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Samsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 - Discussion | Smartphone, 6.4 "
Using a stylus?
Never [ 148 ] ** [5,48%]
Only to control the camera [ 95 ] ** [3,52%]
Seldom. Handwritten notes [ 1183 ] ** [43,83%]
Often. Notes, Text Entry [ 802 ] ** [29,71%]
Whenever possible [ 462 ] ** [17,12%]
Call recording is important to you?
Yes [ 1619 ] ** [59,99%]
Not [ 1069 ] ** [39,61%]
Do you use protection accessories?
Film / Glass on screen [ 167 ] ** [6,19%]
I protect the case (cover / film) [ 1014 ] ** [37,57%]
I protect both the screen and the case [ 1076 ] ** [39,87%]
Do not use [ 441 ] ** [16,34%]
Satisfied with the upgrade to android 9?
Yes [ 2195 ] ** [81,33%]
Not [ 490 ] ** [18,15%]
Total votes: 2699

Rep: (582)
DiscussionSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
PictureSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 (Exynos)
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  • OS:
    Android 8.1 Oreo, shell: Samsung Experience

    6.4Ф , 2960 x 1440 points, 516 ppi, Super AMOLED,
    Always On, glassGorilla glass5 , HDR10,

  • CPU:
    Exynos 9810 (GPU: Mali-G72 MP18)
    Snapdragon 845 (GPU: Adreno 630)

    OZU:6/8 GB LPDDR4X
    pzu:128/512 GB (UFS 2.1) + microSD up to 512 GB

    12 Mp + 12 Mp, (Dual Pixel), autofocus, raw,
    flash, optical image stabilization,
    f / 1.5 / 2.4, optical zoom x2, digital x10,
    4K @ 60fps video recording, 960fps video recording.

    8 MP, f / 1.7

  • AUDIO:
    AKG stereo speakers, 3.5 mm jack (additional info)

    fixed,4000 mAh , fast charging, wireless charging

  • OTHER:
    GPS and GLONASS, Wi-Fi (802.11a / b / g / n / ac),
    MIMO,Bluetooth 5.0 LE , NFC, USB Type-C 3.1 , Two Nano-SIM slots,
    Accelerometer, geomagnetic sensor, gyroscope,
    RGB ambient light sensor, proximity sensor,
    barometer, hall sensor, fingerprint scanner,
    iris scanner, heart rate measurement sensor,
    Moisture and dust protectionIP68

  • Dimensions: 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm
  • Weight: 201 g

A photo

Attached Image

Information about the health notification light!
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Rep: (24)
And a little memory:
Free memory in 512Gb version
[Attachment = "13556500: 20180810_121809.jpg"]

P.s. Why does the forum always roll the images? : angry:[/ quote]
Buddy you black device with memory for 512 where you took him ???

Rep: (485)
johnnyn @ 10.08.18, 12:42*
Buddy you black device with memory for 512 where you took him ???

Blue to 512. For the Korean market.

Rep: (24)
V-S-K @ 10.08.2018, 12:43*
Blue to 512. For the Korean market.

In Russia, some sort of discrimination with the colors red only 512 ... who looks pathetic ... Russia is always so deprived.

Post has been editedjohnnyn - 10.08.18, 07:51

Rep: (485)
johnnyn @ 10.08.18, 12:46*
In Russia, some sort of discrimination with flowers only redhead at 512 ... which someone looks through ... as a result of one place ...

the top version is usually always in the black in Korea. At this time the only black 128, and 512 - the blue and serenevy apparently for girls))
The box 512 is optional stylus color phone. Those. default blue yellow + blue s-pen.

Rep: (212)
* Vitaly Ivanovich As well as those in the first place should stand. What would the user to withdraw a competitor for the iphone I would have paid more than b

Rep: (546)
* Alex39255,

1. zaryadok does not happen much. Even in a studio apartment. вШЭпЄП

2. Charging for 7,000 вВљ - good, pleasing suitable gift. вШЭпЄП

Posted 08/10/2018, 8:07:

NikolaPitersky @ 10.08.2018, 14:36*
it is also a wreck empty?

Um, and where else would place iPhone'u something?

Posted 08/10/2018, 8:09:

johnnyn @ 10.08.2018, 14:46*
In Russia, some sort of discrimination

More than once SGN new flowers appear later. For example, pink.

Rep: (14)
Vitaly @ 09/08/18, 22:31*
Which for example? In addition to the settings.

And how do you then reset AndroidвАЩs data?

Well, like the program to calculate a car CarExpenses or accounting program costs ECAS communal and there are still about 10 with this principle. Yes, there are internal clock with wheels, clouds, etc. But it must be controlled manually, because it is necessary to check that everything is synchronized for the last time and synchronize manually, if necessary, it all takes time. A data dump of Android, I never do with the date of purchase for this reason, hemorrhagic with data recovery.

Rep: (546)
* Strike13,

Uh, what your data migration algorithm with two Divays different from the algorithm with one Divays?

Rep: (14)
Vitaly @ 08/10/18, 8:21*
Uh, what your data migration algorithm with two Divays different from the algorithm with one Divays?

Because I scattered)) And I forget to synchronize data of some programs. So I stupidly take two phones, new and old. On the new "restored-checked-work" on an old deleted it. And so long as the old there will be no such program))

But with treydinom probably have somehow arranged in advance))

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Rep: (2150)
Created a new topicSamsung Galaxy Note 9 - Purchase
In the future, the purchase of the device is discussed in it.

Rep: (212)
* Adam Petr Petrovich , yeah

Rep: (70)
I am the owner Note 4 for 3 years, I decided to look for a newer model, Note 8 as it is not liked, waiting for output Note 9, like all characteristics suit (though certainly not all Wishlist there, but what to do .. :(), I read the first reviews and here's the review Eldar Murtazinhttp: //www.mobile-revi...-galaxy-note9.shtml#s9I looked at examples of images Note 9. I'm shocked !! This is something I have to monitor or these photos real?
Look at the photo number 02 (flower), 11 (boy in a pool), 31 (the girl at the curb), 05 (city svehu) - all the horror !!! , 04 (dark alley), 16 (a monument), note9-07 (monument to Pushkin) - a solid watercolor and "worms !! Compared to these photos my Note 4 almost DSLR turns !! Please check and correct me if I'm wrong .. Photos viewed in full size on the thumbnails they look beautiful, volumetric, but when razverneshsya full size ..: censored:

If we put a minus, so have the courage to explain why.

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Rep: (24)
* duha21, I think the result is not bad, do not you think?

Rep: (354)
Vitaly @ 08/10/18, 00:05*
Only now indicate who divays which, I think, is not as convenient as before

All will remain as before ...
Attached Image

Rep: (3014)
Wallpapers Note 9

Rep: (10)
Hi everyone, it will be possible soon to take in the series (wife), decided to make her a gift) to pre-order, promise two weeks.

Posted on 10/08/2018, 13:02:

TimyrN @ 10.08.18, 00:16*
In Kazakhstan
When making a pre-order with a 25% advance payment you will receive a double gift: hours Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and wireless headphones JBL Bluetooth T450BT
When making a pre-order with no pre-payment you will receive a gift wireless headphones JBL Bluetooth T450BT

If you draw on credit, as the clock + Earbuds
Vitaly @ 08/10/18, 00:27*
Hmm, I wonder why Samsung is so abnormally generous Kazakhstan.

Taking into account the exchange rate, the price of the Russian Federation (70 to) the normal price in the short-circuit due to gifts (for me, not frail) is also nothing.

PS even I wanted to buy Not8, but the battery and new opportunities stylus bribed)
PPS if it will not go well, I'll take Not8, their prices will fall even considering joining Not9

By the way guys, who knows, they have the ability to make pictures simultaneously from two cameras (main + front) (formerly remember such a feature on the C4 was)?

Post has been editedtikosh_forever - 10.08.18, 13:08

Rep: (65)
Yes, the few participants at this time.
Taking into account the prices in Ukraine will wait neofitsial.

Rep: (17)
* Roverk ,

Thank you understand. Just out there as far as I understand, there are applications that require a stylus ...

Rep: (9)
* umu24013 ,
umu24013 @ 08/10/18, 14:47 *
And due to the fact that it is also wider, I personally donвАЩt want to change note8 to 9 now.
Today I got acquainted with the demo-model in the Samsung salon. Personally, Note9 turned out to be more convenient for me. The fact that it is a little wider and a bit thicker is completely unnoticeable, but in the hand lies more confidently, more conveniently (unlike Murtazin's opinion) than my Note8. You understand that everyone has different tastes, sensations and hands.

Rep: (212)
"The most complete review of the novelty" is already announced:https://tech-touch.ru/samsung-galaxy-note-9.html

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