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notebook | Windows | 13.3 "| IntelВ® Core в„ў m3-7Y30 | 8GB

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1. Windows 10 HOME
2. Screen 13.3 "AH-IPS (presumably) 1920x1080 The matrix is ​​covered with an additional layer of glass using OGS 2.5D technology. Up to 10 touches.
3. IntelВ® Core в„ў m3-7Y30 1.0GHz processor, up to 2.6GHz, the seventh generation TDP 7Watt (passive cooling).
4. Intel HD Graphics 615
5. RAM 8GB DDR3L 1600 MHz (maximum RAM 8GB, soldered)
6. SSD 128GB M.2 SATA3
7. Battery (7.6V / 9600mAh approximately) 37Wh, Li-ion polymer, memory 100-240V 12V 3A support for fast charging.
8. Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n / ac 2.4 + 5 GHz
9. Bluetooth 4.0
10. USB Type-Cx1, Micro-USBx1,MicroHDMIx1(the manufacturer did not declare video output), Jack 3.5, two microphones, microSDXC slot
11. Dimensions and weights 315.00 x 211.00 x 8.5 mm, 1046 grams (Without keyboard) and 1676 grams with keyboard.
12. Body material polycarbonate + aluminum
13. Web camera 2.0 mpx, main camera 5mpx
14. Keyboard ENG
15. Fingerprint scanner with Windows Hello support
16. Sensors: accelerometer, light sensor, magnetic sensor, fingerprint scanner
17. Pen input support, 1024 touch force levels
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You can also add that the keyboard will not have the backlight most likely

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The most "tasty" tablet from chuv on har-kam and design

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Long and long observed the company chuwi. So far, only this device could interest me. Now I am waiting for the first reviews and reviews from real buyers.

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I do not recommend taking such a set of ports (there was a sad experience with Hi10 pro). If they do like Obook 11 pro, then you can think about taking it.
Port kit Obook 11 pro
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My usage scenario will do without the port. Although this is not a problem, there is a usb type-c hub with a bunch of connectors (for stationary use) the only negative for me is the location of the port at the top of the PC

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* Banec ,
the only negative for me is the location of the port at the top of the pc

That's it. Micro hdmi port is useless because even if you use a micro cable on hdmi, then the port will soon break down (not to mention the use with a connected keyboard). The only normal option in which it is possible to transfer an image to a TV or monitor screen and still use it as a laptop.HDMI DongleThen the question arises: why do you need this micro hdmi port? Micro usb? No, thank you, because the external hard drive with a cable longer than 50 cm cannot be connected to it, and I do not see any other purpose. If you connect a hub to the Type c port, then you will have limited battery capacity usage time (even if the hub has a type c port and hdmi, then you will not be able to use it as a laptop). Similarly with two Type C ports. Most likely, they are confused with their appointments. Ie leave the function hdmi and charging on one port. In general, one hemorrhoids. The option shown above is better.

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Well, I see you can congratulate all those involved in the pre-order with the memory upgrade to 8 GB. The next opening perk is likely to be an SSD.

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I hope it will still ssd or at least the possibility of replacing

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SSD on 128 will already be) We are waiting for the backlight?)

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* kostka , highlighting what ??

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* suzi_men,

Keyboard. I think they will do it in the final release. Too many of them in the comments have thrown about it and the port type-c

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will throttling be the main question, the rest is all the same

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I wonder if the big Chuwi logo will be like their other products. Something chuvi sounds like something not very. Reminds Star Wars Chubaku

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* venediktaschcheksche ,
You bring him home and scream
- "Chewie, we are at home !!!"
- Araaraaaraa

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Venediktashcheksche @ 27.01.18, 15:09*
I wonder if the big Chuwi logo will be like their other products. Something chuvi sounds like something not very. Reminds Star Wars Chubaku

Well, asked for it? Now it will be more "vivid"!: P

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At least I tried. By the way, they write there some kind of cooling system will be advanced, maybe at least they will put the plate more. Or, as always, they promise ... the international brand, they said so. Something I did not see that somewhere somewhere at least advertised. As far as I remember, even when the tablets simply let me know the names were released so that the demand was

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Intel Core M3 is not possible to install Android?

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* bedas,
in a virtual machine from under windows you can
If you want dual boot, you can try the android x86 and phonix os builds, but not the fact that the touch and wifi will work

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* xafftan ,
Virtually clear that you can. Had as 2 OS. Chuwi Team wrote no

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* bedas, for my taste, virtualka with andyusha is even better than dual boot
need anroid - deployed a virtual box, not needed - paused and turned off
Only for this option you need at least 4GB of RAM, and preferably 6 or 8 (which is exactly available in CoreBook)
or you do not plan to use win and need a particularly green robot?

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