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Не меняется карма download

Error description:
Back in 2013, for the first and last time, it received blocking by word in large letters in a sentence, since then karma has fallen and has not risen. As it was a limit of 5 comments per day, it remains, although most of the comments on statistics are positive.
How to fix it? And is it planned to change this stupid system? One word among the whole sentence caps and ban with the subsequent fall of karma, and then for years raise it. Is it really made for people?

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I agree completely
the game came up
down as on sleds, but to lift the mechanism there is no

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Strange rules. Karma falls, and you do not even see for what reason ... Someone, because of his anger, puts you a minus. There used to be a site for those who are in the subject of geeks, but now a lot of incomprehensible people, for whom they have simplified the phone to one button, they make the weather!
For myself, I decided, I will not comment on anything (I guess who spoils the statue ...

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Yes, I join.

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Train 2019!
If you are looking for players - youhere!
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Similarly, shkolota you karma will carry - and not restored. And you do not know for what car overtook))
And you're on the forum for 12 years, came to him almost on his birthday!
"Twelve, Karl!" hand face

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Reason for editing: added that I am 12 years old on the forum

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