Our achievements in Mi Fit

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Our achievements in Mi Fit

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I think it will be interesting to find out from whom what achievements,)
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DriverSTi @ 06/01/19 18:02*
I have two times more modest

The main question is where to find the time.
When free, then 30 a day is not the limit.
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* KirillHome , that's for sure. But lately the legs started to get too sick, so I began to walk less

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* DriverSTi ,
joints or muscles?

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* Android476 rather joints. Behind the knee. Sometimes my legs get twisted, I can't sleep. But for the last 2-3 times the callus on the little finger. The same finger in the same place. On the second finger of the same foot, you can see a bloody spot on the crumb, you can see the capillary burst constantly. Shoes buy special, for walking. Now I look like such
But since it is already hot, I go tosuch.

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Not two days in a row, but already three among the leaders for my age is not bad. Suppose that for someone it is not much, but
optimum for me

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* vra_roman3 ,
it's not that bad, just an excellent result

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