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What company do you use?
YiTechnology [ 28 ] ** [23,14%]
Feiyutech [ 30 ] ** [24,79%]
Zhiyun [ 27 ] ** [22,31%]
Sjcam [ 0 ] ** [0%]
Other company [ 6 ] ** [4,96%]
Not using [ 30 ] ** [24,79%]
Total votes: 121

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FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions
- Are Yi 4k camera accessories compatible with Yi4k +?
Yes, accessories are fully compatible (Clarification:
Not all frames and covers are suitable. In 4K, both microphones are located on top, and in 4K + one on the side)
- What kind of flash card to buy?
Due to the fact that the camera shoots 4k 60fps, the microSD UHS-I U3 memory card is recommended. For whom in shooting 4k there is no urgent need, microSD of the 10th class will suit also. Supports up to 256Gb. It is strongly recommended not to buy bundles with Chinese noname cards on Chinese trading floors.
- How long does the battery last?
4K 50k / s with the screen off, full charge was enough for 1 hour 12 minutes, 2.7K 50k / s - 1 hour 33 minutes.
- Is there support for an external microphone?
Yes there is. To do this, you must buy a strictly original Usb Type C adapter - Jack 3.5mm. Next, connect absolutely any external microphone to it.
- Is there support for third-party lenses?
Yes there is. But when replacing the lens, you do everything strictly at your own peril and risk. Before replacing the lens is recommended to usevideo instruction..
- Does the touchscreen work in the native aquabox?
No, the touchscreen will not work. There are two ways out of this situation.
1. The camera has a special mode: "aquabox". When switching to this mode, navigation through the menu is done with one button on the camera.
2. Buy akvabok third party. The back cover of the box fits snugly to the touchscreen, which allows you to control the camera as if it were not in the aquabox. The quality of aquaboxes from third-party manufacturers is quite low. Be careful when choosing and using.
- Is the native button waterproof?
Not. But personally, he drowned her once, was in the water for about 10 seconds. He rubbed, removed the silicone case, opened the connector with the battery. Inside was dry. No more bathed.
- Is YI's own selfie stick waterproof?
Yes, you can bathe. But after swimming there may be problems with the opening of the stick. It is recommended to use the intended monopod for swimming.
Recommended accessories

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Greenn @ 11.01.19, 11:59*
How to make a screen?

you need a cable that would be with a metal outer sheath. and from the two ends to power it to a minus. This is if you do samopal. Thus, the idea should be cut off external noise, if it is a tip.

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so and still balancing does not suffer?

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* flypip ,
The cable tends a little down the camera, and so, if not in the tension and give allowance for the course, then the rules. Well, do a cable calibration
The impetus goes precisely when mounting the microphone to the stub, regardless of the place of attachment

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A difficult moment, there may be microvibrations transmitted from the stub, you can try to get rid of this if you attach a microphone through a pad of some kind of soft.

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* flypip ,
So it seems that I attach the clothespin not to the microphone itself, but to the cord, the microphone loosely dangles. It is necessary to disconnect the cord from the stub, take a little to the side - the background disappears

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Well, microvibrations can also be transmitted through the cord, try to take a wire during the shooting without touching the stub, without holding it with a clothespin, whether the background will be

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* flypip ,
Need to try. About the gasket, by the way, is an interesting idea. There is self-adhesive foam, you can stick

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Hello. I think to buy this camera to shoot video and record sound from a mixing console pioneer. Someone tried how the sound writes in what stereo format via YUSB-S. what cable is needed? thank

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Hello. I think to buy this camera to shoot video and record sound from a mixing console pioneer. Someone tried how the sound writes in what stereo format via YUSB-S. what cable is needed? thank

According yusb like writing mono. In many instances, the sound is written with distortion at 25, 50 fps.

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* karcevgo, "sound from a pioneer mixing console" is what is this about? if you fool around with sound, only a separate recorder is recommended.

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Tell me please, is there such a stray on yi 4k plus?
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Archangelus @ 01/19/19, 04:37*
Tell me please, is there such a stray on yi 4k plus?

Horrible. Although 5 years ago it was probably cool.
Aquabox and stick do not flood your hands.

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Goryna @ 01/23/19, 01:07*
Aquabox and stick do not flood your hands.

Well, aquabox does not solve the problem of the dome. The dome allows you to make a picture at the junction of water and air.

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Tell me please. I have yi Gimbal 2. It feels like it's not standing straight, but 10 degrees to the left. Horizon like holds. But this corner infuriates.

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Kovalev1979 @ 01.30.19, 14:13*
Horizon like holds. But this corner infuriates.

Once the video on the horizon is OK, then there is nothing to rage about. :) You can start the calibration according to the standard instructions.

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* shraybikus ,
Calibration launched. All the old way. Yes, it is not a problem that looks a little. The main thing is not to be a signal of a malfunction.

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I purchased the stabilizer WG2X, but the instruction is only in English and Chinese, so I can not use the stabilizer to the full. Someone will tell you where to get it or send instructions in Russian (namely WG2X). In addition, tell me, it works in the FeiyuTech Smart Remote with the remote control, for some reason it doesn't work for me. I would like to understand whether the console is not working or there is no such function in this stabilizer, which would be very sad.

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And in response to silence ....

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* hut,
here is not peekaboo. if they do not answer, then there are no WG2X owners and there is nothing to answer.

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Smoke @ 03/17/19 06:08*
And in response to silence ....

If only there was a desire, then from February 19 it was already possible to translate the som with the glory, I’m not talking about electronic online translators.

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