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GPD Win 2

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technical details

Available from: 08/2018.
Type of: Portable gaming console / ultra mobile PC.
OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit (officially).
Alternative OS: Windows 8.1+ family, Linux (deb), Android.
Display: 6 inches, 16: 9, with multi-touch support for up to 10 simultaneous keystrokes.
Display Resolution: 1280×720
Display Type: H-IPS, protected by Gorilla Glass 4

Intel Core в„ў m3-7Y30 2 cores / 4 threads | 1.00 Ghz - 2.60 Ghz (max) Kaby Lake Artichoice
Cache: 4MB
Technical process: 14nm
TDP: 15 W

lntel HD Graphics 615 (300.00 MHz - 900.00 MHz)
Support 4K video, maximum resolution (HDMI 1.4) 4096 Г— 2304 @ 24Hz
DirectX: 12
OpenGL: 4.4

Volume: 8GB
Type of: LPDDR3-1866
Dual Channel: Yes

Disc type: 128GB M.2 SSD, replaceable
The size: M.2 2242 пј€22 Г— 42mmпј‰ [mSATA is NOT SUITABLE!]
Interface: M.2 Socket 2
Bus: SATA 3.0
Transmission Protocol: AHCI

Speakers: 2 pcs.
Microphone: built

Wi-Fi: Support, 802.11 a / ac / b / g / n, 2.4G / 5G Dual-band wifi, up to 867Mbps, Miracast Support, WiDi
Bluetooth: 4.2 (APT-X)

I / O ports
USB: 1 Г— USB Type A 3.0гЂЃ1 Г— USB Type C 3.0
Video: Micro HDMI
Audio: 3.5mm Headset & Microphones
Memory cards: Micro sd

Enter: Qwerty keyboard
Mouse: Joystick support, acceleration functions
Constructions: Japan ALPS, Double 3D Joystick пј€compatible with PSV Joysticksпј‰
D-pad Yes
Game buttons: ABXY гЂЃ в–і в—‹ Г— в–Ў (double application)
Extra keys: L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, R3.
Switches: OMRON Microswitch
Vibration support: 2 vibromotors

Battery Type: Li-polymer
Volume: 2 Г— 4900mAh
Autonomous work: 6 ~ 8 hours, depending on the tasks

Weight: 460g
Length: 162mm
Width: 99mm
Thickness: 25mm
Body materials: ABS + Aluminum alloy

Cooling system: active system
Other sensors: Hall Sensor

GPD WIN 2 Г— 1
Charger (12V == 2A) Г— 1
Warranty Card Г— 1
Documentation Г— 1

Warranty period: device 1 year, memory 1 year

Phone SC Manufacturer: + 86 755 86572275
Products webpage: www.gpd.hk


26.10.2018 GPD plans to release two new devices in 2019, and also plans WIN3 and Pocket3 for launch in 2020
12.12.2018Announced GPD Micro PC, pictures:#1 #2 #3
21.01.2019Access to the information page on IGOGO - GPD Micro PC open

Information page on the site Indiegogo (no purchase possible)
20.06.2018 - GPD WIN 2 appeared in the official store on Aliexpress site (shock-price $ 794.50 or $ 52,59.06 as of June 20, 2018)
21.06.2018 - the price is updated, perhaps a "lifetime discount" 46 745.25 rubles
spare parts
Hardware mod cooling (ventel, radiator and updated case) decrease temperature by 10-20 degrees overview from Phawx #1 #2 #3
LCD cable
Top cover
Bottom part
Metal SSD compartment cover
Sony PSVita 2000 Styles
ABXY membranesfit from PS3 controllers -infa with reddit

compatible chargers, PowerBank, cases, bags, cases
Most of the charging information from reddit , charging and user-verified bankssavagemessiahzine.comwill be marked.


Covers, Cases, Bags

system, drivers, etc.
GPD WIN 2 Firmware of Windows OS пј€English 20180530пј‰ - Assembly from the manufacturer, archive in three parts, instruction inside:
[1] [2] [3]
Build under GPD WIN 11607 (AU) LTSB (description hereGPD WIN !!!), it is necessary to install drivers for WIN 2 from above, the assembly is characterized by loyalty to resources that are not many.

Intel Graphics Driver 15.60.4901 - 12/7/2017
GPD Win 2 Driver Pack
GPD Win 2 Touch Screen Driver - 3/18/18
GPD Win 2 Controller Firmware ATTENTION! Before installing the update - READ!

XTU profile manager.

FAQ and problem solving

Compatible SSD
Toshiba RC100 NVMe M.2 (2242) SSD -Does not work
KingSpec NGFF 128Gb-1Tb- work, but the quality is mediocre, there may be slow and very hot copies, the manufacturer of GPD does not recommend them for installation due to poor quality
Transcend TS512GMTS400S -Ok
Transcend TS400GMTS256 -Ok

quick change screen resolution on a hotkey?

How to display battery power on the screen in games

block FPS

Squeak when fully charged
It occurs in many, some write that the squeak disappears after several cycles of discharge-charging.

If the games do not respond well, they stop working on some actions.

How to block Windows installation of updates without complicated manipulations

Poor performance or disconnection of the device when running from the network.

How to lower the CPU voltage, how to change the device TDP

Old games take up half the screen or come in 4: 3 format
Attached Image

The problem is related to the rendering features in old games.
Helps software "dgVoodoo2"
It is worth trying the following options:
  • General>Scaling mode>Stretched 4: 3 Aspect Ratio (Maximizes real-estate, retains 4: 3)
  • Glide>Miscellaneous>Uncheck "3Dfx Splash screen"
  • Glide>Miscellaneous>Uncheck "3Dfx Watermark"
  • Directx>Miscellaneous>Unckeck "dgVoodo Watermark"


Which microSD card to choose?
Any affordable-speed-quality.
Unlike GPD WIN 1, the WIN 2 card reader has no visible limitations.

Cards tested by usersreddit:
Figures: Sequential Read, Sequential Write, 4K Random Read, 4K Random Write in MB / s

16 GB
Lexar 633x ** - 88, 25, 8.7, 1.2
Panasonic U3 ** - 93, 42, 11, 0.7
Sandisk Extreme Pro - 95, 80, 7.6, 2.6

32 GB
Delkin U3 - 93, 59, 11, 0.6
Kingston 90R / 80W - 93, 58, 11, 0.6
Lexar 1000x - 90, 57, 10, 1.4
Lexar 1000x with Bundled Reader * - 148, 60, 10, 1.4
Patriot EP - 90, 35, 10, 0.6
PNY Turbo Performance - 91, 55, 6.9, 0.9
PNY Elite Performance Lime Green - 94, 55, 7.4, 1.0
Samsung Pro gray - 92, 82, 10, 3.6
Sandisk Extreme Pro - 94, 87, 9, 3.0
Sony up to 95MB / s - 91, 51, 4.8, 0.9
Transcend Ultimate 633x - 93, 85, 8.1, 1.4

64 GB
Delkin U3 - 94, 27, 13, 0.3
Kingston 90R / 80W - 94, 25, 13, 0.3
Lexar 1000x - 92, 56, 12, 1.5
Lexar 1000x with Bundled Reader * - 153, 66, 11, 1.7
Patriot EP - 81, 22, 11, 0.6
PNY Turbo Performance - 92, 54, 6.9, 0.9
PNY Elite Performance Lime Green - 92, 54, 7.5, 1.0
Samsung black - 82, 20, 8.8, 2.1
Samsung Pro gray - 90, 80, 10, 3.5
Samsung Pro + *** - 92, 86, 10, 5.3
Sandisk Extreme U3 - 92, 88, 5.5, 0.5
Sandisk Extreme Plus U1 **** - 92, 58, 10, 2.8
Sandisk Extreme Plus U3 - 92, 88, 9.4, 2.9
Sandisk Extreme Pro - 97, 91, 10, 3.0
Sandisk Ultra ***** - 46, 16, 7.0, 2.1
Sony up to 95MB / s - 92, 49, 5.2, 0.9
Transcend Ultimate 633x - 93, 83, 7.3, 1.4

128 GB
Lexar 633x - 78, 28, 3.3, 1.4
PNY High Performance - 81, 22, 5.4, 0.9
Samsung EVO + - 82, 26, 5.9, 1.2<== the listed product
Sandisk Ultra - 92, 19, 6.4, 2.4

Wifi solution (hi soldering iron, straight arms)
not really that badwatch the video

Learn Windows key, wired in the BIOS
The key from the BIOS in Windows 10 can be viewed with the command
wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey

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changes in the cap
12/06/2018 - added info for spare parts (mode of cooling on the yoke), info for bags, cases and rolls.
12/12/2018 - added a video of the cooling mod test

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* grizgun , I completely agree, I wanted to buy a mix plus, because in my opinion everything is fine, but 4GB is the only negative. There will be no problems with 8GB. I will wait for Vin2 or Mix Plus 2 to appear earlier :)

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A small GPD Win 2 video teaser


I do not like how the F1-F12 buttons were implemented. It would have been better done on digital via Fn as on the first Win, and instead of these F1-F6, some other function buttons and the same R3 would have been made.

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That contagion, already drooling flowed, and how quickly loaded!

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On the reddite they write, the final official specs are:

So the complete specs of the GPD WIN 2 have now been officially posted by GPD.
To summarize:
SOC Intel: M3-7Y30
RAM: 8GB LPDDR3 @ 1866MHz
Storage: 128GB M.2 2242 SSD card SATA 3.0. Card is user replaceable
Screen: 6 "Sharp 1280x720p capactive touch screen with Gorilla Glass 4
OS: Windows 10 home 64 bit
WiFi: 802.11 a / ac / b / g / n 2.4G / 5G
WiDi: Yes
Blutooth: 4.2
Speakers: Stereo
MIcrophone: Yes
Ports: USB Type A 3.0, USB Type C 3.0, Micro HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro SD
Battery: 2 x 4900mAh batteris at 3.8v. Total of 9800mAh - 37.24Wh
Rumble: Features two vibration motors
Design: Designed by a team that won the red dot award
Weight: 460g
Width: 162mm
Depth: 99mm
Thickness: 25mm
Construction Material: ABS body, Metal frame lid with swappable cover
Charging: PD 2.0, capable of charging the WIN 2 from zero to 50% in 30 minutes
Cooling: Heatsink + Auto controlled fan (at 8 times the rate of the current WIN)
Delivery around around April

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Attached Image

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It sounds very much.
I just want to immediately notice at the expense of these "2 batteries !!!!" and "9800mAh !!!!" something...
Atomic devices like the same wine as I saw - everyone worked on 3.7v batteries. But tablets / laptops on core-m like this 7Y30 on double spikes as they need more)
So if you write specs honestly and not in Chinese, it will still look like 4900mAh 7.2v (7.4 / 7.6?) And not like 3.8 9800mAh: rolleyes:
But the main figure here is of course 37.24Wh, and with such a screen this should be quite good. With a minimum load (text / video) it will live longer than wine1 for sure, but under heavy games + - I also think so.

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If they are targeting April, I will definitely order more from Indigo, since The price on crowds is still lower than retailers will have. The whole question of the first versions, how many childhood diseases they have at the start ...
I do not really understand why they carried the L3 to the keyboard, if in fact the L3 shift itself is with all the shifters, but the fact that the SSD connector available made it very well.

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Weight: 460g

Not weak - 460gr. VIN1 weighs 300. The solution with two batteries is interesting, but the Chinese will not be able to implement it properly. A lot of marriage will be. How are they with synchronicity? Should one sit and the other not? Two controllers or one for two? .. Well, do not do it right. I do not believe, even if Pocket could not.
And why a removable SSD? And what's the slot, I wonder? E-PCI? If for higher capacity SSD it is unlikely that VIN2 will last for so long. At best, they will release something new. At worst, something will break. Or did it for modem fans)? Type pulled SSD, inserted a modem there (well, there, the SIM-holder screwed ..), and the system to load from USB .. It is doubtful.
Well, the console does not roll VIN2 - relatively heavy, expensive, too technically complex, so that the Chinese can do it properly and can only be used for games. Then it's better to buy Pocket.

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And why a removable SSD?

There M.2 (Storage: 128GB M.2 2242), which is used by almost all new windows-china-tablets. Just as an option for further replacement by 256 is quite logical.
Well, the console does not roll VIN2 - relatively heavy, expensive, too technical

There are no alternatives in principle, for people who want without parsing in the subway / traffic jam / sitting in the toilet, some PC hits (Doom, Skyrim) have Ninswitch, but until it is cracked - a rather expensive portable comes out, but the release of ports / new games is quite a long wait. And WIN2 has a uniquely wider range of gaming capabilities from wii, ps2 and lower emulators to modern games. 8yrh and good percents, they change the picture very much, even in comparison with WIN1. I would regard WIN1,2 only as a portable PC gaming console, something more than gaming and Internet surfing / watching movies from them is at least strange to expect.

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JohnCr2 @ 12/15/17, 12:31*
Not weak - 460gr. VIN1 weighs 300.

GPD Win 1 with a plastic cover weighs about 370 grams. With aluminum a little more likely.
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GPD WIN 2 Bayonetta Gameplay

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8gig and a good percent, there are very different pictures

Boo. VIN1 can be purchased for 15 and below. And this will cost 30-35 tr. if not more expensive. Also a completely different picture. If we are talking about gamers who don’t play - like a drug without a dose, then yes, you can give any money. But I say that the gadget is unsuccessful. The CPU heats up, the power supply system of 2 batteries .. you need a lot of technical solutions for this. The Chinese will not do it well.
PC console, something more than gaming and internet surfing / watching movies from them is at least strange to expect.

For me, VIN1 is a replacement for UMID M1. Here, who needs what. My opinion is not the way they went. If you would improve the quality and functionality, it would be better than reducing everything to the console and making such controversial and complex technical solutions, taking into account the shock loads on the gadget in games.
Dark_Fire @ 12/15/17, 13:47*
GPD Win 1 with a plastic cover weighs about 370 grams

I did not weigh myself. But the description on www.geekbuying.com is written that 300. Well, let it be 370. Then VIN2 will also weigh not 460, but more than 500. The Chinese like to downplay the weight when it is important.

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mobimaniak3000 from Reddit writes that he will receive a device for testing in 8 working days and will post the vidos on his channel.

... although sofa analysts predict an epic fail, the topic can be closed, everything is different.

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GPD WIN 2 features similar to Teclast X5 Pro (GPD has a higher RAM frequency, 1866 vs. 1600), with performance-plus-minus you can focus on it.

Intel Core M3-7Y30 Gaming - Teclast X5 Pro

Teclast X5 Pro - PS2 Emulation with PCSX2

Rep: (32)
For diversity, parity, and alternatives, if GPD 2 promises to be released in April, the Smash Z console will mature in May.

For $ 890 promise Full Upgrade version:
* AMD Merlin Falcon RX-421BD (12-15w) SoC at 2.1 GHz; Core 4/4
* 16Gb Ram DDR4 2133Mhz
* Radeon R7 at 800 MHz
* Screen: 6 ”FULL HD (1920x1080). Capacitive touch-screen.
* 256 SSD M2
* Battery: 5 hours of gaming.
* MicroSD Card Slot.
* USB 3.0 type C.
* HDMI video output connection.
* Wi-Fi connectivity 5.0 Ghz. 4G LTE mobile network connectivity (PRO model only)
* Bluetooth connectivity.
* Front-camera 5-megapixels (PRO model only)
* Windows 10 or Linux

https: //www.indiegogo...held-gaming-pc-games#/
The project page also lists the list of games, what goes like: 720p / 1080p / fps (on the version with 8Gb Ram)
* analog push (L3))))

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Unlike SmashZ, in WIN2 there is a physical clave, and quite a few games are very dependent on it, even if most new games come with full support for the gamepad, but the old ones may not even run if there is none.

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* grizgun
Well, regarding the games + clave here in two ways. People somehow play on Windows tablets, Surface Pro there, etc. In the topic "Games for tablets on Intel Cherry Trail" they write about 600 games tested, on the current GPD WIN three times less, probably.
But in general, yes, better with clave than without.

I wonder if GPD2 will have similar add. upgrade offers with 16Gb Ram ..

January 15, the campaign should start on indiegogo, sort of.

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As for me, the location of the sticks is VERY NOT CONVENIENT: sveta:

Rep: (32)

Rep: (8)
* Revendor,
And sense in 16 with the built in? Now, if on WIN2 Geforce 150 set ...

Rep: (241)
By the way, here's a vidosik with a comparison of GPD Win and Teclast X5 Pro performance (almost the same GPD Win 2)

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