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Huawei Mate 10/10 Pro - Accessories | Smartphone, 5.9 / 6 "

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Accessories forHuawei Mate 10/10 Pro
PictureHuawei Mate 10, BLA-L09, BLA-L29, BLA-AL00, ALP-L09, ALP-L29, ALP-AL00
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Post has been editedLexx808 - 20.12.18, 10:35
Reason for editing: Matte films on the screen and carbon film on the back

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embarrassed one at the expense of the roughness of the surface of the cover
This is a great quality cover - non-slip.

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PalychRv @ 05.22.19, 21:13*
excellent quality cover

"Went" to order: yes2:

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They advised such headphoneshttps://aliexpress.com/item/-/32999627437.html, please tell me, judging by the characteristics, can I try this option for our mait (pro)? : scratch_one-s_head:

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* tanyamazetka bluetooth headphone, tws bluetooth (TWS - True Wireless Stereo - Fully Wireless) better ask in this topic about headphones . I don't know your budget, I can advise Funcl a i, PaMu Slide , Sabbat but the choice is yours.

Post has been editedPalychRv - 16.06.19, 17:27

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* PalychRv,
The budget is a matter of that ... It just seems to me that if I said a, then I need to talk and b ... Having bought a phone for an expensive price, it would be ridiculous to spare money for headphones, another thing, if expensive and much cheaper ones will be the same sound, then here, of course, would choose cheaper. For the links: thank_you:

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* tanyamazetka , I used to monitor the headphones from Huawei, but they, my ears, are somehow not for me, first of all for quality, the second price.

Post has been editedPalychRv - 16.06.19, 19:45

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Maybe in vain I leave a review about the case received today ... The people are quietly starting to “turn away” from this device, being dissatisfied with its work. As said in his postamosk59
But love must be mutual
... and not at all it turned out to be such. I don’t let it be “love”, but deep “mutual sympathy” has developed with the phone, so I decided to make this purchase. I was very pleased, in comparison with the case, to replace which, the non-existing one came, the phone in it looks like "decent": yes2: - straight "stitchwoman", not "brick", which can be used as a "cold weapon": ). The only thing that confuses is the holes for the speaker, some tiny, but checked, the sound of the incoming call is not particularly affected, the same loud enough
P.S. Additional feedback - the cover is awesome in terms of use, does not slip a single gram, in cold weather, when your hands are gloved, as with adhesive tape will be glued. The scanner is moderately recessed in it - the drawdown is not even on time. Volume and on / off rocker buttons activated without undue effort. In short, never for a second regretted another purchase.

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Post has been editedtanyamazetka - 27.06.19, 07:50

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Can you please tell me about the glasses? There are 3 types. It is completely transparent, as I understand it, it lies in the center.
With black frames at the top and bottom, they say the edges fit.
And with black frames on all sides. This option is somehow not very me.

Rep: (2704)
* chester101 , the fourth I have is Nillkin.
I will not say for sure whether you will like it - there is a nuance .... but with the search for 'Nillkin' on the topic you can go if necessary.

Post has been editedPalychRv - 18.06.19, 22:24

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* PalychRv , * PalychRv , I unfortunately did not know about this)

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Hello. And someone ordered myself this? Well, or the like? 654.96 rub. 32% DISCOUNT | Original Fast Charger Huawei 4.5 V 5A for Huawei P20 Pro P20 Lite Mate 10 Mate 20 Pro 5A Type C-Cable
My current does not inspire confidence.
Maybe there are some alternatives?

Rep: (104)
Chester101 @ 06/20/19, 15:38*
Maybe there are some alternatives?

I did not order, but in the "basket" on Ali I hold -https: //www.aliexpress...art.0.0.277b3c00TCghWl

Rep: (3)
* tanyamazetka Yes, I have revised them all. I thought maybe here from the forum who took. Understand whether or not to

Post has been editedchester101 - 21.06.19, 23:21
Reason for editing: Added word

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Has anyone heard anything about a bumper frame without a back wall for our Meits? Such pieces are available for iPhones and a small number of top-end Androids, for example, by such a manufacturer rhinoshield.io

Rep: (182)
Yuriyspb @ 07/03/19, 11:52*
Has anyone heard anything about a bumper frame without a back wall for our Meits?

I've been using it for a long time.
Now look for a link.
ForMate 10 did not find, already there is no that goods, but for Mate 10 pro found completely identical to my design.
I really like it, the smart became not so slippery, the corners improve the hand grip.

Post has been editeddvvarna - 03.07.19, 22:50

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Hello! In nature, there is a charger for our phone with only two USB outputs? It would be very convenient to ride one charger for two.

Rep: (193)
* liggth of course, there are even three, but fast charge is only on one output, the rest are ordinary 2.4A, I use it myself
1 241.12 rub. 20% DISCOUNT | Huawei Supercharge 3 USB Port Charger Original 5 V 4.5A 22.5 W Max 100-240 V for Huawei P20 Pro Huawei Mate 20 Pro Honor 10

Rep: (2)
Dvvarna @ 07/03/19, 22:23*
I've been using it for a long time

He is aluminum. Users write that such a framework worsens the reception of radio signals of a cellular network, gps, etc.
I forgot to say that I am looking for a frame made from polymeric materials. But alas, it seems that for May 10 it simply does not exist.
With all the good that is in this smartphone, its support by manufacturers of accessories leaves much to be desired.

Rep: (2704)
Yuriyspb @ 07/05/19, 19:18*
I forgot to say that I am looking for a frame made from polymeric materials.
and the meaning of it? and yes, in the old days, after the Germans, it is possible and yes - the frame-bumper jammed something there ... even with Moto X2, the frame did not interfere with anything.

Post has been editedPalychRv - 05.07.19, 23:24

Rep: (182)
Yuriyspb @ 07/05/19, 19:18*
Users write that such a framework worsens the reception of radio signals of a cellular network, gps, etc.

Personally, I did not notice the deterioration of reception.

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