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Angry Bee Evolution - Slicker Game | [IPhone], [iPad], [dev] A bold blend of "evolution", "2048 & qu

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Angry Bee Evolution - Clicker Game
version: 1.0
Catalog: Casual games

Last update of the game in the header:10.09.2017

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Short description:
A bold mixture of "evolution", "2048" and a phased clicker

Present to your attentionAngry Bee Evolution !
Flowers, clear sunshine, sweet apiary - will seem the first time.
But how not so! Incredible monsters are waiting to dare to play this game.
You have the opportunity to follow the evolution of the bee genus and bring your own, not studied before this kind of truly evil bees!
What to talk a lot? Play and understand everything yourself!
The graphics and sound in the game are unique.
The game is available in Russian and English.
The combination of "Evolution", "2048" and a phased clicker gives the game a certain charm

iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/angry-bee-evolution-clicker-game/id1277646303

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