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Thanks for the help with the logopro100volk2016 ,

What is this place?
  • Here you can tellABSOLUTELY any story you want and any number.
  • History does not have to be a certain genre, anything! Up to the point that you can tell the story of your life on behalf of the character who went into the tavern.
  • Logically complete your entry into the tavern is not necessary.
  • In general, this is the same role-playing forum game as all the others, with one exception. Worlds and history you create yourself. Want to be a god who was overthrown and lowered to the ground, who now wants to return to its former power. A buddhist monk who has gained enlightenment and is now lowering his fruits, a Great Warrior who has gone through countless battles or a simple man with his destiny who has gone through certain intervals of his life and now just wants peace.
  • Share your story with actors or other players, let them learn more about your past.

Little rules of the worldtaverns:
Disclaimer:Whoever you are"GOD", "Clint Iswoodwood", "Bourne", "Witcher", "Trotsky", "Rodion Raskolnikov"or"Chuck Norris"
All the laws of the world of your history do not apply in the tavern.
  1. If you are tired of your character and you want to start for another, start a new one.
  2. You can communicate with each other characters
  3. The tavern is not on a certain site (field, mountain, lake). She is there where you find it necessary.
  4. Also, the tavern itself is limitless. (rooms, tables, bar counters infinitely)
  5. Throw a spoiler under your story.

Sample game:
The wooden door opened and the Great Barbarian came to the threshold and sat at the first table.
The waitress Maria ran up to him,
- What will you order?
- Honey beer!
Seeing that the drinks this man orders are not cheap, and anticipating the drink, Vitya sat down with Varvara.
“You must have seen many worlds and battles, tell me.”
- Hmm .. I have a few of those.
Here is your story

Characters who are in our institution:

After the arrival of your character, communicating with them and performing some actions, they return to their positions.

Bartender Garcia Steel Shoulder
Pitch black hair thick down to the shoulders
Pronounced Spaniard. Dark skin, black eyes.
Body type
Garcia is involuntarily called the steel shoulder, his steel arm, he himself has a small tummy, which he is very proud of.
Waitress maria
Maria has pretty long, straight hair and iridescent, peach-colored. Well-groomed, as the girl cherishes them. Always loose, the tips of the hair curl a little, but this only adds to their elegance. Maria has no chelles, her forehead always remains open to the sun. And they are long to the waist than she is very proud of, although she wants to grow hair even longer.
Maria is distinguished by her pretty face of regular oval shape. Although due to the sour cream skin, it can be mistaken for a porcelain doll. Her eyes are bluish with a green overflow. Pretty kind and even shine in the light. Eyelashes are short, barely noticeable. Her nose is small, with a pointed sharp tip up. This indicates her extreme curiosity. Cheekbones do not stand out, but this is only with her stone face. When her sweet smile blossoms, small dimples appear on the pinkish cheeks, and cheekbones become noticeable. And her lips are thin, slightly pale. The chin is slightly extended forward. The neck is thin and long.
Body type
Thin and fragile. It seems that only you touch, and it will immediately break like porcelain.
The guard Valera
Valera is short-cut, almost bald.
height 183cm, gray-green eyes, dark skin, facial scars give him a former war, which took place more than one battle
Body type
Shoulder and tighten
Stands near the entrance door
Cat Frank
Red cat, which is constantly silent and looks at visitors with its green eyes. His deep gaze betrays indifference to everything that happens, as long as there is a place to warm up.
Local Drinker Victor
Constantly dirty, long curls.
The skin has grown old obviously wrinkled prematurely due to problems with alcohol.
Body type
Thin, affected by the replacement of food with alcohol.
Description of the characters who came and told their story (Real people):
pro100volk2016- SniperStory
uspex84- Nikitos;Story
Zmejj- Rodion Raskolnikov
Ramstik- EugeneStory
SigmaTel71- FranzStory
uu7jf- Yoshi and the Master in one person: lol:Story
Bfzill- Garishan
hlay11- DylanStory
-ATOM +- GodricStory

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Perhaps I'll start first:

A terrible blizzard howls, a man wading through snowdrifts through the snowdrifts.
With each step, the forces left him, his feet became more petrified, and his breathing slowed.

- God, I do not feel the hands. - in a hoarse barely audible voice said the man.

He stopped for a second to take a breath. His legs gave way from powerlessness, he fell.
He felt with his cheek, the chilling touch of snow. His eyelids were heavy, the outlines of the world were becoming blurred. A faint light appeared in the distance, and dark outlines were seen against its background. Unable to resist, he closed his eyes.
Dark outlines appeared above him, lifted and carried to the light.

- Good morning. I heard a voice.

The rustling intensified around him, he slightly opened his eyes, his eyelids were heavy like stones.
Beside him was the outline of a man's female figure. As soon as his eyes opened, he saw a beautiful girl with white hair like the snow standing over him, her hands were so tender, and there was a sweet smile on her face.

- Who are you? From where - She said.
- I ... I ...

And once again weakened, he fell into a dream ...

Story part 1
The island had beautiful weather, the blue ocean was flowing in soft waves to the shore, and just barely audibly fell back into the blue abyss.
The sun's rays illuminated a small house on the ocean, penetrating into the room fell on a wooden double bed covered with white sheets.
Herman woke up from the beating sun rays through the window.
Next to him on the bed was a brute, flawlessly built, dark-haired woman. He pressed his hand to her cheek, gently holding his thumb. He could feel the goosebumps and a slight trembling all over his body. He moved his hand, barely touching her delicate skin with the fingertips, on her neck, shoulder, reaching the palm of his hand, he took it and began to watch her chest rise from breathing, her lips change gradually, transforming into smile.
- Good morning, kitten. (She said in her thin voice, gradually opening her eyes.).
- Good morning. (He said and gently moved his nose to her nose).
She playfully turned over on her stomach. And dug her nose into the pillow. He looked at her beautiful back, drove it with his fingertips, going down to her feet.
- You are so beautiful, there are no such words to describe your beauty.
- Maybe you can describe it in another way. (She said playfully).
He kissed her shoulder, back, hands gently as if by any careless movement he could scare away his happiness. Each of his kiss created an unusually beautiful feeling, she felt butterflies inside her belly, like goosebumps running over her body. She rolled onto her back. She looked into his brown, deep, loving eyes. She shook his black hair and put her hand to her cheek, pulled her lips to her lips and kissed her very passionately.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
- I'll be right back (Herman said frustrated).
Throwing a towel over his waist, he walked to the door, opened it and saw the butt of a machine gun flying to his face. Then everything became dark.

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The price for the tabledot and the pardon for the Kimmerian one, wandered around them notably, a sorcerer in exile Garishan (Pirosiuk), wait for the price of pearls and hairpins with nagovorami.V dust of 7 kingdoms - carrot juice. And after the policy after ..

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The man opened his eyes, the room was quiet. His hand was in a basin with some kind of liquid, and some herbs were lying next to the basin. He tried to lift himself, it was painful throughout his body, as if thousands of needles had pierced him at the same time. Throwing off his blanket, he crouched. His head hurt from excessive sleep. He stood up, in his head dimmed for a second, staggered and moved to a chair with clothes. Dressing in his rags and putting on his boots, he found that the clothes were washed and smelled of pleasant velvety herbs. He boiled the door and went downstairs. Below, he found a huge hall, in the center of which there was a huge chandelier with candles, a bald, healthy man was standing at the door, and in the center was a bar with chairs, a girl with peach-colored hair and a thin, fragile waist like porcelain ran past him.
- ABOUT! Are you woke up! come on, sit down. (A man of Spanish appearance with a steel hand told him).
The man came down and sat down at the bar. A man with a steel hand took out a glass and brought it to the tap, dark liquid with foam flowed from the tap by itself, he held out a glass filled to the top of a man.
- I have no money. (The man said incredulously looking at the Spaniard)
The Spaniard silently with a smile on his face gave the man a glass.
The man incredulously took it in his hand and saw his reflection in it. Unshaped beard, dark greasy hair covering ears and scar on cheek. Not much after a while he took a sip. There was a taste of wheat and yeast in his mouth.
- What's your name? (The Spaniard asked while rubbing his glasses).
- Dylan. (The man said, savoring the liquid in his mouth, and putting the glass on the table).
- My name is Garcia, that girl Maria running around with a tray, a big guy near Valera’s door, and that drinker who sits with a huge barbarian Victor, he is our frequenter. Feel at home here, everything has been paid for you.

Part 2
Grisha was looking at his reflection in the mirror through a mist of steam in the shower. He looked into his eyes, thinking about his problems: "debts, loans, low wages, not favorite work" - And why am I here? in this world? With these thoughts, he came out of the shower. Wiping himself with a towel, he walked, not hurrying to the side of his small kitchen, a small apartment, opened the refrigerator, and found there only milk 2 weeks ago.
- Even nothing to eat (grunted Grisha under his breath).
From despair closed the refrigerator, sat down on a chair. Silence. She swallowed him, the cold walls with black and white wallpaper depicted on them with cheerful faces, as luck would have betrayed only self-loathing.
- Another day spent aimlessly will be today, and then back to work. (He thought to himself).
His thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the telephone, the display showed the expression of a smiling guy. Grisha really wanted to get rid of the synchronization of photos from social networks, but for him it was beyond his understanding, he didn’t perceive modern technologies and didn’t try to figure them out, so every time he had to see other people’s faces captured in happy moments, he also wanted happy moments, but he did not have them.
Meanwhile, the phone began to show one missed call. Grisha did not want to dismiss the notice of a missed call, knowing that he would again see a photo of a smiling guy as if saying to him: “Haha, look, I’m happy and you’re not.”
Suddenly the doorbell rang. Grisha again departed from his thoughts. And at first I even thought that I was going crazy, because he had not expected anyone to visit, and the guests had not been to his apartment. He paused and decided to wait for the call to be repeated in order to make sure that he was not insane. The call was repeated. Grisha went to the door.
- Who's there? (There was no eye in his door).
- Open please, it is the help of homeless animals. We offer to buy lemonade, and all proceeds will go to the acquisition of food and maintenance of stray animals. (There was a sweet girl's voice, even close to the “girlish” one, because of the door).
Her voice was so sweet and spoke so confidently that Grisha didn’t have any doubts that this lovely creature was telling the truth.
Grisha opened the door and saw in front of him a girl of thirteen or fourteen with a sweet smile on his face. Her piercing eyes of blue eyes did not even melt his heart for a long time.
- How much is?
- Sixty rubles.
Grisha took the money out of his pocket and handed it to the girl.
- Give three. (Maybe I can do something useful for this world, he thought.)
She smiled and gave lemonade to Grisha. Grisha took the bottles, said "thank you" and closed the door.
He returned to the table, sat down on a chair and began to look at the labels on the bottles, they wrote "Cold Mountain" lemonade and the signature "We appreciate what we have."
- They appreciate (Grisha said with a slight smile on his face).
He unscrewed the cap, there was a characteristic sound of gas release, he took a sip, his mouth filled with a pleasant hiss and the taste of the "bell" so reminiscent of childhood.
He didn’t drink a lot of liquid in his mouth, swallowed it, the aftertaste was pleasant, he greedily drank the floor of the bottle.
Suddenly, everything swam around, he fell to the floor, his body no longer obeyed him, everything became foggy, his eyelids became heavy. In a blurry outline, he saw girlish legs in blue sandals in front of him.
- What? (He stretched out, trying to raise his head higher and see the face).
Then he was no longer in the grave and he plunged into infinity ...

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He walked along the CEZ, plunged into the anomaly, turned out to be here.

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* pro100volk2016 , because of the stand, looked askance at you, you entered without even introducing yourself.

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I apologize where are my moners my name is Sniper * bowed *

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* pro100volk2016 how interesting, sit down, what will you drink? asked Garcia politely.

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* hlay11 ,
It depends on the menu.

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* pro100volk2016 , Rum, beer, ale, whiskey, and other interesting drinks of the highest grades.

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* hlay11 ,
Perhaps I would prefer a respected whiskey * looked questioningly *

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* pro100volk2016 , My name is Garcia, the Spaniard said courageously.
That girl Maria running around with a tray, a big guy near Valera’s door, and that drinker who sits with a huge barbarian Victor, is our frequenter.
Tell us how you got here, and Maria will now get the crown Royal from 1965 from our basement.

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The story of Nikitos
Hey. My name is Nikita. I am two years old. And I-no not an alcoholic — I'm a space traveler.
Probably it is worth telling a little about myself so that the picture is more holistic. I am glad that here I can speak as it is, without embellishment, juvenile "usi-pusi", and another similar heresy with which these "smart, correct, etc." zadolbali . " adults.
So, my story began when I was a year old with a little tail, I hope a little more to grow up, and someday, when I’m old, I will say thirteen with a big tail. Well, it's all the lyrics and deviations from the main story of my story. Although, there will be more digressions and a small trolley. So get ready, my respectful readers, for the most sparkling and discouraging story of this hour.
Strange of course, but for some reason everyone perceives babies as small, brainless little men. Guys, I’ll tell you a secret, this is not a fig! You would remember how wonderful this feeling of unity with the universe is that is given to everyone from birth, by the way. When all the answers to the questions that have not yet been fully formed are clear. The Universal Reason is yes, just stunning. That is why babies do not walk, and do not say, they are in Nirvana. And they have to learn the new world around them again due to the fact that every day the connection with the Universe becomes foggy. In the brain there are no longer clear images, but some kind of ripples. It was like snowing, at first fine, and then intensifying every minute, and here you are in the midst of a snowstorm, there is a veil around you, there’s nothing to catch on your brain, there’s nothing ... It’s scary, guys ... And at that moment you have to open your eyes to a new reality. Look for images, similarities, and very quickly you begin to forget everything that was before.
Intrigue was? Hooked? Hee hee. I made it all up. In fact, everything was much more prosaic.
I was sitting at the table, and Dad fed me some, well, very tasty, in his opinion, semolina. I, accordingly, didn’t want this disgusting thing, and did my best to get rid of this purely mocking idea. Therefore, twisted, kicked and ... slammed. But not on the floor, under the feet of the bat, and not immediately.
For a start, I hung up, still waving my arms, absurdly, over some unknown surface. It was not linoleum, not carpet or even tile, as in the bathroom. It looked something soft, warm and gentle. "Energetic densified substance" - surfaced in my head. As it surfaced, it floated farther on its way, I hardly realize such heavy words.
I do not know how much I hung, looking at this miracle, but I was fed up with order and started to have a thought to land, then I would have to run in my case. And, lo and behold, my thoughts were heard and I ... finally slammed ...
To be continued...

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* came out of the tavern with the words * I'm sorry, I clearly lack the art of composing stories ...

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Rodion Raskolnikov, hello. How are you with the proceeds in the tavern things?

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* Zmejj ,
“Rodion,” one of the visitors intervened in the conversation, I think their revenues are not that good. After all, the end of the fall is not the season. Look, visitors have missed themselves once, twice. And where did you come from, what did you see, did you hear? Tell me, but then I am completely wild, with no news from the outside world. "

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* uspex84,
I walked through the woods, looking for an arrow everywhere o.O Not, not that ...
I walk here looking for adventures: yes: And with the newsgood carhelp: yes:

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* Zmejj,
To you imperceptibly ran Maria
- What will you order?
Her kind eyes, bluish in color with a tinge of green, looked at you with all the tenderness and warmth that was warming in my soul.

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* hlay11,
Beer and roasted pig, and grinding stone - you need to fix the hatchet.

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* Zmejj,
- Of course.
Maria ran to the bar counter and whispered to something in Garcia’s ear, then retired to the cellar.
After a while, Maria returned with a glass of freshly uncorked barrel of Honey Beer. Put you on the table. Solemnly announced that the pig would be ready in 35 minutes, wished a pleasant evening and left.

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* hlay11,
Beer standards: ok: figured the distance to the bar, and nicely smiled bartenderhand groping an ax handle} -)

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