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Xiaomi Mi 5X - MIUI firmware

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Xiaomi Mi 5X - MIUI firmware
ATiffany, Oxygen, Tissot
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Important information!
Drivers and Utilities
For our deviceNOT and WILL NOT BE official Global (Globe ROM) firmware!
In order to use the Multi-Pagan (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazakh, etc.) firmware, use the firmware from Localizers!

Official firmware (Installation via Recovery and Mi Flash)
Localized firmware (Installation only through Recovery)

Author firmware. Ports (Installation only through Recovery)


» How to find out what type of Xiaomi MI 5X you have || + Another way
Instructions for firmware firmware

Recovery Instructions
Other useful instructions

Root, Recovery, Modems
» What is Root?
Short installation instructions for Root
в–є To install root rights viaSupersu , download SuperSu for installation via TWRP .
в–є Go to TWRP doInstall .
в–є After installation, do the cleaning.Cache / Dalvik Cache


The results of past surveys
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Attached Image


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Hello. Today came mi5x with pure android. As the seller said, came a huge batch of such mi5x and even competitors. So I think it will be useful to add some instructions on how to return to a similar miui phone. Prompt, whether there is already such a statement?

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Okay, I will try to decrypt the message and to roll flexible1126 miui

According to the results, unsubscribe

Friends and prompt even on such an issue - I can carry out a transfer to redmi 4pro miui 8.5 mi 5x miui at 9?

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So, congratulate, I got)

Do the following (for the type mi 5x "tissot"):

1) According toinstructionswith the command "fastboot getvar product" determine the type of product (you will need a computer with Windows). I got tissot.

2) FindhereXiaomi Mi 5X Latest China Stable Version Fastboot File Download, and press to start the firmware download

3) Extract the firmware archive using 7-zip. And, surprisingly, the first tar will extract a file, then the file is unpacked again unpack 7-zipom. "We packed up the file in the archive, so you can unpack the archive, unpack until" :)

4) Download theherearchive platform_tools.rar, unzip the folder on the C drive, and inside this folder put the extracted files and folders firmware

5) Open the file with notepad flash_all.bat (better notepad ++) and remove the first line (see the word tiffany)

6) Run the file flash_all.bat, the phone naturally must be connected to the PC in fastboot mode. Should start a command prompt and go to some that dvizhuha on the screen (do not know how to call this process properly, can "fill flash").

7) After completing the screen itself will be closed, and the phone will reboot. Will be loaded for a long time, since this is the first launch of miui, so be patient.

About the "dancing with tambourines" flexible1126 user to lock the bootloader until you began to understand. Even I do not understand what the "loader lock" so, to be honest)

Incidentally, the transfer from miui 8.5 to 9 is like, see what happens

upd: shuttle service was excellent, although not all applications were transferred.

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* Updating the theme "What is your type of Xiaomi Mi 5X"
* Updating the theme "Two types of Mi 5X for firmware"
P.s. Decided to add and update threads about different types of Xiaomi Mi 5X, because It appeared on the market new types of smartphones and their methods of firmware

Types Xiaomi Mi 5X. How to determine which type you Xiaomi Mi 5X

At this point, the smartphone market of the CIS countries can be found 4 (1) the type of smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5X
* Tiffany, Oxygen, Tissot, Rosy (+ Xiaomi MI A1). To read each type of use spoilers below

Represent two ways of determining the type of smart phone:
"Quick guide" - A quick way to determine the type of Xiaomi Mi 5X on circumstantial evidence. To find out the type of smartphone to vehicle purchases and make choices
"Detailed instructions" - The exact method of determining the type of Xiaomi Mi 5X with PC and ADB drivers

Express Guide
  1. Turn off the phone and turn it on.
    OnOxygenFirst, after the vibration of about 15 seconds. will be just a black screen (slightly illuminated), then the download starts with MI logo and the bottom will run three points above the inscriptionAndroid .
    OnTiffanywhen the MI logo appears at once, then the download starts with MI logo and the bottom will run three points above the inscriptionAndriod .
    OnTissotwhen the MI logo appears at once, then the download starts with MI logo and the bottom will run three points above the inscriptionAndriod or Andriod one .
    OnRossyFirst, after the vibration of about 15 seconds. will be just a black screen (slightly illuminated), then the download starts with MI logo and the bottom will run three points above the English - Chinese signAndroid зљ„
    - OnXiaomi Mi A1when the MI logo appears at once, then the download starts with MI logo and the bottom will run three points above the inscriptionAndriod one

  2. Turn off your phone and run it in a modefastboot(Hold down the volume button and power button minus).
    OnTiffanyandTissotThe "Rabbit - Chinese" tinkering android.
    OnOxgenandRossywill be a black screen (slightly illuminated)

  3. Turn on your phone and be logged in. The phone's settings go to the item "About phone"
    OnTiffanyin point of the firmware version is the word most oftenNAACNEB (If a good firmware) or NAAMIEB (If self-made)
    OnOxygenin the paragraph on the firmware version specified vendor name, and 5 - digit designation of the firmware (H N67GD4H
    OnTissotinstalled or firmware ported from Xiaomi MI A1, or with self-made MIUI firmware.

  4. Define appearance.
    If (on the back cover) on the back of the device at the bottom of a signMI and the inscription Designed by Xiaomi Assembled in China , This apparatus is Xiaomi Mi 5X.
    Tiffany, Tissot, Oxygen, Rossy- that support MIUI firmware
    If there is a signMI and below the inscription AndroidOne , This unit Xiaomi MI A1 in a box from under the Xiaomi MI 5X

Bonus . Tissot to distinguish the device from Xiaomi MI A1, pay attention to the appearance (Feature 4)
When in doubt, it is better to turn to the reliable determination using fastboot

Detailed instructions how to identify the type of device
You need to install device drivers and ADB. (If they are already installed, you can immediately proceed to step 2)
1. A brief guide to installation of drivers and ADB
  1. Download an archive of driversand installon behalf of the Administrator
  2. Download ADBand unpack to the C drive, the path to the folder to whichregistered in Latin characters
  3. The ADB folder hold Shift and right-click on an empty space in the popup window, select "Open command window".
  4. Translate phone in fastboot mode and connect to a computer

Extract necessarily in a folder on the C drive, where your path only in Latin characters.
If Russian letters will be in the path of error.

2. Translate smartphone fastboot mode
  1. Switch off your phone if it is on. Simultaneously hold down the button "volume minus the" + "switch", the smartphone vibrates button can be released.
    Attached Image

  2. Connect your smartphone to your computer, run the command in the command window
    fastboot devices

Response to the command should be like this:
Attached Image

If the response to this command is empty, the computer does not see the smartphone in fastboot mode (no drivers installed / is not running fastboot mode on your phone / cable is defective)
3. Determine the type of Xiaomi MI 5X
At the command prompt, run the command:
fastboot getvar product

In response to this command, you get the type of Mi5x:
The answer to the type of Tiffany
product: tiffany
The answer to the type of Tissot
product: tissot
The answer to the type of Oxygen
product: oxygen
The answer to the type of Rossy
product: rossy

short Guide
  • Start the phone in fastboot mode and connect to a computer.
  • Execute the commandfastboot getvar product .
  • In response to this command, you get the type of Mi5x:

The answer to the type of Tiffany
product: tiffany
The answer to the type of Tissot
product: tissot
The answer to the type of Oxygen
product: oxygen
The answer to the type of Rossy
product: rossy

Description of the types Xiaomi MI 5X

Product Xiaomi MI 5X"Tiffany"
The original MI 5X with quality assembly and loader under the nickname Tiffany. It is this device with our Xiaomi Mi 5X.
Clean, no "major" interventions from the seller or from the Chinese.
Sew this device as described in the instructions - no more dances with a tambourine.
  • Tiffany type can be locked or unlocked by the loader. (The second most common)
  • Tiffany mounted on official stable English-Chinese firmware, firmware is composed of 4 blocks of numbers (e.g.: or firmware from a seller (in the case of unblocked loader).
  • If you Xiaomi MI 5X with unlocked bootloader from the seller, as is done(With the "magic" or not)unknown, and by and large it does not matter.
    Specifically block the downloader and then unlock with your account is not necessary.

I advise you to buy this type of device

Product Xiaomi MI 5X"Oxygen"
MI 5X Oxygen
The device firmware from the vendor (Most of Vietnam) with unlocked bootloader and a "surprise" in the form of a boot loader on the Xiaomi Mi Max2 under the alias Oxygen
Reinsertion of the device have to be careful and follow the instructions precisely. (Otherwise, the result is a brick)
  • On Oxygen installed custom firmware is localized to more languages, Firmware version consists of a 5-digit blocks. (E.g.
    Attempt to block the bootloader, you should not! will Brick
  • When the firmware follow the instructions set out incap threads

Product Xiaomi MI 5X"Tissot"
Rebuilt"somewhere"machine hybrid. This is a hidden Xiaomi MI 5X Tiffany, but very skillfully podtochennaya and mounted loader out of Xiaomi MI A1 (Why? Who knows ...)
The firmware can be as Miui, and Android One
This type appeared not long ago and maybe bring some difficulties in returning to the firmware MIUI, and the whole back to the Tiffany style.
To distinguish this device from Xiaomi MI A1 is fairly easy. (Androidone no inscriptions on the rear cover) is run and when fastboot we will see the familiar "rabbit from China.
To restore the unit to Tiffany stated in the instructions from theflexible1126 and in detail painted Style2010
After recovery unit turns to Tiffany type

Product Xiaomi MI 5X"Rossy"
The device created Xiaomi plant in Beijing "exclusively" for the Chinese market. (But we know that is created for China - created for the world)
And in a very rare form of catches and outside of China.
1. The machine stitched China Stable ROM MIUI version with all the bells and whistles "for the Chinese people." A firewall is set from the "outside world" (Beyond the Chinese will not work Mobile internet or wi-fi.) And the bootloader installed on the Xiaomi Redmi 5s (Judging by the response and fastboot)
If your hands are accidentally caught, this type of device - do not do anything.Rush to China!

And of course the productXiaomi MI A1
Xiaomi MI A1
In recent years, many sellers of smartphones why - then rub * * Net Xiaomi MI A1 in the box on the Xiaomi MI 5X.
Sometimes, they assured me personally that this is from the MI 5X with MI A1 firmware. (In fact, it is quite different smartphones)
The most interesting is that the IMEI device coincided with IMEI listed in the box! According to this, beware.

Author supplement and update information -I
Thanks to the authors of instructions -temalover , flexible1126

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* savagemessiahzine.commami,
in theory should, but I do not have a smart check, if there is no certainty thatfinish line hand

in the settings of the router is turned on frequency?

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No one has a problem with the Wi fi is not present?
Stable firmware from Miui Pro. When loading of a site, download online videos, or any other action on the Internet through vayfay, Wi fi first 5 - 10 seconds, does not react, and then starts to work.
(Including network speed in the status bar. In fact there is a delay after vayfay works well)

On the firmware from another localizer, a pause is not observed

Rep: (28)
* hondzo,
You wrote that at the last stabilke .eu you slow vayfay. I can still challenge you personally? (ISP, a router, the phone itself)

Rep: (28)
Kind. Maybe someone across? When just bought Tiffany, I checked the camera and it was super basic and selfie. After this went on about, then at ey, and for a long time I did not use selfie. Today was shocked when he decided to take a photo. What is the problem? Your advice. Sitting at home anglokitayskoy but with a good camera, is not desirable.
Attached Image

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Reason for editing: Photo under spoiler

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* california tv ,
Are you sure that this is all the firmware?)

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Trying on the instructions of the cap to unlock the bootloader, created miaakaun through vpn tied to his phone, turn into fastboot, run miunlock and there is an error "Your device is not supported by Mi Unlock" tried several versions miunlock, search online, nothing helped , please tell me nobody nobody solved this problem?

Rep: (28)
* vasya25,
For any intervention in (Ruth, fashion, patch) and even more localized firmware - no way. You can block only with the official firmware Anglo-Chinese

Rep: (10)
Hello, following problem, such as Google chrome turn pages down, and if you do not let go of the finger, and lead him gently on the display there are some that poddergivanie. If motnut and let go smoothly. Tried and android Van and all localization-based miui. Everywhere there are lags, like letters twitch, shake. All of this problem or just me?

Rep: (8)
Who is interested in shooting video with stabilizationCOMPARE

Rep: (0)
hondzo @ 29.12.2017, 14:37*
* vasya25 , Lokalku about what you're saying?
I think that you had a bug when downloading

I have already flashed. And I tried to flash a different kernel. And reset the partition system. And in the firmware file was not found

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Also filed an application on December 14, PXPVN but introduced it in the registration e-mail, phone number nedaval registration, chose China-Shenjen server since China -Honkong nesrabatyvali, took 360 hours, thought to unlock the bootloader Connect your phone to your computer via mi unlock the program enter in E account, and he writes to me that with my mi no account of permits and sends to the site. It turns out that I waited in vain 15 days, and now that I'm an Account created during the registration process PXPVN asking for money that connect the server. I created a new registration of another post, and again chose the same as the instructions on the only China-Shenjen, but I again prozhdu 15 days and the same garbage. What am I doing netak please help.

Rep: (7)
As I understand it, we have three of these, who waited for 360 hours and still get the error in the mi unlock - "Your device is not supported by Mi Unlock" with a proposal to go to the website to apply. Maybe they even increased the time to unlock (((

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* kalyanblinoff ,
You should not register with the phone. MI is necessary to register an account on the site. From there to apply for permission to remove the boot loader on the devices. Then this account to connect to the phone, and via telephone to apply for unlocking a specific device

Rep: (79)
* kalyanblinoff ,
Here is a guide, how to create and connect Mi account.
External links -https://miui.su/faq/in...er-i-ego-razblokirovke

Rep: (79)
* formula76 ,

* Main - found. imeipro.info outstanding results: Phone model: MI A1 MDG2
You can calm down and juzat "naked" droid))) *

Discussion with the theme Mi A1

That's how determined the authenticity of the type Xiaomi Mi A1

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* Saymanr ,
I agree. Also always gives an error at the end of the firmware of the process, but the system is loaded and running with no errors.
It is rather due to the fact that we have TWRP with boot protection, thereby giving the firmware back on it can not change the boot

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