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> monobank | The first mobile-only bank in Ukraine. From the creators of Privat24
21.10.17, 23:32
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monobank download

Version: 1.21.3

Last update of the program in the header:29.03.2019

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Short description:
Mobile application of the first in Ukraine mobile-only monobank bank. All banking services are now in your pocket.

The first mobile bank without branches in Ukraine! Transfer money to friends, pay bills and replenish mobile absolutely free. Credit limit up to 100 000 UAH with the lowest interest rate in Ukraine. Installment, free deposit and cashback up to 20%.

It is easy to get a card

- To open an account, you only need to take a picture of your passport and TIN.
- Install the app and answer a couple of questions.
- Order the delivery of the card in the desired place and time convenient for you, and when our employee is on the way, he will call you. Show him your passport - and you're done: you have the card. Another card can be picked up at one of the points of issue.

Modern and stylish card

- Premium MasterCard ("MasterCard") card is completely black.
- Chip for secure payments and PayPass for contactless payment.
- No need to carry a wallet - take only this card and spend all cash transactions with it.
- Buy on the Internet using a monobank card - and no Qiwi ("Qiwi") and Webmoney ("WebMoney") are needed.

Best conditions on the loan

- Credit limit - up to 100 000 UAH.
- Grace period, when no interest on the loan is calculated - up to 62 days.
- The loan rate is only 3.2%, the lowest in Ukraine.

The most favorable terms of use

- Top-up card - free.
- Payment for mobile communications - Kyivstar (Kyivstar), Lifecell (Lifecell), Vodafone (Vodafone, formerly MTS) - utility and budget payments - free of charge even for credit.
- Transfer money to friends on the cards of other banks.

Spend and earn

- Moneybox: get 10% on the balance of personal funds on the card.
- Cashback: select 2 categories of expenses for which you will receive cashback this month, and return up to 20% of the purchase amount. No confusing bonuses - only real money in your account! Reduce the cost of shopping without leaving home!

Installment plan

- No need to take loans - convenient installment for any purchases.
- Select the desired number of payments in the application - and the next purchase will be transferred by installment automatically.
- The cost of installments is the lowest in Ukraine: only 2% of the purchase amount per month.

Convenient application

- Personal finance (personal finances): full control and cost accounting for all products in all categories directly in the application: keep track of what you spend the most, and make informed decisions about the family budget. Your income and expenses are in your hands!

- A lot of card settings for maximum convenience: changing the PIN-code, limits for purchases of goods in online stores, setting the purchase amount, to which you do not need to enter a PIN when paying, and much more.
- Exchange rates: track the dollar and the euro to make a profitable exchange.
- You can pay fines for violation of traffic rules online and much more.

Human support: around the clock on Facebook, Viber, Telegram and by phone.

To withdraw cash, use any ATMs in the country, and you can top up the card in any terminals, for example iBox or PrivatBank. Card currency - hryvnia.

Tariffs and other information
User FAQ
Deposit by transfer from cards of other banks

Android required: 4.4 and higher
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Fintech band
Homepage: https://monobank.ua/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ftband.mono

Download: installation from the .apk file on the latest versions is no longer working (read here)
Version: 1.21.3 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 83862544)

Past versions
Version: 1.21.0 monobank (Fast Skipper73 # 83679899)
Version: 1.20.5 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 82838054)
Version: 1.20.4 monobank (Fast Skipper73 # 82655541)
Version: 1.19.9 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 82196551)
Version: 1.19.7 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 81986870)
Version: 1.19.6 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 81727325)
Version: 1.19.5 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 81464065)
Version: 1.19.2 monobank (Post 7Sense # 81105276)
Version: 1.19.0 monobank (Post 7Sense # 80779102)
Version: 1.18.10 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 80189474)
Version: 1.18.5 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 79736430)
Version: 1.18.3 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 79138395)
Version: 1.18.2 monobank (Post unInstance # 78938520)
Version: 1.18.0 monobank (Post 7Sense # 78765716)
Version: 1.17.10 Beta Post в„–1860, author of 7Sense
Version: 1.16.10 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 76651531)
Version: 1.16.10 mod repack Message в„– 1829, author Alex.Strannik
Version: 1.16.8 monobank (Post unInstance # 76380952)
Version: 1.15.8 build 588 Message # 1538 by unInstance
Version: 1.15.7 monobank (Post unInstance # 75341750)
Version: 1.15.6 monobank (Post Indus5 # 75172422)
Version: 1.14.10 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 73807075)
Version: 1.14.9 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 73657825)
Version: 1.14.5 monobank (Post Vladdos19 # 73357929)
Version: 1.13.6 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 72413703)
Version: 1.13.5 monobank (Post kadabusha # 72093952)
Version: 1.12.7 monobank (Post kadabusha # 71126068)
Version: 1.12.6 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 71094416)
Version: 1.12.5 monobank (Post kadabusha # 70946841)
Version: 1.12.4 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 70627172)
Version: 1.11.5 Attached filemonobank 1.11.5-mono_beta.apk (51.96 MB)
Version: 1.10.1 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 68609187)
Version: 1.9.4 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 68240334)
Version: 1.9.3 monobank (Fast kadabusha # 68184898)
Version: 1.8.5 monobank (Post AZIZ.beavers # 67804996)
Version: 1.8.4 monobank (Post kadabusha # 67704047)
Version: 1.7.4 Attached filemonobank 1.7.4-mono.apk (36.81 MB)

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14.06.19, 19:07

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Hello ! What is the limit on cash withdrawal at a time from a mono card?
14.06.19, 19:10

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* Shevketgtusually on all 1k ATMs in one transaction.
14.06.19, 19:19

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* Shevketgt, there used to be 3 thousand.

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14.06.19, 20:15

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* Shevketgt
Everything is correct in all ATMs not Universal Bank withdrawals for 1000 gives for the operation. The situation needed to be withdrawn 15000 g. Confirmed that I also Monobank recommended ATMs that give out more than 1000 But the card was far from them to go

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