4pro cost so much because it was discontinued, but the demand for it remained.

Rep: (7)
Interestingly, Xiaomi will really start selling and sending on a specified date, or they will mess up their brains for months like all sorts of Blonde, Vkvordy and others. Still, a solid company, and production capacity is probably better than that of the basements.

Rep: (592)
* Boris_2016
I think they start. Everything is better.

Rep: (9)
today the price has already fallen by $ 5 waiting for further recessions: D

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