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Rules sections emulators.

General rules:

In the emulator section are fully operational.Resource rules.

1. Before asking a question, be sure to use Search, perhaps someone on the forum has already answered it.

2. If you want to get a quality answer, think carefully about the wording of the question and state all the details that are known only to you. Formulate the question as clearly as possible, do not distort the names of the terms. It depends on how competently you ask the question, what kind of answer you will receive.

3. DON'T RUIN! And never make a panic, that the answer should follow you immediately, but it still does not exist. The forum is voluntary, and here no one can make you answer. Once again, review your question, perhaps it is not clearly formulated or its wording does not have to communicate.

4. All questions about emulators, topics about which are available in this section of the forum, should be asked in the topics about these emulators.

5. To search for emulators, use the Search or ask a question in the relevant topic of the emulator search.for PCandfor Android.

6. Flood, offtopic and off-topic conversations will be deleted. Want to chat - go to the Trepalka.

6.1. In particular, offtopic is considered the questions "which emulator is better" and the discussion of other emulators in the subject of a specific emulator. Discussion and comparison of different emulators is conducted inspecial topic.

Creating new topics:

1. Before creating a new topic, make sure that there is no similar topic on the forum. To do this, useSearch.

2. Themes are created according to a template. Deviations from the pattern are prohibited.

3. The subject must have:
- descriptions in Russian or English, laying out machine translations is prohibited
- full-size screenshots. Screenshots with tags from other sites are not allowed.
- The presence of a link to the application store (Google Play, etc.), and in the absence of an application there - a link to the source with the obligatory indication of authorship. If the author is an application releaser, then this should also be displayed in the subject.

4. It is forbidden to lay out collections of images for emulators in themes. There is a special section for this.Images for emulators. You can give him (or topic in it) a link in your topic.

5. If the installation files are too large to upload to the forum, they can be downloaded to free file sharing services like narod.ru or clouds like dropbox. Links to paid file sharing services will be deleted, and their especially active posters will be punished for commerce.

6. The following programs are prohibited for publication:
- pursuing commercial goals: earnings on referrals, etc.
- containing obscene and pornographic information
- themes with the presence of a large number of screenshots of erotic content can be either deleted or edited by moderators to bring them into proper form
- Themes with applications created for public relations of third-party resources, veiled by the application.

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