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Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition - Discussion | Smartphone, 5.7 "
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DiscussionSamsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition
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  • Display - 5.7 ″, Super AMOLED, 1440 Г— 2560, Gorilla Glass 5 Dual Edge.
  • The processor is a Snapdragon 820 (MSM8996), 4 cores, 2.15 GHz or Exynos 8890, 2.3 GHz, 8 cores.
  • Video accelerator - Qualcomm Adreno 530, 624 MHz or Mali-T880MP12, 650 MHz.
  • Memory - 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM, 64 GB UFS 2.0 ROM.
  • Cameras - 12 MP, Sony IMX260 or Samsung S5K2L1, f / 1.7 + 5 MP, Samsung S5K4E6, f / 1.7.
  • Battery - 3200 mAh, fast charging 15 watts.
  • The operating system is the Edge UX based on Android 7.0.
  • Others - NFC, wireless charging, IP68, VR-ready, barometer, heart rate monitor, fingerprint scanner, headphone jack.


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Rep: (220)
rahem @ 20.04.18, 09:50*
than SPay different from GPay

Android Pay can only be used on terminals supporting contactless oplaty.Samsung Pay can be used on any terminal, no matter if any of them support contactless payments. If there is - NFC technology is used, otherwise the payment is done by the MST, proprietary emulation technology magnetic polosy.Bez internet connection to use Android Pay may be for a limited period .Samsung Pay Apple Pay and store user data on a special chip, which has the highest level of protection. All transactions for the payment occur directly on the device, so that the internet connection is not required to pay.

Post has been editedlugovs - 20.04.18, 07:14

Rep: (8)
lugovs @ 20.04.18, 07:11*
It occurs via MST

About what I knew, but something I can not find anywhere to store such a device to check - everywhere there are supporting NFC.
(Speech about my small town - Kostroma)

I found unpleasant SPay can not - very often (2 Payment of 3) fails to activate the start of payment touch (frame immediately disappear like tear off your finger) - you have to enter a PIN code. Perhaps the feature of my instance FE.

Rep: (36)
* rahem Yes, I stand by, or obtained at the checkout terminal nfc, or none at all. Therefore guglpey difficulties experienced.

Rep: (63)
rahem @ 20.04.18, 07:32*
SPay found disagreeable school - very often (2 Payment of 3)

Since March, there was such a crap, so most likely EF is to blame.
rahem @ 20.04.18, 06:50*
You can put it in the archives that the forum navykladyvali,

Yes it is clear, I wrote that out of his box to MYM not.

Post has been editedVSiber - 20.04.18, 09:27

Rep: (4)
No one had no such problem - runs spay, avtorizueshsya through the imprint, a timer is just for a split second and then offering access. If you enter a PIN, then everything is always ok.

Rep: (8)
* _foxh0und,
That is what I wrote above, the exact same Trouble

Rep: (13)
* _foxh0und,

Make Spay activation on retinal filigree. It is more convenient than to enter a PIN code.

Rep: (0)
Good afternoon, all normally works the phone lock power button, and unlock the settings on a print? I like fingers and zaregalsya worth inst lock. the power button. but in fact I press the power button there is an open lock icon and written swipe ... that the garbage, someone faced?

Rep: (582)
serboxser @ 23.04.18, 13:37*
call recording from the line.

I met only in Korean firmware.
* xs-r, I guess put a separate program for the lock ...

Rep: (220)
* serboxser Thai phone, naturally with the firmware-spey Thailand is working and updated, 4g as well without any problems ... I do not know the record is not tried, as it is not needed

Rep: (0)
* kerbala , * kerbala , So I figured out why this is happening with the phone lock on his own observations. It turns out when the power button turns off the screen and you want to it is blocked then the phone is not blocked while you're wearing it with him that is constantly tryasesh. Naturally the lock icon indicates that the phone is not locked you can unlock simply by swiping your finger. But it is necessary to put the phone or leave in a fixed position in any way the phone is locked after a few seconds and the lock icon indicates that the phone is locked and you need to swipe your finger or unlock pattern, well, or any other means which have to lock the settings. but if you're carrying around a phone and you do not care it is necessary to lock the need to press the power button and click on the lock icon so that it is closed. but the function of instantaneous power button turns the lock does not work. because the system is designed only for me or for all?

Post has been editedxs-r - 23.04.18, 18:19

Rep: (13)
* xs-r , Disable the settings. There is a blockage in the setting of the place and the owner. Ie after unlocking and subsequent locking if you did not let go of the unlocking without a password. Same with trusted zones.

Rep: (220)
Maybe someone interesno.Po about updates

Rep: (36)
* serboxser It is a constant problem samsung. Switching to a new android = reduce the time the body work. I opt out.

Rep: (3)
Faced with the strange behavior of IRIS.
Basically, I use your phone in sleep mode, and a few days decided to see how it will live without savings, with full oazreshenii display and all the attendant.
When you try to pay with SPay using iris he shimmered IR LED, with scanner image does not appear, and got out a message that the scanner does not respond. After rebooting 2 times payment is activated, and again - the scanner does not respond. In Eco mode works fine. Unlocking the scanner also works without problems. The problem will occur only when you pay. The camera lens is clean.
More nobody faced?

Rep: (8)
xCrOsSx @ 25.04.18, 12:21*
More nobody faced?

About payment issue through SPay wrote a little higher - no savings or not. fingerprint scanner does not include payment, then it includes. Gluck is not permanent.
Through the iris - I do not use, scans for too long - a second finger, iris and 10 comes (I have good eye is not so developed to accommodate the phone is always at the same distance from your eyes).

Rep: (4)
serboxser @ 23.04.18, 13:37*
I would like to be updated spey and record conversations with the line.

And what a record of the line? I'm just standing in the Malaysian prog from the Android Market and all perfectly written. I understand that on what the machines (Korean) out of the box support to record?

Posted on 27/04/2018, 16:13

xCrOsSx @ 25.04.18, 12:21*
More nobody faced?

I use IRIS for payment through spay - no problem. With the finger is, what he wrote above, and judging by the responses, this problem is not just me.

Rep: (63)
Who Megaphone issue at all with the sim card megaphone in his native browser appears Thai news feed when the browser home page is opened?
With Beeline and Tele2 does not.

Post has been editedVSiber - 27.04.18, 18:39

Rep: (582)
_foxh0und @ 27.04.18, 16:11*
Korean) out of the box support to record?

Yes, it is sewn into the firmware.

Rep: (0)
People, we waited for the new Android. At xda have tried firmware until the bad do not write.

One of these days I think to try to upgrade, too.

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