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GPD Win 2

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technical details

Available from: 08/2018.
Type of: Portable gaming console / ultra mobile PC.
OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit (officially).
Alternative OS: Windows 8.1+ family, Linux (deb), Android.
Display: 6 inches, 16: 9, with multi-touch support for up to 10 simultaneous keystrokes.
Display Resolution: 1280×720
Display Type: H-IPS, protected by Gorilla Glass 4

Intel Core в„ў m3-7Y30 2 cores / 4 threads | 1.00 Ghz - 2.60 Ghz (max) Kaby Lake Artichoice
Cache: 4MB
Technical process: 14nm
TDP: 15 W

lntel HD Graphics 615 (300.00 MHz - 900.00 MHz)
Support 4K video, maximum resolution (HDMI 1.4) 4096 Г— 2304 @ 24Hz
DirectX: 12
OpenGL: 4.4

Volume: 8GB
Type of: LPDDR3-1866
Dual Channel: Yes

Disc type: 128GB M.2 SSD, replaceable
The size: M.2 2242 пј€22 Г— 42mmпј‰ [mSATA is NOT SUITABLE!]
Interface: M.2 Socket 2
Bus: SATA 3.0
Transmission Protocol: AHCI

Speakers: 2 pcs.
Microphone: built

Wi-Fi: Support, 802.11 a / ac / b / g / n, 2.4G / 5G Dual-band wifi, up to 867Mbps, Miracast Support, WiDi
Bluetooth: 4.2 (APT-X)

I / O ports
USB: 1 Г— USB Type A 3.0гЂЃ1 Г— USB Type C 3.0
Video: Micro HDMI
Audio: 3.5mm Headset & Microphones
Memory cards: Micro sd

Enter: Qwerty keyboard
Mouse: Joystick support, acceleration functions
Constructions: Japan ALPS, Double 3D Joystick пј€compatible with PSV Joysticksпј‰
D-pad Yes
Game buttons: ABXY гЂЃ в–і в—‹ Г— в–Ў (double application)
Extra keys: L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, R3.
Switches: OMRON Microswitch
Vibration support: 2 vibromotors

Battery Type: Li-polymer
Volume: 2 Г— 4900mAh
Autonomous work: 6 ~ 8 hours, depending on the tasks

Weight: 460g
Length: 162mm
Width: 99mm
Thickness: 25mm
Body materials: ABS + Aluminum alloy

Cooling system: active system
Other sensors: Hall Sensor

GPD WIN 2 Г— 1
Charger (12V == 2A) Г— 1
Warranty Card Г— 1
Documentation Г— 1

Warranty period: device 1 year, memory 1 year

Phone SC Manufacturer: + 86 755 86572275
Products webpage: www.gpd.hk


26.10.2018 GPD plans to release two new devices in 2019, and also plans WIN3 and Pocket3 for launch in 2020
12.12.2018Announced GPD Micro PC, pictures:#1 #2 #3
21.01.2019Access to the information page on IGOGO - GPD Micro PC open

Information page on the site Indiegogo (no purchase possible)
20.06.2018 - GPD WIN 2 appeared in the official store on Aliexpress site (shock-price $ 794.50 or $ 52,59.06 as of June 20, 2018)
21.06.2018 - the price is updated, perhaps a "lifetime discount" 46 745.25 rubles
spare parts
Hardware mod cooling (ventel, radiator and updated case) decrease temperature by 10-20 degrees overview from Phawx #1 #2 #3
LCD cable
Top cover
Bottom part
Metal SSD compartment cover
Sony PSVita 2000 Styles
ABXY membranesfit from PS3 controllers -infa with reddit

compatible chargers, PowerBank, cases, bags, cases
Most of the charging information from reddit , charging and user-verified bankssavagemessiahzine.comwill be marked.


Covers, Cases, Bags

system, drivers, etc.
GPD WIN 2 Firmware of Windows OS пј€English 20180530пј‰ - Assembly from the manufacturer, archive in three parts, instruction inside:
[1] [2] [3]
Build under GPD WIN 11607 (AU) LTSB (description hereGPD WIN !!!), it is necessary to install drivers for WIN 2 from above, the assembly is characterized by loyalty to resources that are not many.

Intel Graphics Driver 15.60.4901 - 12/7/2017
GPD Win 2 Driver Pack
GPD Win 2 Touch Screen Driver - 3/18/18
GPD Win 2 Controller Firmware ATTENTION! Before installing the update - READ!

XTU profile manager.

FAQ and problem solving

Compatible SSD
Toshiba RC100 NVMe M.2 (2242) SSD -Does not work
KingSpec NGFF 128Gb-1Tb- work, but the quality is mediocre, there may be slow and very hot copies, the manufacturer of GPD does not recommend them for installation due to poor quality
Transcend TS512GMTS400S -Ok
Transcend TS400GMTS256 -Ok

quick change screen resolution on a hotkey?

How to display battery power on the screen in games

block FPS

Squeak when fully charged
It occurs in many, some write that the squeak disappears after several cycles of discharge-charging.

If the games do not respond well, they stop working on some actions.

How to block Windows installation of updates without complicated manipulations

Poor performance or disconnection of the device when running from the network.

How to lower the CPU voltage, how to change the device TDP

Old games take up half the screen or come in 4: 3 format
Attached Image

The problem is related to the rendering features in old games.
Helps software "dgVoodoo2"
It is worth trying the following options:
  • General>Scaling mode>Stretched 4: 3 Aspect Ratio (Maximizes real-estate, retains 4: 3)
  • Glide>Miscellaneous>Uncheck "3Dfx Splash screen"
  • Glide>Miscellaneous>Uncheck "3Dfx Watermark"
  • Directx>Miscellaneous>Unckeck "dgVoodo Watermark"


Which microSD card to choose?
Any affordable-speed-quality.
Unlike GPD WIN 1, the WIN 2 card reader has no visible limitations.

Cards tested by usersreddit:
Figures: Sequential Read, Sequential Write, 4K Random Read, 4K Random Write in MB / s

16 GB
Lexar 633x ** - 88, 25, 8.7, 1.2
Panasonic U3 ** - 93, 42, 11, 0.7
Sandisk Extreme Pro - 95, 80, 7.6, 2.6

32 GB
Delkin U3 - 93, 59, 11, 0.6
Kingston 90R / 80W - 93, 58, 11, 0.6
Lexar 1000x - 90, 57, 10, 1.4
Lexar 1000x with Bundled Reader * - 148, 60, 10, 1.4
Patriot EP - 90, 35, 10, 0.6
PNY Turbo Performance - 91, 55, 6.9, 0.9
PNY Elite Performance Lime Green - 94, 55, 7.4, 1.0
Samsung Pro gray - 92, 82, 10, 3.6
Sandisk Extreme Pro - 94, 87, 9, 3.0
Sony up to 95MB / s - 91, 51, 4.8, 0.9
Transcend Ultimate 633x - 93, 85, 8.1, 1.4

64 GB
Delkin U3 - 94, 27, 13, 0.3
Kingston 90R / 80W - 94, 25, 13, 0.3
Lexar 1000x - 92, 56, 12, 1.5
Lexar 1000x with Bundled Reader * - 153, 66, 11, 1.7
Patriot EP - 81, 22, 11, 0.6
PNY Turbo Performance - 92, 54, 6.9, 0.9
PNY Elite Performance Lime Green - 92, 54, 7.5, 1.0
Samsung black - 82, 20, 8.8, 2.1
Samsung Pro gray - 90, 80, 10, 3.5
Samsung Pro + *** - 92, 86, 10, 5.3
Sandisk Extreme U3 - 92, 88, 5.5, 0.5
Sandisk Extreme Plus U1 **** - 92, 58, 10, 2.8
Sandisk Extreme Plus U3 - 92, 88, 9.4, 2.9
Sandisk Extreme Pro - 97, 91, 10, 3.0
Sandisk Ultra ***** - 46, 16, 7.0, 2.1
Sony up to 95MB / s - 92, 49, 5.2, 0.9
Transcend Ultimate 633x - 93, 83, 7.3, 1.4

128 GB
Lexar 633x - 78, 28, 3.3, 1.4
PNY High Performance - 81, 22, 5.4, 0.9
Samsung EVO + - 82, 26, 5.9, 1.2<== the listed product
Sandisk Ultra - 92, 19, 6.4, 2.4

Wifi solution (hi soldering iron, straight arms)
not really that badwatch the video

Learn Windows key, wired in the BIOS
The key from the BIOS in Windows 10 can be viewed with the command
wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey

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changes in the cap
12/06/2018 - added info for spare parts (mode of cooling on the yoke), info for bags, cases and rolls.
12/12/2018 - added a video of the cooling mod test

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https: //www.windowslat.../2017/10/21/gpd-win-2/especially the release date)) next year 2018

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I could have taken it, but if the rechargeable battery again gets very hot in games, I definitely won't take it. And for work there is an original WIN.

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The keyboard is pleased, it looks much more convenient. If the $ 500 for the price fit - great.

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* gpyra If you slightly reduce the TDP, then good.

https: //www.youtube.co...h? v = 5eiEJnL-C1c & t = 227s

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Gpyra @ 10/23/17, 10:18*
How will the core Core M feel in such a small device? Will the fan be buzzing like a vacuum cleaner? Has anyone done this before? I only saw these prots in large tablets and ultrabooks.

If active cooling is done according to the mind and not according to the residual principle, then everything will be super. Estimated heat dissipation at 7y30 4 with kopecks watts. Maximum in boost 7. Minimum less than 4. That is, in theory, on average, it is twice as hot as the past atom, but it is still a sooooo cold chip. Let's say the tegra x1 on the ceiling is considered to be more than 10w and after all, in a switch it normally works even with low frequencies. 4 was not less hot and the shild portabl was well cooled.

Yes, and in tablets 7y30 it was usually used without active cooling, so the “large size” of the devices themselves is not an indicator of the efficiency of the heat sink.

But the fan will buzz Aki vacuum cleaner) The main thing is that while it does not allow the device to heat up in the boost ... but this is more than realistic if done not through the op)))

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Photo of the back wall and ports with reddit:
Attached Image

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Oh, I hope the rumors are true. Looks very cool compared to the first version.

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Am I alone waiting for a similar device in a gpd q9 or jxd s7800?

yes you are

Rep: (12)
Better just like a tablet, but with rails under joy-cons. In nintendo switch, a good cooling system, when heated, blows decently. I think that in the announced case there will be problems with cooling again.

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Infernov @ 11/20/17, 10:31*
Better just like a tablet, but with rails under joy-cons. In nintendo switch, a good cooling system, when heated, blows decently. I think that in the announced case there will be problems with cooling again.

Well so there is the Razer Edge Pro for tablet lovers.
Razer Edge Pro 10.1 ”Touchscreen Gaming Tablet, Intel Core i7 8GB RAM 256GB SSD, Windows 8

GPD WIN is also noteworthy that the device is positioned not only as a game, but also, as it were, a full-fledged UMPC with a built-in keyboard. For complete happiness is not enough, perhaps, the LAN connector and stereo speakers.
I think the cooling will be fixed, the current GPD has certain flaws that everyone knows about (non-ideal keyboard and cooling problems), how would it be for a company to fix the whole thing should be taken for granted. At least personally, I have no doubts in this regard. Well, stereo speakers, of course, I would like to. I secretly hope that the silver panel under the screen, they are.

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* Revendor,
where is the tablet and this terrible garbage? I have both gpd and switch. so, it is much more convenient to play switch, the screen is bigger, you can’t put a kanechna in your pocket, and who is carrying gpd in your pocket?
plus the manufacturer does not need to bother with the gamepad, just buy joy-cons separately and hook it up. the keyboard can be pulled down with the heating :) but this of course will never happen.

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Guys all welcome) who understands the hardware, the future gpd 2 will have enough strength to run the last Witcher at low settings? What do you think? The main thing that at least 25 FPS gave ... dreams))

Rep: (3)
* TouchTheSky87, Unlikely. On version 1, it was launched through a small resolution, in 3 witchers there seems to be no settings for a very low resolution, at the very minimum (HD) on this process something gives out about 10 fps. Although it may come up with craftsmen :)

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And the fact that analogs at the edges did not bother anyone? In my opinion a very unfortunate decision ... although it may still change.

Rep: (32)
Gernumik @ 30.11.17, 00:38*
And the fact that analogs at the edges did not bother anyone? In my opinion a very unfortunate decision ... although it may still change.

I was embarrassed, also wrote about it. On the other hand, a similar edge layout is used on the Nintendo 3DS when the second Circle Pad is connected. It seems that no one complained of discomfort (although this can be brought down by emotions and "new impressions"). But there the scheme is more heavy, thought out and streamlined. How convenient it will be on GPD 2, it is difficult to judge. While not very happy attitude to such a decision. They are unlikely to change, the entire wiring of the board and the structural scheme will be redone anew. It may be the opposite, it was done so intentionally and in another way it was impossible to put all the changes into place.

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Infernov @ 11/20/17, 10:31*
It’s better just like a tablet, but with joy-cones

You justVastking g800

Rep: (12)
* androguy
Slag some! Prots fig, vidyuha level gpd win, what's the point to make the device level gpd win now? Need at least 615. What are their controllers? It can be seen that clumsy is not there that joy-cons elegance. The size is larger than the switch, the frames are just awful. I consider it an unsuccessful attempt, you need more powerful hardware and without controllers of your development.

In vain, by the way, many do not understand that the switch form factor is what is needed for games. Try to play skyrim on gpd win and on nintendo switch, the sensations are completely different not in favor of gpd win. And for those who need umpc, it's better to look in the direction of the gpd pocket.

It can also be a removable optional BT keyboard, who needs a piano in games.

It is clear that the frames will be on such a form factor, you can place additional buttons there for options in free space. Why 1080x720 in the low-end, if vidyuha does not pull just, plus everything is small for this size, normally leave 1280 x 720.
SSD is optional removable in the slot, and there is more RAM, thoughtful and normal cooling (and not five minutes before leaving the conveyor and on the knee as in gpd win), if it is a functional and functional device, then the price doesn't care.

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Why so googled when vidyuha there 615-I pulls almost everything except for new products for 2-3 years and on a long level.
Already many times they have spoken in such topics should not be expected from the portable level of the hospital. But at 615 vidyushka very much what you can play!

Rep: (12)
I talked about Vastking G800, and there stands the 505th. 615th norms, no bazaar :)

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