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> Take it off immediately! | In this topic, we have a weekly competition for the best shot.
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This topic is conceived as a place in which we share photos, determine the most artistically and technically successful, share experiences and simply communicate on the topic of mobile photography.
A distinctive feature of this topic is a small (or large) competitive excitement in the weekly photo contest;)

Task72: Animals in the city.
Votinguntil 04/16/2019 18:00 Moscow time.

Only one of your photos taken on a smartphone during the competition week can take part in the competition (without archives !!)

In order to take part in the competition you need to issue your post as follows:
Task #: Subject
Comment :
Your photo under the spoiler.
There is nothing more to write in this post!

Those who wish to vote, watch the number of the participant in the post "Vote!" and make out your post as follows:
Task #: Subject
Best photo: в„–
Comment: Your Comment.
There is nothing more to write in this post!
Voting for your work is not allowed!

On Tuesday after 18-00, votes will be counted.
The winner designates the theme of the competition for the next week (see spoiler for details on how to do this). The competition begins on Tuesday and ends on Monday at 18-00 Moscow time.

Spreading the post "Vote", count the votes and share the results of the voting must be the winner of last week, the one who asked the current topic! If for any reason you cannot do this, you need to write about it.* Yaleya.

Read more by fantomrik

0) Only photos taken on a mobile phone and with the date of the shooting take part in the competition - only the time of the task (the current week).
I will explain. Everybody in the store has a very nice photo from the phone, made when and under some circumstances.
But here we are trying to find out how well you can take a photo on the task, and not to put the one that once turned out well.
Works and voices not designed according to the rules below are not taken into account.
Photos should be taken by you on your smartphone (and not girlfriend / neighbor / child), ideally on the one that is in the signature.

1) To participate in the contest, the post of the willing must contain only:
- the number of the current task (there should be no space between the word “task” and the number) and the subject (necessarily)
- spoiler with a photo for the contest (necessarily), 1 photo in the contest is allowed (but no one forbids you to upload a photo)
- brief information about the phone model, time / place of shooting (not necessarily optional)
- do not contain any other information - replies to other posts, comments, etc. (necessarily)
- at the request of the participants you must be ready to provide the original photo!

we copy, we insert, we govern

[B] Task X [/ B]: Subject
[/ spoiler]:
[B] Comment: [/ B]


Task121 : Nature in the bright sun

2) On Monday at 18-00 Moscow time, the time for uploading photos ends.
The author of the current topic of the competition collects all the works in one post, indicating the serial number of the work and a link to the post with it.
You can quickly find all the voices by searching by job number -Task X

We vote !!!

[B] Task X [/ B]: Subject
[B] Comment: [/ B]

1. - LinkPost1
2. - LinkPost2
3. - LinkPost3
X. - LinkPaStH

3) We start voting (from the moment of the posting of the post “Vote !!!” and until Monday 18-00

4) Every Tuesday until 18-00 we choose the winner of the last week .
For this we write:
- task number and subject of the current task
- The number is better than the photo to your taste (where "No." is the number of the photo you like from the post about choosing a winner)
- comment - Anything on the photo you liked the most and on the other photos of the current week’s competition

we copy, we insert, we govern

[B] Task X [/ B]: Subject
[B] The best photo [/ B]: в„–
[B] Comment: [/ B] YourComment


Task121 : Nature in the bright sun
Best photo : 7
Comment : I liked the same 3 and 9 photos, but 7 came out the coolest!

Not allowed to vote for their work.
Votes are accepted from active users with registration on the forum for at least 3 months and the number of messages at least 10.

5) On Tuesday after 18-00, the author of the current competition quotes his post with the task and, in front of each work, gives the number of votes for this work.
You can quickly find all the voices by searching by job number -Task X . It is advisable to do this as early as possible in order to congratulate the winner and the winner gave us the task for the current week :)
Immediately we praise the winner and honor him the titleWinner of the quiz , as well as perpetuate his name in the topic header :)

6) After the winner is announced, the winner must give the task for the current week. The assignment must contain :
- the word task with the number (the word "Task" + the number following the number that was before. That is, there was Task 13, which means now Task 14)
- a short description of the task (for example, "Nature in bright sunshine")
- whether post processing is allowed (RAW development is also considered post processing) - yes no
- comment if required

we copy, we insert, we govern

[B] Task X [/ B]: Subject
[B] Postprocessing [/ B]: Allowed / Not Allowed
[B] Comment: [/ B]


Task121 : Nature in the bright sun
Post processing : Allowed
Comment : I would like a photo in fully automatic mode, even without manual ISO adjustments on the phone when shooting;)

7) Go to step 1

8) In the subject, of course, posts that are not directly related to the competition are allowed, but it is highly desirable to have a conversation within the framework of this topic and within the forum rules and not to fill in the topic with unnecessary / unrelated information.

Thank you all for participating!

Task 0: Feathered. Winner men pol
Exercise 1: Auto shot in loulayt. Winner men pol
Task 2: Pre-Christmas mood. Winner Yaleya
Task 3: Window. Winner SandrBAS
Task 4: The lights of my city. Winner fresko_max
Task5: Geometry around us. Winner le6681
Task 6: Object shooting. Winner Kristina & Pavel
Task 7: Landscape. Winner AndreiL - Members
Task 8: Shadows. Winner Kristina & Pavel - Link1
Task 9: Letters and numbers in photos. Winner Kristina & Pavel - Members Link1
Task 10: Still life. Winner men pol
Task 11: The drinks. Winner Pavlo_P - Members
Task 12: Start. Winner Yaleya
Task 13: Contrasts. Winner SandrBAS
Task 14: Minimalism. Winner DanisSSSR
Task 15: Traces. Winner Yaleya
Task 16: The letter G. Winner Prostoi2207
Task 17: Framework. Winner Yaleya
Task 18: Color accent. Winner men pol
Task 19: Macro. Winner Kamaitachi - Members
Task 20: Human and nature. Winner MethroGnome - Participants
Task21 : Trains and railways. Winner kypa123
Task 22 : Back to the USSR or Back in the USSR. Winner WTFQ - Participants
Task23 : Motion. Winner Yaleya Members
Task24 : Victory Day. Winner kypa123
Task 25 : Looking Glass. Winner Ivan-82
Task26 : Happiness. Winner kypa123
Task27 : Classic. Winner sokich
Task28 : Photographer in action or Backstage. Winner Sergykm - Participants
Task29 A: The whole world is upside down. Winner sanitar2k
Task 30 : Seals and bokeh. Winner Ivan-82
Task 31 : People at work. Winner Beckermaria - Participants
Task 32 : Photo Portrait. Winner Yaleya
Task33 : The story is out of focus. Winner Oxi_Saharok
Task34 : Dog - man's friend? Winner aharizmat - Participants
Task 35 : In my thoughts some horses! Winner Beckermaria - Participants
Task 36 : Architecture of Oblivion. Winner Yaleya
Task37 : Sunsets and sunrises. Winner Ivan-82
Task38 : Moments of summer. Winner Beckermaria - Participants
Task39 : The Incredible is near. Winner Oxi_Saharok - Participants
Task40 : Goodbye, Summer! Hello, school! Winner Yaleya - Participants
Task41 : Wall. Winner Kamaitachi - Participants
Task42 : The mood color is red. Winner SandrBAS - Members
Task43 : Silhouette. Winner SandrBAS
Task44 : Sad time, eyes charm. Winner Yaleya
Task45 : Reflection in water. Winner drmad
Task46 : Toys for a walk (toy travelers). Winner tolya-666
Task47 : Time is money. Winner SandrBAS
Task48 : Armageddon or the natural apocalypse. Winner _KeiKo_
Task49 : Cosiness. Winner men pol
Task50 : Autumn is a sad time. Winner SandrBAS Members , a photo
Task51 : Dad bought a car. Winner le6681
Task52 : Water. Winner Misha021
Task53 : Music. Winner Yaleya
Task54 : Behind bars. Winner Kamaitachi
Task55 : Harmony of silence. Winner nordbot Members
Task56 : Cold. Winner Outre '
Task 57 : Relic. Winner smart_off
Task 58 : Happy New Year! Winner Yaleya
Task59 : Winter fun. Winner _KeiKo_ Members
Task 60 : Photo hunting in winter. Winner Yaleya
Task 61 : Benches and benches. Winner SandrBAS
Task62 : Pictorial photography. Winner SandrBAS
Task 63 : The man from the back. Winner WaCOOLa
Task64 : Exposure. Winner SandrBAS
Task65 : Three. Winner Koyaniskaci
Task66 : Unusual highlight or ray. Winner NataliAB
Task67: Alter ego. Winner Kamaitachi
Task68 : Revived items. Winner sokich Members a photo
Task69 : Shooting from a low point. Winner SandrBAS
Task 70 : Long road. Winner Borisovich500
Task71 : Sport. "Citius, Altius, Fortius!" Winner Oxi_Saharok
Task72 : Animals in the city. Winner SandrBAS

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* sokich
And just need a little zamorochitsya and receive. If not before, then after pressing the button a masterpiece: D
And the pictures are changing directly.

In the end, what's the difference, whose phone shoots better if everyone in general removes shit? В© sokich
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* SandrBAS,
Well this need to think ...: D
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Photographing food

Roadside Picnic (not Strugatsky):
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Behind bars. Tsitius, altius, fortius!
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* Yaleya, also almost behind bars :)

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Food with eaters
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Ex kortazar

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