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You can also see here.
There are two links to Opia _-_ Cutalogue through rapidshare

tama404 not found : blink:

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URBANUTS, there is no 404 not found , there all links to files are broken - 2007 ..
Barely found .. Now I’ll download and post it on some exchanger in a new way ..
In the meantime, I downloaded only this ..Attached filecutalogue_official_snippets.rar(42.05 MB)

Filled ..

akoin Now I have a cool number - 333 :-)

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Good afternoon friends! Please help me find the song "A Sea Sea Sea Sea" in my opinion is performed by Adrano Celentano, an advertisement for MTS. From me +

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Karmannik_110 @ 6.7.09, 18:40*
"And the sea, sea, sea" in my opinion is performed by Adrano Celentano

Attached fileadriano_celentano ___ amore_no.mp3(4.76 MB)

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Please share if anyone else has a pair of three terribly nostalgic gizmos:
"Musician" by K. Nikolsky, "Clouds", an old little thing, in my opinion the Sky group performed it most sincerely, if I’m not mistaken ... "grass is raging over the ground" .... I won't say anything about rehashing Petlyura, because she is extremely unsuccessful, and the "Road" by Oleg Mityaev.
Oh, something pulled me into nostalgia ......... :)

Posted on 07/06/2009, 21:16:

Only if you post it, do not put a spoiler, on the opera mini it does not work.

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Out79 @ 6.7.09, 22:16*
Please share if anyone has

Attached file01_Oblaka.mp3(2.42 MB)
Attached fileDorogaMityaev.mp3(2.83 MB)
Attached file07_muzykant.mp3(9.69 MB)

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akoin ATP huge scale. :)
Here is another idea, but I don’t know if anyone has it. I’ve been looking for the very first version of The Last Poem for verses by Robindronat Tagore from the movie You Never Had Dreamed. I already have two rehashings of this song on the flash drive, including the late re-replay of I. Otieva herself, but this is the very version that sounds in the film, where the young Otieva never found. :(
And there was another such group, “Baba Yaga,” they had one beautiful little thing, “so ends another day”. Share pliz who is not difficult.

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Out79 @ 7.7.09, 7:47*
"The last poem"

Of course, the song is the same, but late re-singing or not did not determine :(
Attached fileOtievaVam_i_ne_snilos.mp3(6.22 MB)

group "Baba Yaga"

Attached fileSo_ends_another_day.mp3(10.12 MB)

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akoin , yes, this is the very first version of The Last Poem, and it is it that sounds in the film “You Never Had A Dream,” I say this as an expert on this song. :)))))) Thank you very much!

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Looking for a ringtone from "Give Youth." He played at the end of issue 4 under the title "Take the pipe - this is your friend from work. I told you - her family is idiots"
At the office. site answer this question with a flood of 3 pages<_<
A cut is attached (the quality is of course good, only an extraneous whisper does not fit)
Attached fileVozmi_trubu.mp3(117.68 KB)

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please give noize mc antenna

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RILL 50 @ 7.7.09, 21:54*
noize mc

Herecame in?

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AleXxx_moD @ 7.7.09, 17:40*
"Give youth"

If most of the songs are performed by Sangaji Tarbaev, then in this direction, I think, and we must look.
For example:
Attached fileSangadzhi_Tarbaev ___ Daesh ___ Molodezh_.mp3(1.25 MB)

Attached fileSangadzhi_Tarbaev ___ Naprasnye_slova.mp3(1.21 MB)

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akoin I think that this ringtone is not anywhere. Maybe you can somehow remove extraneous sounds?

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AleXxx_moD @ 8.7.09, 0:29*
remove extraneous sounds?

Let's move hereArchive of sounds (Post # 2950896)

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no there

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please give tracks from 14 independent battles ( such as 228, box and sight mc
first round rumor has it
second round secret desires
magician's third round box
and from the 13th
sight mc-on the shelves of eras
hip hop box is hate

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RILL_50, Found Noize MC - in the attachment. Choose which one is better ..
Are you friends with torrents?
Yeah and here is 13 -
Attached fileNoize_MC ___ Antenny__Live_.mp3(4.79 MB)
Attached fileNoize_MC ___ Antenny__Live__2.mp3(3.69 MB)
Attached fileNoize_MC ___ Antenny__Live__3.mp3(4.79 MB)

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There is another song which I would like to ask to share if anyone has it.
K. Nikolsky, “Something happened in my city” is called, if I’m not mistaken.
Thank you in advance. :)

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Out79 @ 8.7.09, 17:39*
K. Nikolsky, "Something happened in my city"

Only this Resurrection, in principle, the same thing: rolleyes:
Attached filesluchilosj_chto_to_v_gorode_moyom.mp3(7.54 MB)

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