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notebook | Windows | 13.3 "| IntelВ® Core в„ў m3-7Y30 | 8GB

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1. Windows 10 HOME
2. Screen 13.3 "AH-IPS (presumably) 1920x1080 The matrix is ​​covered with an additional layer of glass using OGS 2.5D technology. Up to 10 touches.
3. IntelВ® Core в„ў m3-7Y30 1.0GHz processor, up to 2.6GHz, the seventh generation TDP 7Watt (passive cooling).
4. Intel HD Graphics 615
5. RAM 8GB DDR3L 1600 MHz (maximum RAM 8GB, soldered)
6. SSD 128GB M.2 SATA3
7. Battery (7.6V / 9600mAh approximately) 37Wh, Li-ion polymer, memory 100-240V 12V 3A support for fast charging.
8. Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n / ac 2.4 + 5 GHz
9. Bluetooth 4.0
10. USB Type-Cx1, Micro-USBx1,MicroHDMIx1(the manufacturer did not declare video output), Jack 3.5, two microphones, microSDXC slot
11. Dimensions and weights 315.00 x 211.00 x 8.5 mm, 1046 grams (Without keyboard) and 1676 grams with keyboard.
12. Body material polycarbonate + aluminum
13. Web camera 2.0 mpx, main camera 5mpx
14. Keyboard ENG
15. Fingerprint scanner with Windows Hello support
16. Sensors: accelerometer, light sensor, magnetic sensor, fingerprint scanner
17. Pen input support, 1024 touch force levels
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Finally got your tablet! Impressions are very positive, all except the screen.
Surprised the processor! Looked at a lot of tests with 7y30. Basically, in games, the frequency is 1 GHz, in ours I checked - 2.4 and even slightly higher. Life is strange Full HD at maximum settings with FXAA, without anti-aliasing.
I've never seen anything like this. GPD WIN2 is 7W shorter.
It is heated, but there is no throttling. Zbrush flies up to 1 million triangles! The stylus is adequate, pleasant. There is a slight shift, but you can draw.
The sound is much better than it was on my Hi12. Loud, not hoarse. Full charge 3-30 hours. Whistles nothing, does not creak when charging. By previous experience I charge in the off state.
The screen does not blink, turn off the light sensor, it is not needed and energy saving in the driver settings.
Heavy .... yes ... 1.1 kg are felt. The light is in the lower left corner of the screen, but if you press down with your hand you can not see anything. I think if you disassemble and tighten it will disappear.

But what I can not get used to, so is the color screen. And it's not about brightness! The picture is dark for me, the viewing angles are small. Matrix modern IGZO technology.
How not trying to get used, I can not. Used to screens with low contrast. ((((

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Matrix modern IGZO technology.

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Does not want to see the micro SD card. Through taypSi sees, but through the slot is not. Tell me, maybe the driver needs a special one? In the drivers folder from the site I do not understand if it is necessary or not

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The stylus is adequate, pleasant. There is a slight shift, but you can draw.

The system has a built-in calibration pen, try to calibrate.

Posted on 1/17/2019 07:23:

Do not want to see the micro SD card

Strange I have seen, checked 4g and 128g
But 128g sometimes fell off, which prevented its use on an ongoing basis.
Checked only on one of the two =)

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Xao123 @ 12/19/18, 08:55*
The 4th crucial problem, because of which the tablet will go back to China, the dispute has already passed in my favor. The screen flickers, goes out and turns on again, and if half an hour works, it blinks less often. (problem due to iron) while blinking it is simply not realistic to work on the tablet, sometimes it goes dead by seconds 10.

I also had some infrequent problems with blinking, although perhaps this is not the case
Problems with blinking were solved by installing the application Intel Driver & Support Assistant and then updating the video drivers to the latest version.

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Worth shopping? And if so, where is it better to buy it?

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Worth shopping? And if so, where is it better to buy it?

From my review follows
TABLET- rubbish.
I still can not return the money for it. Now thinking about Teclast F6 Pro (when and if money returns)

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* gussse worth it. So I bought it. =) In the complete set. I have not noticed all the problems described here, except for one, this is the light on the matrix when displaying black.
The only thing that annoys me so much is its weight. For the work option - I hold it with one hand, I write with the second (I type, draw) it doesn’t fit at all.
At the moment I put it up for sale (Moscow), because I want to find something easier, but the same productive, for example, their new model Ubook. True there is less diagonal.
If someone is interested in buying - write in private. Perfect condition.

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The tablet is good! I don't know exactly what to buy for this money is better. I looked at the neighboring forum Teclast X6 Pro and once again was convinced of the correctness of the choice.

Teclast X6 Pro cons: (already on pre-order)

1) Autonomy.
The battery capacity of 38Wh, as in the Corebook is 37Wh, but at the expense of a larger screen resolution, the charge holds much worse.

About two - two and a half hours with a modem 4g at 25% brightness!

2) Charger
12V / 2A, in the Corebook 12V / 3A. Somehow already used to the "fast charge" 3-30 to full charge of the battery. About 5 hours will take charge on the X6 Pro.

3) Heating
It looks like a very similar cooling system, like on the X5 Pro, which suffered from overheating. On the Corebook, the maximum temperature (for me) is 75 C.
I would not want to buy, something for $ 500 and then finish.

4) Screen
The accuracy of the stylus is worse, complained of slowing down in Windows.

5) Sound speakers
Corebook will be much better. The sound is clear, surround, some bass is.

6) Build quality
The leg falls off)

7) Memory
Chinese brothers may be bullied ...
Single-channel memory, maybe a lottery! Someone has one for two)

* @ alex_77,
Put cpu-z. Says that the memory is single. :(

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Once again I will write that nothing blinks, does not squeak. The light is in the lower corner, but it is not very annoying.
It holds the battery well. It is heavy, but you can get used to it. At first, I could not get used to the screen size of 16 by 9.
But the screen size slightly compensates for this disadvantage. USB-Type C port is annoying, I had to buy an adapter.
For me personally, the minus is too realistic colors) Setting the screen color gamut 2.1., Instead of the usual 2.2. But this question was solved for myself - I turned on the night light function in Windows.
(Reduces the level of blue) It became more pleasant. The blurring of the fonts was decided by setting the font size to 100%, and found it difficult in the settings.

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Hello, as I wrote above, the keyboard broke, so maybe someone knows where to buy or who can sell, but they really need it

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bplane @ 02.26.19, 10:00 pm*
so who can know where to buy or who can sell, but it is very necessary

Try writing in [email protected] (in English). I wrote to them on another question and they answered for a couple of days, you can ask for sure.

Rep: (0) @ 02.26.19, 10:08*
I wrote to them on another question and they answered for a couple of days, you can ask for sure.

Already wrote several times, silent

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Bplane @ 02.26.19, 10:23*
Already wrote several times, silent

Alternatively, you can ask on the Facebook page.

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Good day to all.
And I was dead, along the way, Chubak.
He worked properly, put it off for a couple of hours, well, that's all, it does not turn on.
The combination of keys on Hard Cut does not help. The tablet was half charged.
Who has not met with this situation?

Rep: (0) On the manufacturer's forum lists the options for problems

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* Dimas-Ufa ,

A search on the branch tried?
Here's a kind of decision from a person:
Chuwi CoreBook - Discussion (Post tidivi # 75673076)
And do not forget to always update Intel drivers using a special utility.

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Thanks for answers.
It seems the branch followed more or less intently.
The tablet was handed over for repair, the master put a bunch of everything that could be with the "body", we'll see. How to give, accomplish your goal by the result.

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Well, Chubak revived.
On the advice of the members of the forum, to begin with, together with the repairman, they performed procedures for resetting the tablet with a secret button and disconnecting the cable from the battery. Did not help. The servicer, apparently a bit in his ear, saw a barely audible whistle from the inside of Chubaki and issued a verdict that most likely the Chinese are alive, but they need to "sew" the bios. Bios flashed, Chubak came to life, everything started. Family budget frills Chubaki cost 1,000 rubles.
Suddenly someone come in handy.

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Dimas-Ufa @ 04/02/19, 15:29*
Bios flashed, Chubak came to life, everything started. Family budget frills Chubaki cost 1,000 rubles.
Suddenly someone come in handy.

Cheaply got off. Congratulations on reviving the patient :)

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