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Pandora Online | Drive a car or personal fleet from your smartphone.

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Pandora Online
Version: 2.20.1

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Last update of the program in the header:18.07.2019

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Short description:
The program allows you to monitor and control the car or fleet, equipped with Pandora telemetry systems directly from your smartphone.

Pandora Online application features:
- Support for multiple cars under one account.
- Monitoring of the current state of your cars: the state of all protected zones and sensors, the current remaining fuel in the tank (depending on the connection), engine temperature, temperature inside the car, temperature overboard (sensor connection required), current vehicle location (GPS / GLONASS required -receiver).
- Enhanced telemetry system control: control of the car's security mode, control of the active guard mode, engine operation control, preheater / reheater control, panic mode, system timer channels, remote trunk opening.
- History of events with coordinates, exact time and condition of all security zones, sensors and other service information.
- The history of the movement of the car with the direction of movement, with an indication of the speed limit, information about each trip. Intelligent filters for track search.
- Remote adjustment of the basic parameters of the telemetry system, the sensitivity of the sensors, parameters for starting, automatic operation and engine shutdown, parameters for switching on, operation and deactivation of regular and additional preheaters and engine heaters. Settings for alarm, service and emergency notifications, etc.
- Support for multiple cars under one account.
- Detailed information about the condition of the car, its location at any time.
- Exclusive feature active car security.
- Advanced telemetry system management.
- More than 100 types of events in history.
- Detailed history of the movement of the car with the direction and speed.
- Calendar and daily automatic engine start, control of engine start and stop conditions.
- Correct automatic and remote engine control (the system takes into account all the main parameters of the engine, including the remaining fuel in the tank).
- Management of regular and additional pre-heaters and engine heaters.
- Promptly changing the system settings, setting the sensitivity of the sensors, changing the schedule for the automatic operation of the engine.
- Ability to select different types of alerts for different types of events.
- Push notifications.

Android required: 4.3+
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: alarmtrade.developer
Homepage: http://alarmtrade.ru
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=en.alarmtrade.pandora&hl=en
YouTube videos: https://youtu.be/QQE3TulDwUI
Changes 2.20.1 (752):
- In this version:
* Added settings for nav08 move


Version: 2.20.1
Attached filePandora Online 2.20.1.apk(18.42 MB)

Past versions

New application -Pandora bt

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* akdantist,
I NavX lighthouse, Simca was inserted, MTS. Of the cards - only with a password.

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* akdantist ,
akdantist @ 21.11.19, 15:32 *
nothing like this

The next time to remove the video how to print a box of Pandora system and there card from SIM cards with pin lies.

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boxinghtc @ 20.11.19, 11:25*
Can someone tell me why I can not use a mobile phone as a label for the regime, "hands-free"? Check box is not active. Phone in naturally registered, connected via bluetooth and controls. This may be due to the installation of the engine compartment bluetooth module? It seems to me prior to the installation box was active (not sure). The system is registered 1 Keychain, 1 mark bt760, 1 telephone, 1 engine compartment module. Model Pandect x-3150bt. Firmware 1.54 module, bluetooth modem - 2.21

The answer to your question. Now that would activate this option you need to enter the programming mode. In any sub-go is not necessary. As soon as we enter into the box and the settings become active programming mode.

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Hello. Shiga PanDect3110. Simca megaphone. 790rub paid for a year. Pandora online a month does not work. Not active, and the phone does not respond (no subscriber subscriber). It works only when the machine is wound up. Drowned out, I shut the door and everything is not active. calls also useless. If a few days did not go, the date and picture with tempera, and a voltage is from the date the last time I went to the car. What can be done? may in that setting?

Rep: (3)
Fielder10 @ 22.11.19, 14:47*
Simca megaphone. 790rub paid for a year.

Where do I pay? In the tariff most SIM cards do not have a fixed fee, paying only for the transmission of traffic \ sms \ calls, I have a little more than 100 rubles to spend half a year.
Fielder10 @ 22.11.19, 14:47*
It works only when the machine is wound up. Drowned out, I shut the door and everything is not active. calls also useless.

Very strange, it certainly is necessary to look, or divination turns out, may be on the balance sheet does not have money only works on bluetooth.
In the settings you have data, but is it worth to you to climb, if not understand, start with the fact that sotochku Cast on the number itself.

Rep: (1)
* ceed250ed ,
I probably still agree with you !!
I'm more confused myself whole sopstvennuyu card brought to signalok and therefore remained in the memory of a one piece plate
I apologize...

Rep: (20)
akdantist @ 22.11.19, 17:23*
I apologize...

Everything is good. Thank you all still remember. I'm just familiar with the process exhaust systems in Kaluga and a statement about the presence of root SIM cards in the box is tantamount to saying that the earth is flat planet)))

Rep: (46)
ceed250ed @ 22.11.2019, 22:37*
the earth is flat
I myself still unpacking his box and both cards were there. Flat Earth or not there.

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How to include a heated steering wheel and seats on an additional channel?

Rep: (16)
* hruslan2000 , You do not accidentally confuse Starline Pandora. At first there is always one to four cards to choose from. The second is installed on the production without operator cards. Pandora only cards with access to the application.

Rep: (0)
Serega-66 @ 11/22/19, 20:49*
Start with the fact that sotochku Cast on the number itself.

Simcoe bought with tarif.planom "Smart Device". I paid for the year. Yes, a zero balance, but I'm paid in advance. And as the car wound up application is active, and the connection with the car there. The problem is that when the machine is closed, I'm home application is not active.

Rep: (20)
Oleg142007 @ 23.11.19, 1:30*
How to include a heated steering wheel and seats on an additional channel?

It depends on the car and if the function is not declared in the CAN, then you should contact the Installation Center.
OLD_AlViS @ 23.11.19, 3:22*
not accidentally confuse

Confuses or disingenuous. Never have pandas Simca does not lie alone in the box, and even more so there is never root had no map.

Rep: (12)
You can always count on the "help" "sertefetsirovannyh installers," pick up a sim card with the tariff regulations and put the usual ....

Rep: (3)
Fielder10 @ 23.11.19, 06:00*
Simcoe bought with tarif.planom "Smart Device".

The point of course is yours, but megafonovskaya Simca in Pandora very enjoyable fare traffic.
And if you change the factory Simcoe in the block, about its replacement is necessary to "tell" and signalization, register number and the communication parameters with the operator, in this topic is discussed Pandora Online, you'll need another app, Pandora BT or Pandora Special, they have functionality for enhanced system settings, but once again, you need to understand what you are doing.

Rep: (0)
Good day! Prompt AMPs. which determines the location of the card in the widget on the old device was the right of the car image on the new device from the bottom, which in my opinion is not convenient.
And still the question in the header, like the most recent version?

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Rep: (46)
ceed250ed @ 23.11.2019, 13:07*
Confuses or disingenuous
neither one nor the other. And why would? I myself opened the box, there with Simcoe bydlaynovskaya yellow card lay, not even broken in. Do not believe me - it's yours. I speak as is

Rep: (3)
Doka 555 @ 11/24/19, 11:41*
And still the question in the header, like the most recent version?

On the latest version of today in Market 2.21.2
They are updated every day, it makes no sense to add a hat every time.
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tell me in how to correct - the program the machine sees (ie, the Internet is, all functions), while calls answered - the caller is not in the zone?

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* AN12, I have a couple of days itself has recovered

Rep: (165)
* lis1304,
I noticed a pattern, and it can "trick" the new version of the program - if you disable all access to the Internet - get get through .. car in the same place

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