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Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact - Accessories | Smartphone, 4.6 "

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Accessories forSony Xperia XZ1 Compact
PictureSony Xperia XZ1 Compact, G8441
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Screen protection

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Reason for editing: Case plastic and magnetic cable FLOVEME

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* And_RU I have 2 nillkina collapsed on the SP and Z3c
* ScorpioGE , Machine silver, glass, silver - this is not evident.

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Topic moved to subsectionDevice accessories

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So, over the choice of screen protection. Since the left and right edges of the glass on XZ1 Compact has a rounding, you can not just take and paste any protective glass, as it was possible on the flat screens in the good old days.

The market offers several new solutions for curved screens, but they are not perfect.

In short: to recommend only one option -glass "SkyTech"- it is the best. Still there Brosco - very expensive and fragile.

Here are all the typical options:

1) 3D-glass (Chinese, anonymous)
Detailed review
The most popular and the worst (!) glass on Aliexpress. Curved, and closes the screen completely. Kleetsya to "glue frame", leaving between the screen and the glass air space. These windows are transparent and colored. No one knows who produces it, but come from all the shops are always in big white styrofoam box wrapped with yellow tape, unprinted.

- Covers the entire screen, it is easy to paste protects against bumps.

- air gap creates an additional 2 "extra" reflecting-refracting surface (the lower surface of the glass, and the surface of the screen), why not turn off the screen looks black, that is, the light appears lighter black,edakii gray (many more photos). Especially bad it looks on a background of black painted frame as if the matrix is ​​not black, but gray, like the cheapest low-end phones.
- For the same reason, the color rendering suffers - a deep black color can be seen only in complete darkness.
- If the glass is colored, the awful "clumsy" looks "cloudy window" for the SONY logo (rate). Because if you take, it's best to clear glass.
- Around the cutouts for the camera, speakers, sensors make a "glue frame" not guessed, because through these holes under the glass (and right on the screen) will get junk, water, dust.

2) Polnoprikleivayuscheesya 3D-glass "SkyTech", in the frame of carbon fiber
Detailed review
The only glass that I recommend !!! there iseverything four colors . This is the best of all the glass found so far. Even better than dorogushchy Brosco, because it looks almost the same, but much more durable. It is durable because of its carbon fiber frame - flexible.

- Premium look.
- is pasted across the glass surface (deep black color of the screen).
- Closes the screen completely.
- Protects against shocks.
- Durable! (Flexible edges)
- The price of 290 rubles!

- oleophobic coating medium quality.
- Frame covers at 0.5 mm at the edges of the screen, but this is not essential (see.overview).
- No window for the SONY logo, although I think the absence of the window rather a plus.

3) Polnoprikleivayuscheesya 3D-glass Brosco
Detailed review
Beautiful, but very expensive andtoo fragile.
Unlike unnamed 3D-glass, instead of the air layer - a layer of silicone in which the glass adheres to the entire surface of the screen.

- Premium look. All the advantages which are only at best flat glass-and 3D-glasses. Read the review.

- Price (currently 1290 rubles).
- very fragile If your case does not protect the edge of the glass rigid bumpers, the more likely it razobotsya at the first fall ( see photo ) (Proof: time , two , three ).
- Frame covers at 0.5 mm at the edges of the screen, but I think itnonsense.
- No window for the SONY logo, but I think it is rather a plus.

4) Flat glass Nillkin Amazing H + Pro
Nillkin unexpectedly disappointed with his glass for XZ1C - it is done much already on the edges, because of the curved screen edges, that is, the screen closesnot fully.

- Everyone knows the quality Nillkin glasses - excellent oleophobic coating, ideal black color of the screen, strong enough, etc.
- Transparent (visible SONY logo).

- Do not close the curved edge of the screen.The width of the display window ALREADY width. The edges of the image on the screen a little "stick out" from under the glass. See photos of how it looks with the included screen And How turned off .

5) The hydrogel film Imak
Glued to the wet screen. Edakii thin layer of smooth soft transparent silicone.

- In Olic from ordinary films when glueing can make several attempts, provided that the screen is wet. That is, it is possible to suffer, and glue perfectly.
- air bubbles are really completely resolve within a few hours.
- Very thin and almost invisible! It looks at the very beginning, even perfectly well. How is slightly matte plating on the screen, rather than as something glued on top.

- Does not protect against impacts as conventional film.
- It will only last for 2 weeks. Very soft, so there are dents, even from depression fingernail. Because after a while, from minor injuries, loses its form. Yet I only have 2 weeks of using polished "bright spot" in the place of the film where I often drove his finger.

6) Plain film
Everyone knows these films.

- I do not know. It may be that the film is hardly noticeable, if unable to paste it without the bubbles.

- Does not protect against shocks.
- It is almost impossible to paste dry film without bubbles, because knowledgeable people recommend to glue onto the wet screen (just like a hydrogel film).
- Cheap film (the link above) was dense and hard, like all films, because behind the screen edges, but on the idea of ​​the producer, had to repeat the bends on the edges of the screen. But no, she straightened at the edges, and began to collect under a dust. Maybe with expensive films that will not happen, I do not know, I did not try.

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Duplicate messageacquisitions in its casehere.Link to review. You can add a review in a cap :).
Here we answer the questionpda-chopper on lugs for the strap. It is quite high-quality. Lace at hand is not, but tried to thread a thick thread, it holds securely. Due to the fact that the case covers the perimeter of the smart phone, the cord was not sdornut.

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Glass LuxCase. Pros - very good prikleelos, the full screen, with no problems tachem. Minusy- quickly zamyzgivaetsya (grease and dirt from the air sucking), a terrible appearance.
Attached Image

Friends, let us upload photos and many things you have to see.)))

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* iejonok,
A strength n
iejonok @ 19.11.17, 18:26*
It is quite high-quality.

And if her string will break in half?

Posted on 19/11/2017, 22:20:

* Maslos,
And if the silver version of the case - then perhaps the most? )

Rep: (5)
* pda-chopper
With the black frame? Is weird))

Rep: (315)
* Maslos And sho silver frame there? : Scratch_one-s_head:

Rep: (601)
Has anyone seen the glass on the back side? And anyone knows, on the inner surfaces"Diabolical cover"have lining, if there is room under the glass front / rear?

Rep: (4763)
SLA8 @ 19.11.2017, 17:49*
it is impossible to glue film without bubbles.
Your true.
conventional film (which is bundled with Nillkin) stuck 'pshiknuv' of the sprinkler with water.
divorce, bubbles - not.
I left a speck of dust in the corner clean - did not, because again - not glued.

Rep: (315)
8oldemar @ 19.11.17, 22:43*
And anyone knows, on the inner surfaces "diabolical cover" have any backing, whether there is a place in the front / rear windows?

I'm not the devil, but something like it
I am very upset about his purchase: blush:
He shuts the network signal, especially when it is weak and without it. But on the compact I think this will not happen
It makes smart inconvenient in terms of access to the Lock button, not to mention the fact that to scan. And in general it is not very convenient. I did not like: unsure:
He took off the next day, after a couple of missed sms ringing.
All I can not write a review on it.
Lining on the sides there (the top and bottom do not have) but there is an extra rim somewhere 5-10 cm in reserve, you can stick it.
Place in the glass there.

Rep: (4763)
SLA8 @ 19.11.2017, 17:49*
Polnoprikleivayuscheesya 3D-glass Brosco
to my
And_RU @ 19.11.2017, 15:43*
"Brosco" for me - um .. "died"

add a review about them,>from the next branch<

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* ScorpioGE, Hmm .. It is not necessary, probably, I mean. Hmm, well, that's interesting, if engaged drilling the perimeter ..:? Rolleyes: Vaughn, specially made for XZ1 . You can make a lot of holes, so now I'm afraid to mash the aluminum in the process, because no tools.

Rep: (315)
8oldemar @ 19.11.17, 23:38*
if you do drilling on the perimeter?

I think there is little space (the analysis has not yet viewed) can be something to catch.
If you take an opaque cover. It is possible to take an ear for a good tape / electrical tape / glue and thread it through the hole for shumodava and paste back on the case of Smart. Not sure if I understand: scratch_one-s_head:
8oldemar @ 10.10.17, 11:26*
I do not advise to use a "pencil"

For the same reasons as I have? : Scratch_one-s_head:

Rep: (601)
ScorpioGE @ 20.11.17, 00:50*
For the same reasons
Yes.On X compact dress - I suffer sometimes ...

ScorpioGE @ 20.11.17, 00:50*
hole for shumodava
It is not understood.

ScorpioGE @ 20.11.17, 01:08*
top also operates in microphone mode? : Scratch_one-s_head:
In fact, this is the microphone))

Post has been edited8oldemar - 20.11.17, 01:48

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8oldemar @ 20.11.17, 0:04*
It is not understood.
That is, that I have at the upper end
Attached Image

Possible and through hole for the microphone.
Or top also operates in microphone mode? : Scratch_one-s_head:

Rep: (601)
* ScorpioGE, see above ) ."Brutally" somehow ..)
But I wondered whether to make the back of the grid (the speaker muses. Center / car, for example) ... :)))In the flooded me ..)

Rep: (315)
8oldemar @ 20.11.17, 0:53*
Do not make the back of the grid

And what to fix that? : D
You could pribatsat. But this just is not worth the mesh to hang lace<_<
8oldemar @ 20.11.17, 0:04*
this is the microphone))

Zvinyayus: blush:
The M4 my main microphone, there is now a lower speaker.
And that which we squelch and how it works I have something and not think: unsure:

8oldemar @ 20.11.17, 0:53*
"Brutally" somehow

I did not finish: D
Now I will try to do so improvised, see how it will be convenient: blush:

* 8oldemar Quite convenient: happy: a little pulled even. Phone and did not think to slip to cover: unsure:
So if a tight cover. It can be in one of the holes (or create another hole) push shnurochek and somehow prisobachit it there.
[Attachment = "11538877: image-0-02-04-81a60abc3ebc29af8d8b0542cfa08b2dd4ca04d8fcb47fa464e9f428bf6b3aba-V.jpg"] [attachment = "11538878: image-0-02-04-bf43395d9cd2a7d2241c32f2748aa75867694b70b20d8a40bcb195f34e06e64a-V.jpg"]
Attached Image
Attached Image

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ScorpioGE @ 20.11.17, 02:05*
And what to fix that?
Boca grid round a side phone, barely shlifanut inside the rear side edges of the frame (where the curvature of the phone go) and actually invest. ) And that the net does not scratch the back of the phone - a hydrogel film first paste. )
Damn, these desires with interest that already figured out how to fix the case for and how exactly geometrically zasverlivat))

Rep: (249)
And_RU @ 20.11.17, 0:23*
add a review about them,>from the next branch<

There is stated that Brosco glass is plastic. The manufacturer claims that a Japanese glass "ASAHI", Solid-9H. Rights of some one. Two days later, I will try to get the glass Brosco, do a little review, with photos.
Upd: It is 100% glass. Alreadymade a review.

Post has been editedSLA8 - 25.11.17, 06:44

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