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Xiaomi Mi 5X - MIUI firmware

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Xiaomi Mi 5X - MIUI firmware
ATiffany, Oxygen, Tissot
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Important information!
Drivers and Utilities
For our deviceNOT and WILL NOT BE official Global (Globe ROM) firmware!
In order to use the Multi-Pagan (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazakh, etc.) firmware, use the firmware from Localizers!

Official firmware (Installation via Recovery and Mi Flash)
Localized firmware (Installation only through Recovery)

Author firmware. Ports (Installation only through Recovery)


» How to find out what type of Xiaomi MI 5X you have || + Another way
Instructions for firmware firmware

Recovery Instructions
Other useful instructions

Root, Recovery, Modems
» What is Root?
Short installation instructions for Root
в–є To install root rights viaSupersu , download SuperSu for installation via TWRP .
в–є Go to TWRP doInstall .
в–є After installation, do the cleaning.Cache / Dalvik Cache


The results of past surveys
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Reason for editing: TWRP Red Wolf / Baltik / 3.3.1 mod

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Put TWRP with boot protectionfrom here. When I go into TWRP, asks for a password. He introduced the one installed on your phone - did not work, although the previous rekaveri everything was ok. Disabled password in the phone, again went - still asks for a password. In general, I have updated the firmware, but wipe cache and cache dalvik do because of this could not. Maybe someone knows why?

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mm ... I mean, now it official English-Chinese firmware, Tiffany apparatus, it is this picture is loaded vertically downwards
Attached Image

take and brazenly burn firmware can be informal. but the phone is still with us and remains blocked in the second test device suspected something was wrong, and "Power off".

Well, as it so happened with Redmi 3? the old phone and then the authentication procedure was easier to get around and it is not a problem?

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Dnipro55 @ 20.11.17, 23:17*
How not to get in the self-made kit. piercing with the purchase?

Global firmware not if the phone will be the Russian language - called firmware podvalnaya..tak flops.
But nothing to apply for razblokirvku, unlock and flash the firmware localized.

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Pro unlock bootloader

From 13.11.2017 Xiaomi Mi5x receive the maximum count of 360 hours to wait before unlocking.

    Overall unlocking procedure is as follows:
  • Obtaining permission to unlock -> Adding devices for unlocking -> Expectation -> Unlock
  • 360 hours - the time that is necessary to wait from the time you press the buttonAdd account and device on the menu Mi Unlock status First attempts to unlock.
  • MistakeCurrent account is not bound to this device means that your device is not linked to your account to unlock mi.
    Attached Image

  • MistakeBinding time is too short, Less than XX hours or After XX hours of trying to unlock the device , Which means that the waiting time has not elapsed and tells how much time is left to wait to unlock attempts.
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  • This counter does not pass and do not accelerate. Just wait.
  • Other ways to unlock the bootloader on Mi5x does not exist, install the custom firmware is only possible on the phone with an unlocked bootloader.
  • With EDL can install any firmware to bypass the blockage, but they will not workWhy?

Details and discussion in the profile subject -Unlocking XIAOMI bootloaders

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I tried to flash TWRP just thrown on the SD got out a menu of three items in the Chinese ...

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* ravon1000,
Unlocking XIAOMI bootloaderswill be clearer when oznakomishsya

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* vleda,
The question yet binding on all the good mail? I just do not want to put the sim card to this phone.

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ravon1000 @ 21.11.17, 21:07*
yet binding on all the good mail?


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* ravon1000 ,
Bind on Account ID.

Rep: (3374)
rive188 @ 21.11.17, 21:22*
Bind on Account ID.

Always tie in the mail, all smoothly and gladko.raznitsi not, the main entrance one indifikatorom.

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* max9620 ,
Oh, pofludim little.
Yes, in principle there is no difference, ID, mail room. As for me, with letters and password when you first start there were difficulties with the registration. Id through all normal matter.

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yamakasin @ 22.11.17, 06:21*
* No attempt to transition to the normal form of application unfortunately failed. stuck (

the site offers to create a nickname. in the browser, it is desirable in the private tab, do all manipulations on the site.
in the header there are instructions about razlok bootloader. but the instruction of the same man in the application process.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRobZq1l-dA&lc=
Do not think for flood .... and throw a link in the header. many would be useful, though it's not from this forum thread.

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* yamakasin,
Here ismay help.

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Good afternoon everyone

Tell me, please, encountered a problem.

Apparatus: tiffany, come to the store with an unlocked bootloader

Problem: I am TWRP 3.1.1, set miui 9 v7.1.9 - everything is OK. Decided to upgrade to version 7.1.16 with firmware from TWRP all the time there is an error:
mount: failed to mount / dev / block // bootdevice / by-name / firmware
no such file or directory
unmount of / firmware failed; no such volume

Went through all the firmware in the header, the error is the same. Interestingly, some of the firmware after an error continue the installation. Now the unit is working on a new version 7.1.16, but worried about the emergence of such an error.

Who knows what is the reason and how to treat?


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lek_x @ 22.11.17, 12:30*
I flashed the TWRP 3.1.1


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* max9620,

No, when sewed TWRP this post has not yet been ((

If I update the rekaveri, excesses would not be?


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* lek_x Not updated. It would be better not to.

Rep: (2)
* Krokus67 ,

What exactly will change?

P.S. Phone should be given to a person, the main thing that there were no problems and glitches.

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Who sits on a weekly MIUI.SU from the latest versions of TWRP in piercing through all the error в„–7 and firmware installed and working WI-FI, or just me?

Rep: (3374)
lek_x @ 22.11.17, 15:12*
If I update the rekaveri, excesses would not be?

It should not, I think prooblema was TVRP.

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