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Nokia Lumia 830

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When I woke up one fine morning, I found that the sound was missing on my phone. I did not throw the phone, I did not wet it, I took care of it and cherished it. Well, okay, I thought, later figure out, while on vibro mode I drive. But it was not there - the next morning the phone was already without vibration. And in both cases, before going to bed everything was in order, but with the awakening it was already broken. Since I didn’t do anything illegal with the phone, I decided that this was more a matter of the brain than of the gland. At first, just reset the settings - it did not help. Then it was updated through the official utility from WP 8.1 to 10 - also to no avail. So, such a question, is it worth it to try to reflash it, and not to upgrade? And if to flash, then what is the best way to do it?
Thank you in advance.

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