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Kindle Oasis 2017, 7 inches which [Linux] | [7 "] [E-Ink Carta] [300 ppi]

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Kindle Oasis 2017, 7 inches (9th Generation)
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Device Description: New Kindle Oasis 2017 with a 7 inch screen and waterproof. Slim body, fast work, paging buttons, adaptive backlight, available in two colors: Graphite and Champagne gold
Appearance, size
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Kit photo
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Operating system: Linux
Screen Type: E-ink carta
Screen size, inches: 7"
Screen resolution: 1264x1680, 300 ppi
CPU: NXP i.MX7D (two Cortex-A7 cores), 1 GHz
Touch screen: Yes, it is disabled through the menu
Paging buttons: Yes
Gyro sensor: Yes. The orientation of the book is processed with a simultaneous change of the paging buttons to hold the reader with the right and left hand.
Built-in lights: 12 LED backlight with automatic dimming option
Regulation of color temperature backlight: Not
Supported text formats: Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC; after conversion: HTML, DOC, DOCX
Supported graphic formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG
Audio support: Yes (Audible audio format (protected by Audible AAX), audiobooks only legally acquired on Amazom , MP3, etc. not supported).
RAM, mb .: 512
Built-in memory, mb .: 8000 - 32000
Memory Card Support: Not
Bluetooth support: Yes
Wi-Fi support: Yes
Text-to-Speech support: Yes
Interface : Russian, English (UK, US), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese.
Dictionaries : the ability to use the available user dictionaries, online translator Bing Translator. Search in Google, Wikipedia, X-Ray. The ability to create your own vocabulary in the form of flash cards.
Social : quoting on Twitter. Integration with Goodreads.
Battery capacity, mAh: 1000mA
Charging time: 3 hours from the computer's USB port, about 2 hours from the 5V 1.5A power adapter, similar in parameters to the Amazon 5W charger
Battery life : 6 weeks on a single charge, provided you read 30 minutes a day with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned off, the backlight level is 10 out of 24. off and on the light setting at 10. battery life.
Temperature : 0 ... 35 В° РЎ (use), -10 ... 45 В° РЎ (storage).
Sizes, mm (Sh x V x T): 141x159x3.4-8.3
Weight, gr .: 194
Other: IPX8 moisture protection
Products webpage: https: //www.amazon.com...2GB-Grey/dp/B06VTJWRJW
On sale from October 31, 2017.

Software Update
In most cases, the Kindle itself updates the firmware by downloading it from the manufacturer’s website. But if you rarely use the network, or just want to be sure that the software on your Kindle is the most up-to-date, you can update the software yourself if necessary. There is nothing complicated about it.
Menu item "Kindle Upgrade" inMenu -> Settings -> Menu OTA update is not relevant. It will become active only if you place the necessary firmware update file in the right place. This menu item only starts the update process of manually uploaded firmware.

1. Check the software version of your Kindle Oasis: in the search field, type; 711 or; 411 and press enter.
2. On the PC, go to pageFire & Kindle Software Updates, find your device in the list (Kindle Oasis (9th Generation) and go to the Software Updates page.
3. If the firmware version on the site is higher than the one on your device, download the update file from the page by clicking onSoftware Update 5.x.x.x
4. Connect the reader to the computer with a USB cable.
5. Copy the update file that you downloaded to your PC to the root directory of the Kindle drive. Not in one of the folders, but next to them.Make sure the copy process is complete!
6. Disconnect the Kindle Oasis from the computer.
7. Start the update process:Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Kindle upgrade
8. Wait for completion and reboot. This process can take several minutes. Do not turn off the device during the update and do not try to force it to restart by pressing the Power button for a long time!
If you want to block the automatic update on the contrary, You must create a folder in the root folder called update.bin.tmp.partial

Dictionaries, libraries
Convert books to MOBI and not only
Cloud service - Send to Kindle, support, manual
    Send to Kindle by E-mail Supported File Types
    Send to Kindle by Email Supported File Types:
    • Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX)
    • HTML (.HTML, .HTM)
    • RTF (.RTF)
    • JPEG (.JPEG, .JPG)
    • Kindle Format (.MOBI, .AZW)
    • GIF (.GIF)
    • PNG (.PNG)
    • BMP (.BMP)
    • PDF (.PDF) (If in the subject line specifyconvert then the file will be converted to mobi, if it is text without complex formatting such as tables and pictures, then it is readable, otherwise it will not)
    • ePub (Unofficially, if a valid ePub is renamed to an extension of PNG, then such a file can be sent via StK and it will be converted in the cloud
    How to delete unnecessary documents transferred by StK or books
    In your account chooseManage Your Content and Devices
    on the Your Content page
    Show: Books are books that you bought
    Show: Docs are documents, everything that was downloaded via mail, the StK program, a browser plugin ...
    Choose what to delete, click Delete,
    After deleting the file from the cloud, this file is saved on the devices, but synchronization reading space, bookmarks, notes, etc. stop. This file will not be displayed in the online collections. File is saved on the Kindle, but hand it back to the cloud is not possible to recover a deleted object is also impossible. Restore synchronization, and other functions not possible. If the file is passed on to the backup StK ban it in the same way as if you deleted a file from the cloud immediately after download to the device. Synchronization and online collection would be impossible.

  • Send to Kindle, StK
  • Evernote or Pocket on Kindle
  • Kindle RSS
  • Kindle User Support
  • There are no covers in the books sent to Kindle on Sent to Kindle - there is no solution for today, you cannot “return” the covers in any way.The only option is to have a picture of the cover on the shelf in the library for documents sent by StK- convert to old format mobi (optionmobi7 when using freelib or old when using Caliber)
    Caliber setup for converting to old format:Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (Post by gakofrugn # 61877140)
    The old format mobi7 has a small size, covers, but also a number of essential limitations. For example, a non-customizable font size step (FONT_RAMP is ignored), etc., cannot align text to the width.
  • Kindle Oasis 2017 User Manual in PDF

New devices now mainly come with firmware on this version is not possible
Jailbreak Jailbreak was possibleonlyfor factory firmware versions /
Kindle Oasis 2017, 7 inches which [Linux] (Post hius07 # 70279052)

If you encounter a bug or device malfunction: reboot the reader through the menu, make sure you are using the latest software version. otherwise, update the firmware according to the instructions from the header, it is possible that the problem that you encountered has already been solved in the new software and will disappear after the firmware update

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xl743 @ 25.02.20, 14:53*
Or is it in the book were covered with some fonts and books?

Books were flooded out of the cloud, the fonts are not pumped.
xl743 @ 25.02.20, 14:53*
I would recommend you to delete all of the / documents and all of the / fonts, after making a backup, of course, to reset and look directly at the only remaining book - "Manual" appears if the issue.

Observe ...
Today bug not stable, i.e., I have not began to seek after waking Kindle and read as usual and until repeated manifestations were not, tyufu-pah-pah.
Seen posts on foreign resources on a similar occasion, they duck under the replacement reader.
I still pull up followed by a drop of patience, in the hope of a temporary bug houchu not bother to return, given the reduction of the duty-free threshold ...

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ELEKTR0NIK @ 25.02.20, 15:45*
Observe ...

Yes, and it is desirable to try not to pour out of the cloud is nothing that is in the book before. I would also try to remove all of its own dictionaries, if any. Simply, there are suspicions that it is due to a problem with the lack of memory. And this is possible if it makes the memory flows. And flow it may, for various reasons, in particular due to indexation. Several times I was getting on his Oasis 1 glitches that were treated only restarting the book. Since then I always, when I put the book on the charge (about once a week), do preventive reboot.

Rep: (24)
ELEKTR0NIK @ 24.02.20, 18:48*
my Oasis 3 revealed a problem, in which the visible residual traces of the previous page

And the ambient temperature you have it does not depend on? I was shown this, in my opinion, only in a cold room - at a temperature of 16-18 degrees about.

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99% screen marriage or incorrect data in the selected voltage waveforms of the screen because of which are shown and partial nedostiraniya. also you can see traces of the old page in the browser. After replacing devaysa vanished - everything is clean.

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Good day!
Thanks to the forum and regular participants for this topic. Thanks to you, read the entire thread from beginning to end, opted for an electronic book Oasis 2019 SO.
For the same meticulous leave here your review surveillance.

The book is really cool, very ergonomic, easy to use and keep both weight and easy on the table, or at all, anywhere.
Selected based on the fact that the quality like device with which the minimum of trouble and always with the possibility of warm backlight. From the blue in my eyes quickly begin to hurt during long reading.
She took in the Russian online store, sent the original device, which without problems was registered at Amazon, plus immediately on request to disable ads.
Originally I wanted to order from Amazon and delivered using the company's carrier, but with this new customs duty, I did it, that the order to benefit the United States did not exceed 2000 rubles. I think that in the case with the sale of all kinds of benefits will be more, but the book is needed right now.

Fold of the book through the mail turned mega comfortable! And as it turns out it is not necessary to pursue in order to support multi-format book. Mobi enough for the eyes, it is just everywhere, anyway, until I came across the books not mobi format.
At home, with a constant reading backlit charging me enough for about 5 days, day lighting is not switched off. Readability at the screen is excellent, once set up and use, the fonts do not change, it is necessary that, by default.

Thanks to Oasis discovered sots.set-advisory service goodread, it turned out that many of my friends they have been using for quite a while. There is convenient to the reader's diary and discover new books. Recommendations gives quite accurate, unless, of course, be noted at least more than 100 books read.

If you are unsure whether to choose a faithful companion of this or another - take the Oasis;)

Before that I had e-books: amazon kindle 4 (still works, gave a friend), Sony PRS-T2 (generally not mine, did not like), Onixbook ancient (also not become friends with him).

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daverru @ 25.02.20, 18:09*
And the ambient temperature you have it does not depend on?

In a warm room is shown.
Opening and closing the cover after awakening solves the problem.

Nobody knows, if you do an exchange, whether the duty on the replaced instance?

Rep: (86)
xl743 @ 25.02.20, 17:55*
Simply, there are suspicions that it is due to a problem with the lack of memory.

From memory it's OK, I do not collect the files.
Repeated reset no results.
Apparently I was not lucky with the purchase, will have to return.
As long as whether the duty on the banner of the instance will not know.

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