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Samsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 - Discussion | Smartphone, 6.4 "
Using a stylus?
Never [ 148 ] ** [5,46%]
Only to control the camera [ 96 ] ** [3,54%]
Seldom. Handwritten notes [ 1186 ] ** [43,78%]
Often. Notes, Text Entry [ 807 ] ** [29,79%]
Whenever possible [ 463 ] ** [17,09%]
Call recording is important to you?
Yes [ 1624 ] ** [59,95%]
Not [ 1074 ] ** [39,65%]
Do you use protection accessories?
Film / Glass on screen [ 167 ] ** [6,16%]
I protect the case (cover / film) [ 1015 ] ** [37,47%]
I protect both the screen and the case [ 1083 ] ** [39,98%]
Do not use [ 443 ] ** [16,35%]
Satisfied with the upgrade to android 9?
Yes [ 2203 ] ** [81,32%]
Not [ 492 ] ** [18,16%]
Total votes: 2709

Rep: (582)
DiscussionSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
PictureSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 (Exynos)
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  • OS:
    Android 8.1 Oreo, shell: Samsung Experience

    6.4” , 2960 x 1440 points, 516 ppi, Super AMOLED,
    Always On, glassGorilla glass5 , HDR10,

  • CPU:
    Exynos 9810 (GPU: Mali-G72 MP18)
    Snapdragon 845 (GPU: Adreno 630)

    OZU:6/8 GB LPDDR4X
    pzu:128/512 GB (UFS 2.1) + microSD up to 512 GB

    12 Mp + 12 Mp, (Dual Pixel), autofocus, raw,
    flash, optical image stabilization,
    f / 1.5 / 2.4, optical zoom x2, digital x10,
    4K @ 60fps video recording, 960fps video recording.

    8 MP, f / 1.7

  • AUDIO:
    AKG stereo speakers, 3.5 mm jack (additional info)

    fixed,4000 mAh , fast charging, wireless charging

  • OTHER:
    GPS and GLONASS, Wi-Fi (802.11a / b / g / n / ac),
    MIMO,Bluetooth 5.0 LE , NFC, USB Type-C 3.1 , Two Nano-SIM slots,
    Accelerometer, geomagnetic sensor, gyroscope,
    RGB ambient light sensor, proximity sensor,
    barometer, hall sensor, fingerprint scanner,
    iris scanner, heart rate measurement sensor,
    Moisture and dust protectionIP68

  • Dimensions: 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm
  • Weight: 201 g

A photo

Attached Image

Information about the health notification light!
I ask temporarily not discussworking / not working / will work when / why does not work, and the like the device with the version Android 10. These positions will be considered as ignoring the flood warnings. After that will be removed without explanation. Once the operation is restored, the restrictions will be lifted. Thank you for your understanding!

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Rep: (2)
the_special_one @ 09.09.2018, 14:03*
At the end, the hour, not ayfon10 yuzayut?

No, but there s8 ustakanilos lately))

Rep: (27)
alimjurtov @ 10.09.18, 11:10*
y as a bull. I use it as the iphone. By lunchtime, this is still about 70%. Now in my bag poverbank lives again.
Sorry about - not sorry. From note 9 to the cable in the car can not play music, and is defined as the iphone and ipod all conveniently

Aleksandr Petrovich D ..Vynuzhden state that during normal, operational use, the battery is leaking eyes. Sadly. And iPhone X already sold :(
I'm here I can not understand such people))))) that you took the cat in a bag has reviews etc. Why buy appart, and then say that the supposedly all there is fading away, buy china with 10,000 Max (there are), and if you compare head-on, I do not believe that the iPhone's lives longer note 9, so without thinking
https: //www.youtube.co...h v = WohCuSb3dsM & t = 414s?

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Rep: (27)
alimjurtov @ 10.09.18, 10:54*
By the way, after rebooting constantly flies message: The network does not provide information about the date and time, and supposedly make it yourself. Someone can tell me how to deal with it?

alimjurtov @ 10.09.18, 10:57*
this is normal. This has always been. There are two options: either to go to the date setting and remove the automatic renewal, or a similar phrase to watch every time you reboot;)

Just specifically pregruzil smart, no message climbs), to date worth the upgrade on the machine setting)

Rep: (49)
* sayman14 Greta device should absolutely!
Otherwise, look who ship it. Or a hardware bug

Rep: (27)
sayman14 @ 10.09.18, 10:53*
well, why bullshit, too, noticed plus heated like an oven, under normal use without games and movies

I do not know all the rules I have no heat are not recorded.
Hector_Rioshimoto @ 10.09.18, 10:55*
Use a smart scenario is different for everyone, and we must be able to adjust to not load more than

About setting a plus, at least an elementary change the screen resolution on the FHD +, will not notice the difference, and the battery plus, all cut off unnecessary applications, etc.

Rep: (78)
Aleksandr Petrovich D. @ 10.09.18, 11:46*
I must admit that during normal, operational use, the battery is leaking eyes.
Screen statistics on the battery into the studio. See where funneling amps. Everything else is the word.
For my example:
Attached Image

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Rep: (71)
* Yoo , Standard battery watch, the main consumers of the screen, ANM, well, android platform, and begin to use it, is heated. Full reset done, thought can with the iPhone wryly that moved. Even Simcoe changed just
Screen battery statistics
Attached Image

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Rep: (49)
* sayman14 You can try the good old Power Tutor?

Rep: (95)
Colleagues) have the appropriate topic to discuss autonomy. A few words from him: to use 18.08. The device is not heated, the charge holds fine and never leaked. ANM is included from morning till night, gps include, as appropriate, 3g / wifi. Immediately I turned off all unnecessary disabler'om package. The phone does not stare all day, but even with my active usage scenarios, he just will live from morning to night.
Attached Image

Rep: (27)
On Saturday he won this Virgo. I walked for a long time this is not a cheap purchase, although iPhone X even more worth it, but for some reason no one says that it is expensive, and the IPhone definitely less technological gadget. With 7ku looking forward to, but because of problems with the battery it did not come out on the Russian market. Note 8 I really liked, but for some reason I decided not to take it. More precisely, I bought it, but the wife. And a whole year to him watched. I must say that this summer the unit where not only bathed in the sea, lake, mountain rivers. Done a lot of underwater filming and Note 8 to continue working flawlessly ... I do not know why, but I immediately Note 9 conquered! They fixed a sore all 8s and now it has become the most balanced and the most beautiful phone on Android, there are on the market today (Google Pixel I in the calculation did not take, the design everything strictly for amateurs). I want to say-a perfect, but perfection is no limit. Stereo sound, especially after 6 One Plus simply divine. I did a second day listening without connecting to your portable speakers. Just enjoy the stereo sound of your smartphone. The sound in the headphones is incomparable. The internal DAC optimized. OP6 Khripun quiet compared to the Note 9. Battery pulled to 4000amp., But the increase is insignificant and generally shows that the battery is leaking fast enough. But it is not critical. OP6 more quickly discharged, but his super charging is not just fast, but with lightning speed! That is a problem in Note 9, not the battery volume, and in a very slow super-fast charging)) Building as always, flawless. The screen is a blast, juicy, bright, a delight. OP6 in the bright sun is not readable, with a margin of at Note9 enough brightness. In this case, I immediately put on FullHD + and still display is perfect! Stylus, guys, I've been thinking what to do selfie stylus is overindulgence. But yesterday at the family dinner hour so we almost amused with selfie and believe me it is really a very useful feature. There simply must try once yourself. I am an amateur artist, a lot of drawing stylus. I have an iPad and Apple Pencil. And I have something to compare. Opportunities stylus exceeded all my expectations. Yesterday made of 40k minutes this sketch on the phone. I leave it as an attachment. Can you show it to all the critics of the stylus! Stylus - THING !!! Calibrated not worse Pencil. The camera is probably the only place where there is no delight. She's just very good. Note the difference with 8 special I do not see. She's really good at seeing the dark places under low light. Where OP6 turns all the black pudding, Note 9 shows great detail. Note 9 uniquely kamerfon. I think today it is more and is not necessary. About vaunted Huawei and Honor, I wrote in other posts. These guys are inferior to Note 9 in all but the night shots. I'm still not fully passed on 9ku, so I write first impressions. And I also like the fact that Samsung shell hides the useless "dump" of applications that Adroid calls "a second operating table." What for the second Rab.Stole need I do not know. Duplicate labels - the idea is so-so. Much easier when they are in the iPhone all in one space are arranged. Note 9 - the device is not for everyone. If you do not know why you need a stylus, take Galaxy S9 plus. Over the last year I changed quite a few gadgets, and make sure that there are Apple and Samsung and they make for really high quality phones. Everything else - the budget alternative! A PocoPhone type phones are considered hazardous to health. Even in the hands of scared to take. Surely they pose a very high radiation. But silent about it for some reason! At Samsung phones with the lowest radiation on the market. Look at the statistics. It's actually not a few important! But it all prefer to remain silent. Otherwise, more than half of all types of "cool", but cheap gadgets with powerful processors will simply need to prohibit the official sale!

Attached images
Attached Image

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Rep: (2)
Prompt how to turn off the slide show, see wallpapers and themes / my wallpaper? We were on the whole screen to view and manage itself could, and now at the entrance to the wallpaper and the theme automatically enters the samsung themes and wallpapers are not native manually reviewed ..

Rep: (6)
Hector_Rioshimoto @ 10.09.18, 16:55*
Lock phrases via SMS abolished?

Yes, absent.
Attached Image

Post has been editedHector_Rioshimoto - 10.09.18, 15:33

Rep: (38)
Can someone tell me, 4 note, like there was a quick reminder or a reminder, you can immediately display the main screen, then this is not found .. can someone tell me how or analogue senotes. Or something will advise what to take notes and to display on the home screen that would hang as a reminder widget.

Rep: (3)
* viponeway , Sektograf can be set.

Rep: (18)
Yoo @ 10.09.18, 16:15*
Yes, because this is also a smartphone
and performs the same functions! But enough with its half a day!

Oh Gods!!! That is all my previous text wasted ... All my speech, and carried the meaning that the functions of these two smartphones have different. Just do not function in the format "vayfay, screen size, resolution kmery, 3dzhi etc." (It is technically possible), and the function in the format "calmconversation in the cold,calmtransfer any data (SD, Dex),calmConnect with any devices, and so on. "

Post has been editeddralex05 - 10.09.18, 16:25

Rep: (794)
About the Stylus:

Inside ..
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Built-in capacitor can manage
some functions of the phone protocol
Bluetooth, for 30 minutes, or about 200
button presses.
Charged for 40 seconds on the phone.

Why the need for s-pen?
Translation offers completely when you move the s-pen

We draw with a stylus
Club of fans to draw on their PDAs, kmk, smartphones, tablets
Samsung Galaxy Note- draw with a stylus.
AdobeВ® PhotoshopВ® Touch
Magic Doodle Premium
Animation Desk
Draw and Share
Sketchbook pro
Drawing pad

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Reason for editing: Link

Rep: (18)
kugga @ 10.09.18, 16:29*
an order of magnitude, which means 10 times. How did you manage? Or just a word for beauty?

Sorry, never a mathematician. On order - meant that qualitative difference, noticeable without special assessment.

Rep: (794)
* dralex05 That it is "subjective." Right?

Post has been editedkugga - 10.09.18, 16:32

Rep: (18)
kugga @ 10.09.18, 16:32*
dralex05, that is "subjective." Right?

Absolutely right. Although it is possible we add it is an objective factor, which has already been said above. Always carried with me poverbank that the previous apparatus used regularly. Here for 2 weeks of operation I have not used even once ...

Rep: (794)
It is clear ... Theme urgently needs a curator.

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