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TP-Link Archer C7 (AC1750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router)- Discussion
Wi-Fi Router 802.11a / b / g / n / ac | 2.4GHz frequency (450Mbit \ s) | 5GHz frequency (1300Mbit \ s) | LAN 4x1000Mbit \ s | USB 2x2.0 type A |

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Interface 4 LAN ports 10/100/1000 Mbit / s
1 10/100/1000 Mbps WAN port
2 USB 2.0 ports
Buttons WPS / Reset Button
Wireless on / off button (wireless on / off)
Power On / Off Button
External power supply 12 V DC / 2.5 A
Dimensions (WxLxH) 243 x 160.6 x 32.5 mm
Antenna type 3 removable 5 GHz antennas with 5 dBi gain (RP-SMA)
3 internal 2.4 GHz antennas

IEEE 802.11ac / n / a wireless standards for 5 GHz frequency
IEEE 802.11b / g / n for the 2.4 GHz frequency
Frequency range (receive and transmit) 2400-2483.5 MHz
5150-5350 MHz
5 GHz transmission speed: up to 1300 Mbps
2.4 GHz: up to 450 Mbps
Sensitivity (reception) 5 GHz пјљ
11a 6 Mbps -96 dBm
11a 54 Mbps: -79 dBm
11ac HT20: -71 dBm
11ac HT40: -66 dBm
11ac HT80: -63 dBm
2.4 GHz
11g 54M: -77 dBm
11n HT20: -74 dBm
11n HT40: -72 dBm
EIRP (Wireless Power)<20 dBm or<100 mW
Wireless functions Enable / disable wireless broadcast, WDS bridge, WMM, wireless connection statistics
Wireless Security Encryption Modes: 64/128-bit WEP, WPA / WPA2, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK

QoS (data prioritization) WMM, bandwidth control
WAN connection type Dynamic IP / Static IP / PPPoE /
PPTP (Dual Access) / L2TP (Dual Access) / BigPond
Management Access Control
Local management
Remote control
DHCP server, client, list of DHCP clients,
address reservation
Port Forwarding Virtual Server, Port Triggering, UPnP, DMZ
Dynamic DNS DynDns, Comexe, NO-IP
VPN traffic pass PPTP, L2TP, IPSec
Access Control Parental Control, Local Management Control, Node List, Scheduled Access, Rules Management
Network security (firewall) Protection against DoS attacks, SPI firewall, filtering by IP address / MAC address, domain name, binding by IP and MAC address
Protocols Supports IPv4 and IPv6
Shared via USB Support Samba (storage device) / FTP server / media server / print server
2.4 GHz guest network guest network
one 5 GHz guest network

CE, FCC, RoHS certification
Package Archer C7
3 removable antennas
Power adapter
Ethernet cable
Quick Setup Guide
System Requirements Microsoft Windows 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, Vista в„ў or Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10
MAC OS, NetWare, UNIX or Linux
Environmental Parameters Operating Temperature: 0 в„ѓ - 40
Storage temperature: -40 в„ѓ - 70 в„ѓ
Operating Humidity: 10% - 90%, without condensation
Humidity during storage: 5% - 90%, without condensation
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Tell me, does the router have a WiFi distribution setting on a schedule (at a specified time)?

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In the firmware of the router V.4 there is a tab - "Parental Control". You can set the time.

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Who bought this car?) How does it work?

I bought it, the firmware is like in a hat, there is no newer site, and this is sad, because it loses the Internet, for example, it’s not very comfortable to play, frequent network losses, crashes and it’s not pleasant to play, I would score for it, but fall off, straight disappear for two minutes.

And according to the 4th version, there is almost nothing on the Internet, and I don’t see any complaints, can there be any secrets?

I would be glad as well information about its stability from other users!

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Archer C7 v2.0 + LEDE v17.01.4 no problems whatsoever. Comp + 3 smart + 2tv box + 2tv. Covers the entire apartment, there are no dumps, the stated speed gives for both frequencies.
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I bought a Tp-Link AC 1750 router (Archer C7 (RU)) on October 5th. Unfortunately, the model ver.4.0. (I read good reviews about version v.2). October 17 is frozen. I was surprised because The older TP-Link WR741ND model has not been frozen for years. I just wanted to buy a gigabyte router with 5 GHz standard support. October 22 is again frozen. I called the support service - surprised. Asked, next time, send a log if I can enter the interfaceher router hangs.

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* viktor340 ,
Here I have the same story, some positive reviews about older versions. About 4 is nothing, but I think many will not be happy.

I use the 3rd week, you can only stablly download movies) for surfing the Internet or it’s extremely unpleasant to play on the phone online, as it cannot stably hold. Micro-friezes, pages do not open periodically. Different settings tried and zero sense.

Extremely upset and waiting for the firmware ...

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* boty2007,
Try to set the US region in the wifi settings

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* Nun70 ,
Settings oblazil) but found only where the interface language to change)

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Unfortunately, we have the original firmware for only one region - Russia (Archer C7 (RU) _V4_170306). There are European versions of v.4, but they cannot flash our router. "For devices with a tp-link, the region is bound. If the device is for an RU, EU or US region, then install the appropriate firmware." I took this quote from the site of those. Tp-Link support (http: //

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* boty2007,
* Viktor340,
There is a custom firmware for your model.lede-ar71xx-generic-archer-c7-v4-squashfs-factory
On version 2 works fine. Here ishereA branch on your device.

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v.2 is not version v.4. And on the fourth nobody has tried it yet. I have disabled NAT acceleration in my router. It does not freeze yet :)

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* Viktor340,
Did you watch the links? There is a firmware for v4 and discussion.

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Of course I watched. But the guys are actively discussing the version v.4 US. For me today is not critical now experimenting with the firmware. Yes, and let 3 years warranty. The router works so far well.

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There are all the differences between LEDE v.4 US and v.4 RU, the id for the RU version that was missed in the current build (i.e., corrected soon, you can do it yourself) manually, another V4 has DD-WRT, though you will have to return to your native firmware via recovery mode.

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Viktor340 @ 10/31/17, 15:04*
now experiment with firmware

I agree, because I understand little of this, it's easier to wait than experiment))
But it works badly, it does not freeze up of course, but it crashes, when watching a video or playing, unpleasant dependencies)

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v4 microfreezes also happen when watching a video, unpleasantly surprised.

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Tell me, is it possible to configure Archer c7 as an access point? those. I have a main router at the other end of the house, I would like Archer to simply duplicate its settings (when I try to set an ip address from the same subnet as the main router pops up the error "wan ip address and lan ip address cannot be on the same network ")

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I recently purchased this Archer C7 (RU) _V4 device, including with the goal of installing OpenWrt, but as it turned out, OpenWrt is well placed on v.1 and v.2. With the fourth version, and even Russian - some kind of neponyatki. Someone owns the information how to put OpenWrt on Archer C7 (EN) _V4?

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* swxswl,
Put LEDE this newer and based on openwrt

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So the fact of the matter is that in the table of supported equipment LEDE there are only versions v.1 and v.2, and v.4 is not supported, at least for today. Especially v.4 (RU).

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