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Xiaomi Redmi 5A - Discussion | Smartphone, 5 "
Burning issues
Does MIUI 10 work well?
Works the same as MIUI 9 [ 706 ] ** [65,19%]
There is a problem [ 367 ] ** [33,89%]
Does the phone turn off in the cold?
Yes, at any charge level. [ 144 ] ** [13,3%]
Yes, if the charge is less than 50%. [ 160 ] ** [14,77%]
Yes, if the charge is less than 20%. [ 199 ] ** [18,37%]
No, everything is okay. [ 486 ] ** [44,88%]
Total votes: 1083

Rep: (595)
DiscussionXiaomi Redmi 5A
PictureXiaomi Redmi 5A
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Attached Image
Announcement: october 2017

  • Material: plastic
  • Button illumination: no
  • Dimensions: 140.4x70.7x8.35 mm
  • Weight: 137 g
  • Colors: Dark gray (Silver gray), Gold (Golden)
  • SIM: nanoSIM + nanoSIM

Communication / Frequency:
  • GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900
  • UMTS / HSPA +: 850, 900, 1900, 2100
  • FDD-LTE: 850, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 (FDD-LTE B4 and B20 are added to the global version)
  • TDD-LTE: 34/38/39/40/41
  • WCDMA: 1/2/5/8
  • TDS-CDMA: 34/39
  • GPRS: there is
  • EDGE: Yes

  • Dimensions: 5 "(inches)
  • 2.5D: No
  • Matrix: IPS.
  • Resolution: HD (1280 x 720), 296 PPI.
  • Surface: Capacitive sensor, 10 touches.
  • Protection: Tempered glass
  • Oleophobic coating: yes

Operating system:
  • Android: 7.1.2
  • Linux kernel: 3.18.31 [7.1.2]

  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 (MSM8917)
  • Kernels: 4 to 1.4 GHz

  • GPU: Qualcomm Adreno 308

  • Permanent (ROM): 16 GB (actually 10) + MicroSD (128 GB max.)
  • Operational (RAM): 2 GB

  • Primary: 13 MP, f / 2.2
  • Front: 5 MP, f / 2.0

  • Event Indicator: Yes (white only)
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b / g / n 2.4Ghz
  • Bluetooth: 4.1
  • Satellite navigation: GPS, AGPS, GLONASS, Beidou
  • NFC: No
  • 3.5 mm: Yes
  • Infrared: Yes
  • FM radio: Yes
  • Hall sensor: No
  • Fingerprint scanner: No

  • Battery: Non-removable, Li-Ion, 3000 mAh.

  • Accelerometer, proximity sensor, light sensor.

In the Chinese version - one combo tray. In the global - 2 trays, you can insert 2 SIM cards and an SD card at once

Version differences
There are several versions of this unit.
  1. Global:
    • Combined tray (2 SIM cards and a memory card)
    • Global firmware
    • 2 GB of RAM and 16 built-in memory
    • There is also B20 support for LTE

  2. Chinese:
    • One tray (1 SIM card and another SIM card / memory card)
    • Perhaps global firmware
    • 2 GB of RAM and 16 built-in
    • B20 does not support! *

  3. Chinese 3/32:
    • One tray
    • Perhaps global firmware
    • 3 GB of RAM and 32 internal memory
    • B20 does not support either! *

    * Not all regions use B20, LTE will depend on your carrier and region

    Attention! The global version on 3/32 does not exist!
    If you ordered any Chinese version and there was a non-global version, go to the section on firmware -Xiaomi Redmi 5A - Miui Firmware

    Included with the Chinese version is not a European plug. The seller can put it to you, but can not put it
    Attached Image

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Redmi 5A homepage on MIUI forum

Proximity sensor
Transferring applications to external memory
Reviews, reviews
Polls archive
Impressions and problems
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What's new?
25.03.2019Great optimization MIUI 10 [/ url] fromSinister barrier + Rename item in "Useful" from "Disable system applications" to "Optimization"
12/13/2018 Added a post with experience in optimizing the system from lift-man.
12/04/2018 Poll on MIUI 10 and device operation in the cold was added.
10/11/2018 Added link to Xiaomi Redmi 5A Camera Talk
08/24/2018 Added instructions for improving sound when recording video
08/23/2018 Added instructions for increasing the speed of WiFi
08.22.2018 Added post about transferring Navitel cards to external memory
08.21.2018 Added a link to the post with the program "Switching 2G / 3G / LTE widget"
04/28/2018 Added link to the topic of power consumption + possible solution for a glitch sensor approximation from - = POM @ = -
04/12/2018 In connection with the recall of update, the survey on the effect of the update on the sensor operation has been removed.
04/09/2018 A survey was added on the effect of the update on the sensor operation. The previous survey is completed.
03/29/2018 FAQ for MIUI added
03/24/2018 Added link to the topic "Configuring notifications and background applications for MIUI"
03/14/2018 Added the most important spoiler + link to the application for changing numbers starting with 8 ... at +7 ...
03.11.2018 Added feature comparison with Redmi 4A
02/01/2018 A survey was added about impressions from the device and its problems.

Post has been editedArmstell - 25.03.19, 22:37
Reason for editing: Greater optimization of MIUI 10 [/ url] from [B] Sinister Barrier [/ B] + Renaming an item in the "Useful" from "Disable system applications" to "Optimization"

Rep: (24)
KSV1977 @ 26.07.19, 15:06*
I think just a button slowly dies

I still think it's a software glitch. At a little more than the new firmware is no such problem.
Here's how to find out which process this button controls?

Post has been editedSysadmin2 - 26.07.19, 15:25

Rep: (2)
* KSV1977,
* Sysadmin2,
I have also the power button is not the first time works without the rear cover everything works clearly. I think the problem is the cover itself.

Rep: (17)
Sysadmin2 @ 26.07.2019, 15:13*

I use double Tap on On., long Tap on the button to roll off. Button does not use. Try, can 'go down'.

Rep: (15)
At the latest firmware sound suits me, nothing has changed, and not a patch. Or firmware patches at no flies?
Video example

Rep: (2)
* Danila.V.A.,
Useful function that he use when the button is not responding

Rep: (24)
Danila.V.A. @ 07/26/19, 17:29*
I use double Tap on On., long Tap on the button to roll off. Button does not use. Try, can 'go down'.

It seems, have .....

Rep: (2)
Good den.Posle screen replacement module wifi signal is weak. What could be the problem?

Rep: (26)
* adri55 Obviously also in a bad connector connection vayfay antenny.Ischite in an Internet video analysis apparatus with comments what and where is

Post has been editeddanila82danila - 27.07.19, 14:02

Rep: (2)
danila82danila @ 27.07.19, 13:01*
obviously also in bad connector connection vayfay antenna.

where this connector? .to have rebuilt the same

Rep: (26)
* adri55 I do not know, Yandex to help) It will be pasted on the plate some plastic element and spring kontaktik.

Post has been editeddanila82danila - 27.07.19, 14:05

Rep: (2)
danila82danila @ 27.07.19, 13:04*
I do not know, Yandex to help)

No razma there obviously is not the case

Rep: (3)
* arrogant_7 Music, photos and videos, there is no application.

Rep: (0)
Guys, someone is using the navigator "Osmand", the problem that if the program loses its satellites in the background or the screen is locked? He gave permission. To another Smart no problems.

Rep: (2)
After a recent update systems more rapid discharge of the battery began to be observed these days. I mean Redmen 5A. Current MIUI version 10.3.2. The current version of Android 8.1.0 OPM1.171019.026. If you run memory scrubbing, it is almost always relieved 200-300 MB of memory, which clogged the system applications.

I watch this one or forum there is someone who will confirm my suspicions?

Post has been editedNovosedoff - 28.07.19, 15:50

Rep: (0)
Osmand use. It works fine, but the "Strava" constantly fell off, did not give permission for it.

Post has been editedmd71 - 28.07.19, 02:11

Rep: (87)
AnacondaYa @ 28.07.19, 6:33*
Android tenth delivered?
here even the ninth android would not be likely, but you have ten expect.

Post has been editedSergey Viktorovich 1973 - 28.07.19, 07:30

Rep: (7)
* adri55, the problem of non-original module, he either escapes or even the effect. I'm stuck on the iPhone cover glass, so gone LTE. He tormented until they tore the glass and the phone again began to connect to LTE. he would have never believed that a piece of plastic can so influence.

Rep: (753)
AnacondaYa @ 28.07.19, 8:33*
Android tenth delivered?

GSI can be set. Somewhere in September will be "native" custom bikes.

Rep: (18)
Hello, guys. I have a problem, I stopped running camera. When the application opens the camera - just a black screen, no mistakes, nothing, just a black screen illuminates. What could it be?
Phone dismantled, disconnect and reconnect the main and the front camera, the result did not give ...

Rep: (0)
How to add a shutter screen off? Long climb gets constantly

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